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Six Scariest VR games – iRiverAmerica

It’s a fact – virtual reality (VR) gaming has changed the meaning of immersive gaming. Not only this, it has changed the game for horror seekers out there. Headset on, no one around you to help, it can be hard to believe that the ghouls and monsters aren’t actually there.

We’ve put together a list of the scariest VR games to haunt your dreams and send chills down your spine. Give them a try, if you dare…

Affected: The Manor

Six Scariest VR games

Only the brave may enter this abandoned house! With twists and ghouls around every corner, will you make it out alive?

This game is a speed run game, designed to get your blood pumping as you make your way further into the house. This has no puzzles or quests so progression is not a challenge but the main attraction is racing against your friends through the haunted corridors to see who will score top on the leaderboard by guiding yourself with just the flicker of candlelight.

Affected: The Manor has been around for years and although it shows its age a little, the game is still filled with creepy sound effects and jump scares. This game is described as the perfect introduction to VR horror games. Which path will you take?

Arizona Sunshine

As one of the most popular VR horror games, Arizona Sunshine sure does pack a punch. With guns, zombies, and survival, what more could you ask for in a horror game? Take the zombies on in a solo mission or team up with up to four friends as you scour the area for new ammunition, weapons, and hiding places. This constant fire game will make you break a sweat as the relentless zombie attack turns from day to night as zombies appear right before your eyes.

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Don’t be fooled by the game’s picturesque names as in reality the game is filled with flesh-hungry zombies and gore. As a heads up – brush up on your shooting skills.

Half-Life Alyx

Half-Life Alyx

The concept of Half-Life: Alyx earning a place in this blog is a debatable one. Although not specifically categorized as a ‘horror game’, this game owns some of the most haunting atmospheric scenes and jump scare sequences providing for some thrilling action. As the latest release in the Half-Life series, this VR addition has been hailed by gamers worldwide who are stunned by the realistic graphics and details. Half-Life: Alyx is a stunning game of survival, designed to encapture you into its storyline. Will you join the hype?


Thinking about this game sends shivers down your spine as you step into the shoes of a paranormal investigator taking on the most dangerous kinds of jobs. Work as a team or on your own as you scramble to find clues to work out which kind of spirit you are dealing with. Unfortunately, not all of them want to go quietly.

The game brings an intellectual spin to VR with randomized scares making each gameplay different to you and your team.  Phasmophobia is a race against the clock to collect all the evidence before they get you. Good luck!

Five Nights At Freddy’s: Help Wanted

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted is a nightmarish idea as you take the role of a late-night supervisor at a pizzeria branch. Your job is to manage and look after the animatronic animals that mascot the chain, much like Chuck-E-Cheese. There’s only one problem… They come to life after dark… and try to kill you.

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The game is a series of mini-games as you try to keep the animatronics at bay from your office as they try to track and hunt you. The constant anxiety of being watched and stalked makes for a nail-biting experience while you try to solve the puzzles and manage your resources so the power doesn’t run out.

This much-anticipated game definitely did not disappoint fans and requires nerves of steel to complete it, if you dare!

The Exorcist: Legion VR

Scariest VR games

One of the most successful and scariest horror films of all time, now as a VR game. In this game, you take on the role of an investigator, following a series of strange happenings, starting in a church. The further you get into your investigation, the spookier and unholier things start to get. Packed with different story modes and chapters, you will soon be sucked into the chilling storyline and jump scares. The worst part in four words? Possessed. Babies. And Mannequins.


There’s no better way to get a dose of scares than VR horror games. From ghosts to haunted mansions and zombies, the world of VR gaming is growing every day, becoming more realistic and immersive. These are the top scariest VR games to try. If you dare.

Author: Emily Johnson has a passion for music and film. She can be found at Tillison Consulting as a Digital Campaign Manager working with clients from different sectors and campaigns to help with all their digital marketing needs.

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