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List of 5 Best Longboard Games, Top Skateboarding Games to Play on PC

Longboarding in real life is different compared to a Mobile or PC game. If the game consists of exquisite graphics and exciting challenges, that longboard game can provide real-time leisure as an original longboard provides. The excellent thing in longboard games is that you will not hurt yourself when you try to slide and hit your character with trees or roads in the game. We have searched down and found a few fantastic longboard games to kill your free time.

Best Longboard Games for PC 2022

Hundreds of cheap games are available on the internet, but we found fascinating longboard games to help you enjoy the time.

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OlliOlli World – Best Longboard Games

longboard games


Radlandia is paradise or a leisure park for skaters with exciting characters, very soft sound behind the scenes, and gnarly roots to enjoy being in the game. Cruising and kickflipping during the game while listening to your favorite music make things more amusing. The whole game has five major areas to survey. The sunshine valley is designed perfectly to help newbies learn tricks they’ll need in other areas of the game. You’ll also find the mythical land of nirvana inside the game, where you are allowed to compete with other skaters to beat their highest scores ever scored.

Before you start exploring different areas of the game, each area will provide you with a basic tutorial on surviving the game’s most difficult phases. Some senior characters are involved in the game to help you learn the difficulties. Moreover, you will learn the game yourself after facing some failures at the start.

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Skater XL – Longboard Games for PC

skater XL


Skater XL is a pretty impressive game from a geographical point of view. Except for the character itself, the rest of the environment looks like a real one. Wherever you go inside the game, like a skatepark, basketball court, football ground, you’ll see it like a real one. The exceptional graphics of this game attract thousands of players yearly. Let’s discuss some of the basics of how you play Skater XL.

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While playing Skater XL, the bottom left corner of your controller is the most critical controlling part. You need to exercise before you start doing tricks in the game. Try using the corner to make yourself compatible with it. The character’s left foot responds to the left stick while the right foot obeys the right stick. With the help of these sticks, you can control your flips and tricks. Make sure that you can control both feet simultaneously. Once you are good at controlling both of them at the same time, you will feel like a professional player of Skater XL.

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Skate City – Longboarding Game 2022

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The background music of Skate City gives a decent vibe while you kickflip and jump across the buildings. When you enter the game for the first time, the game will ask you to choose and design your character. After selecting a character, you will be asked to select a preferred city to play in. Some of the cities need extra UCs to unlock. While playing the game, it is not necessary to flip your controller’s sticks to do a kickflip.

You need to aim the stick in one direction, and your character inside the game will do the rest. Inside the game, there are some challenges to complete. You will get a decent reward if you complete challenges one by one. Some of the challenges include HeelFlip, Hardflip, Ollie, Kickflip, and many more. For each challenge, you will get some SC. Later, you can use these SCs to convert to UC and unlock different cities’ maps inside the game.

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Skate City Official Website

The Ramp

longboard games 2022

About The Ramp:

The Ramp was introduced nearly a year ago, and people have already started loving the game for multiple reasons. The best feature of this game is that it guides a newbie on how to play the game strictly. The game is pretty simple to play. You must move left and right to steer while rotating yourself in midair. When you are in the air, push the R button in various directions to do tricks in midair. You can also keep pressing R&B, which allows the character inside the game to steer in any direction.

Multiple maps are available in the game, and you can unlock them by mastering each one at one time. The map we liked most in this game was skating inside an empty swimming pool. Wherever you go in midair, the game will notify you of how good that trick was and will decide some points for you. The highest you can achieve from one trick is 720 or Melon.

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Session – Best Longboard Games 2022

session game


The session is one of those skating games with marvelous graphics that make you fall in love with the game. You can also select the daytime inside the game. The d-pad of your controller helps you in changing the view. Pressing left on the d-pad changes the view from the left, and the proper d-pad shows the correct viewpoint. During gameplay, you will be hearing background music. If you don’t like it, you can change the radio station by holding the right thumbstick and then press the D-pad to choose your favorite music.

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A button will help you push the longboard casually. For example, if you keep tapping A, you will push faster than usual. A button on the controller helps you push with the help of the character’s right foot. Similarly, X is supposed to force the character to push by the left foot. Getting off the board is done by the Y button. While you are walking around, you can use right and left sticks to change the camera angles.

Similarly, you can get on the board back by Y. Lastly, if you press B, you force the character to stop. These are the basics of the gameplay. You can learn a lot while playing the game.

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AndroidCompare knows there are thousands of longboarding enthusiasts today around the world. Many look after the best longboard games they can play on PC or console in 2022. Therefore, we have reviewed five of the best longboarding games that are trending currently. Moreover, you will find the download link for each of the games we suggested. In the end, you must share your thoughts about how these games work and did you enjoy playing them.

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