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20 Best RTS Games Like Age Of Empires!

If you want to get into strategy games or looking for a similar experience, you have stumbled upon the right blog post. Listed below are the 20 best RTS games like Age Of Empires.

When we talk about the real time strategy(RTS) games, with its 7 major releases Age of Empires holds the crown for several years, long since it was released in 1997.

The game extends over the periods from the abrasive Stone Age up to the merciless Iron Age in different locations, for example, Asia, Europe, and Africa.

Age of Empires is about you, the players, who establish their own armed forces, overseeing assets, constructing their kingdom and pursuing battles against their rivals to vanquish them.

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Our List Of Best RTS Games like Age of Empires

Here is our rundown of 20 best strategy games like Age of Empires that you shouldn’t miss:

Age Of Mythology |Modern Approach|

Ensemble Studios, who developed Age of Empires chose to make a spin-off arrangement in light of mythological values.

Varying from Age Of Empires, which focuses solely on the historical happenings, this game is located in Atlantis and it centers around the renowned Egyptian, Greek and Norse myths and legends.

Best Rts Games Like Age Of Empires


Similar to the Age of Empires, the recipe of building an armed force, overseeing assets and vanquishing the opposing civic establishments remains the primary focal point of the game.

  • Various Civilizations

The player needs to pick from these civilizations: Greek, Egyptian, and Norse, and play as one of them. Every civilization has its own particular religious and cultural beliefs.

It gives you a chance to pick your real God, in view of your picked religion and as you advance to the following age, you unlock smaller Gods which allow unique powers to the players.

Starcraft 2 |Sci-Fi|

After the ground breaking success of Starcraft, the successor was launched with even more incredible features. This is a space-centered RTS game created by Blizzard Entertainment.

The game revolves around a 26th-century sci-fi universe, with the focus on a galactic battle between four distinct species for dominating the whole of the universe. The game has three parts, so the total story can be depicted easily.

Best Rts Games Like Age Of Empires


It offers a non-direct gameplay, where the player plays as one of the three animal species known as Protoss, Terran, and Zerg. The fundamental game “Wings of Liberty” offers the narrative of Terran, while the two extension packs offer the stories of Protoss and Zerg.

  • Amazing Survival Game

In the game, you expect the aggregate control of your units and are required to think of the best procedures with the given assets so as to survive this between galactic war.

Disputably the most famous RTS game arrangement in presence, StarCraft II is the continuation of the 1998 hit game StarCraft.

  • Various Playoff Modes

It gloats a solitary player method of more than 70 missions with three distinct battles, gigantic multiplayer substance and network made arcade modes.

Not at all like Command and Conquer, StarCraft II depends on overwhelming serious systems to offset your adversaries.

  • Simple & Captivating

Every single one of the three groups that you play as has their arrangement of advantages and disadvantages. Blizzard (the company behind the game) has a propensity of making their games simple to play, however difficult to ace.

StarCraft requires additional time-delicate deliberately settled on choices with the consistent sentiment desperation. In case you’re up for a test and quicker paced gameplay, StarCraft is the decision.

Rise Of Nations |Innovative Gameplay|

Rise of Nations is produced by Big Huge Games and highlights 18 civic establishments and 8 ages of world history. It is reliably positioned and thought to be extraordinary compared to other games ever in the real-time strategy classification.

Best Rts Games Like Age Of Empires


  • Player Owned Territories

The key component of Rise of Nations’ gameplay is centered around the idea of “territory”. The region close to the player’s settlements is viewed as their region, and players can develop diverse structures just inside their domain or their companions’.

The zone encompassing the player’s primary settlement is viewed as their domain, and you can just develop structures inside your region or a partners’.

Your nation’s outskirts can be extended by the working of extra urban communities and posts, the innovation tree, and getting access to certain uncommon assets.

  • Various Ages

You have to advance through the ages to gain admittance to better innovation to get the high ground on your foes.

The point of the player is to advance and progress to the most present day age keeping in mind the end goal to access better weaponry and assault their rivals all the more proficiently, to either vanquish them or wipe them off totally.

Command And Conquer: Tiberium Alliances

Command and Conquer depends on the Westwood’s strategy game called Dune 2. The most critical part of this arrangement is its attention on the battles of different groups in a solitary focal storyline.

Best Rts Games Like Age Of Empires


  • Military MMO Game

Command and Conquer: Tiberium Alliances is a military strategy game with MMO components. The player gets the opportunity to pick their part on the planet to begin in, from that point they begin to manufacture and become their army installation.

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The game enables the player to develop structures, accumulate assets and engage in fights against adversary camps so as to survive and prosper.

Empire Earth |Games Like Age Of Empires|

Like the Age of Empires arrangement, Empire Age is a history-based real-time strategy game. Spreading over more than 500,000 long stretches of world history, the game starts from a pre-notable time and closures at the nano age.

Best Rts Games Like Age Of Empires


  • Gradual Advancement

The game expects players to accumulate assets to develop structures, populate their human advancements with subjects, and conquer restricting civic establishments.

The game additionally incorporates a broad guide editorial manager for the players to make their empires in whatever plan they wish to.

  • Confidence & Saints Frameworks

A standout amongst the most extraordinary and imaginative frameworks in the game is the “Confidence’ framework, which influences singular unit measurements. Another new idea the game offers is its “Saint” framework.

Saints can be worked at the town focus or capital. There are two kinds of saints, Strategist legends who recuperate encompassing units and can dampen adversary units while Warrior saints offer confidence to encompassing units and have a more noteworthy assault control.

Warcraft III |Specific Goals|

Warcraft III is a high dream real-time strategy game created by Blizzard Entertainment. The game offers a broad story battle and also a multiplayer segment.

Best Rts Games Like Age Of Empires


  • Specific Goals

The world guide of Warcraft III has substantial fields, with excellent territories like mountains, streams, oceans, and bluffs.

Players are required to build up settlements with a specific end goal to increase helpful assets, safeguard against different players, and prepare units to investigate the guide and assault A.I adversaries.

  • Principle Assets

There are three principle assets in the game: gold, timber, and nourishment that players require keeping in mind the end goal to develop structures and battle units.

Empire – Best RTS Games

Empire is a free to play, real-time strategy game with extraordinary multiplayer online game components in it. The title created by GoodGame Studios is set in a medieval age.

In this RTS game the players gradually manufacture their empire from ground up and transforms it into a juggernaut that adversary players would reconsider before assaulting.

Best Rts Games Like Age Of Empires


  • Innovative And Strategic

The point is to manufacture châteaux, exchange with different players, raise an armed force and conquer your foes. Keeping a full control over your units, fabricating a position, concocting the fight systems and thinking your techniques for battle, is the thing that Empire embarks to achieve and prevails at.

Anno Online

Anno online is a browser based free RTS game, designed by Ubisoft that enables the players to construct their own city as well as manage its financial procedures.

The objective of the player is to develop and strengthen their nation and safeguard it against enemy estates when the need comes.

Best Rts Games Like Age Of Empires


  • Mixed Strategies & Skills

In addition to developing your own nation starting from the earliest stage, the game additionally includes different perspectives, for example, battle, investigation, strategy, and exchange.

If by any chance you are studying finance or economics, you have a decent reason of playing this game with your assignments… for some learning and research obviously.

The Settlers Online

Created by BlueBite, The Settlers is a free to play program based real-time strategy game which has a couple in-game buys. The Settlers Online presents fresh out of the box new increases and upgrades to the class.

The Settlers Online


  • In-Game Missions

It includes a reality where players need to gather assets and finish in-game missions to assemble their own medieval kingdom where they can catch domains and investigate.

The game is propelled by the celebrated Settlers arrangement yet the online realm and MMO components include an entire another layer of profundity to the idea.

  • Multiple Prospectives Involved

The game offers heaps of substance to open, huge amounts of levels to advance through, different highwayman camps to crush, and connection with human players on the planet, who we can either become a close acquaintence with or wage a war against.

Etherium – Games Like Age Of Empires

Set in the cutting edge universe where three distinct empires battle about the creative planets, which contain rich stores of etherium, a profoundly effective asset that each empire needs.

Best Rts Games Like Age Of Empires


  • Multiplayer & Solo Playoff Modes

The game is created by Tindalos Interactive and highlights both multiplayer and solo campaign modes for the players.

  • Great Game Play

The players can take control of any of the empires of their picking, to fight against different groups, keeping in mind the end goal to secure the aggregate control of the strange etherium asset and construct their empire to be the most capable on the planet.

Stronghold Crusader – Best RTS Games

Despite the fact that the game takes after an indistinguishable example of gameplay from the principal Stronghold game, not at all like its ancestor, Stronghold Crusader is set in the Middle East amid the Crusades and highlights new Arabian units.

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Stronghold Crusader


  • True Middle East Experience

Because of the Middle-East setting, homesteads must be based on restricted desert spring grass, which ushers a contention among players who battle for the constrained measure of farmland and assets.

  • Assets

Other than ranches, there are different assets to accumulate, similar to press metal, quarry, and swamps. These assets are kept in their stores and players can either offer or utilize these assets for a superior guard against assaults.

Homeworld – Games Like Age Of Empires

Homeworld is a real-time strategy game set in space and offers a story-overwhelming real-time strategy experience to the gamers.

The game takes after the story where the Kushan race is banished from the planet Kharak, after the home planet is obliterated by their adversaries called Taiidan Empire in striking back for creating hyperspace hop innovation.

In their journey to modify and recover their old homeworld of Hiigara from the Taiidan, the players experience different privateers, dealers, soldiers of fortune, partners and radicals en route.

Best RTS Games Like Age Of Empires


  • Unique & Story Based

Homeworld is more story centered than numerous different RTS games. Set in space, the game takes after the Kushan race after it is ousted from the planet Kharak, which was obliterated by the Taiidan Empire in striking back for creating hyperspace bounce innovation.

You have to accumulate enough assets and fabricate armadas of spaceships that are sufficiently hearty to go up against the adversaries that are endeavoring to prevent you from remaking your home planet.

  • Solid Game-play

While the gameplay is solid, yet generally standard RTS stuff, the world that the game happens in is the star. For 1999 benchmarks, it was a delightful game.

The foundations added profundity and scale to the battles and the spaceships themselves were unimaginably all around detailed.

The 2015 remaster likewise conveyed those visuals nearer to current guidelines. The cutscenes that go before every one of the game’s 16 missions likewise add to the world building, guaranteeing that you’re put resources into the battles of the Kushan.

  • You Are The Commander In Chief

The player needs to assemble assets, construct an armada and utilizations it to decimate adversary sends and achieve distinctive missions. The game incorporates the single-player campaign and multiplayer modes, also.

The single-player story-driven campaign is partitioned into levels. We see profoundly masterful hand-drawn highly contrasting cut-scenes with voiceovers to help the story amid the greater part of the 16 levels that the game offers.

0 A.D.

0 A.D. is a free, open-source, cross-stage real-time strategy game, which is still being worked on by Wildfire Games. The game is set between 500 B.C. furthermore, 1 B.C. for the initial segment, and an arranged second part for the years 1 A.D. to 500 A.D.

0 A.D.


0 A.D. gives the players a chance to assemble their base and prepare their armed force. The game likewise includes different components, for example, battle and innovation examine.

  • Lots To Learn & Achieve

It offers twelve distinct civic establishments, every one of the human advancement is spoken to getting it done. Amid the game, the player won’t progress through time, however from village stage over town stage to city stage.

The stages speak to the measure of settlements ever. Each stage opens new units, structures, and innovations.

MegaGlest – Best RTS Games

Set in a dreamland, MegaGlest is an allowed to play open source game in the real-time strategy type.
The game is set in a dreamland with seven groups: Magic, Tech, Indians, Egypt, Norsemen, Persian, and Romans, which together shape the gathering called “Megapack”.

Best RTS Games Like Age Of Empires


Each group accompanies its own particular arrangement of units, structures, and redesigns, advantages and disadvantages.

The component of blending and cross section distinctive components in the game makes for variety in strategy and furthermore completes a really great job of keeping the gameplay all around adjusted.

Due to the capacity to mod the motor effortlessly, MegaGlest can play games from an assortment of player-made mods and aggregate changes, traversing altogether different subjects.

Age Of Wonders III

Age of Wonders III highlights the setting of a dreamland, where the player gets the opportunity to be the pioneer of a kingdom and investigate the world while communicating with different kingdoms and distinctive races.

Age Of Wonders III


The player should handle diverse circumstances either carefully or through fighting so as to lead the kingdom to success. Despite the fact that Age of Wonders is a turn-based strategy game, its incredibly point by point dream universe merits getting into.

Players need to investigate the world guide, gradually manufacture their empire through colonization, and conquer through fighting and discretion against match empires.

Notwithstanding the meat of the game, which is its story-driven single-player campaign, the game likewise underpins both online and nearby multiplayer modes and also a really definite and broad level editorial manager.

Tooth And Tail

In case you’re searching for something that discharged all the more as of late and is distinctive to the vast scale, war-themed RTS games, for example, Age of Empires, you might be utilized to, Tooth and Tail may intrigue you.

Best RTS Games Like Age Of Empires


Instead of controlling single nations or armed forces, you control a squad of creatures. An uncommon nourishment shortage has hit the world and contrasting political belief systems have part the set of all animals.

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Through the development of your positions, you sort out your kindred creatures to go up against alternate gatherings and pick up control over the nourishment supplies.

Tooth and Tail’s qualities lie in its capacity to take into account both easygoing and no-nonsense RTS fans. The general idea is anything but difficult to get a handle on, yet the complexities of group make-up and development strategy make it a troublesome game to ace.

The lovely visuals and the multiplayer alternatives likewise compliment the gameplay well, with the last giving you choices over the frequently difficult single-player.

Supreme Commander

Supreme Commander is a real-time strategy game arrangement with an immersive gameplay angle. It has an entire 180-degree elevated view that enables you to zoom out to see the whole guide or get very close.

Supreme Commander


For a few, the game might be excessively concentrated and unit substantial. Players must ensure their basic development unit called the “Shielded Command Unit,” all while dashing for assets and working up armed forces.

The game is quick paced and puts you right in the activity. You’re compelled to consider your decisions instantly, for example, exploring new advancements, exploring the field and preparing troops.

In spite of the fact that the illustrations of the Supreme Commander arrangement aren’t care for the others on the rundown, it offers huge region scaled fighting and situational mindfulness. The game has gotten high acclaim from numerous commentators and players worldwide.

Company Of Heroes

Company of Heroes is a honor winning RTS arrangement that highlights a World War II setting. Relic, the studio behind the game, concentrated on building the game’s realism in light of authentic areas and even how fighters associate.

Best RTS Games Like Age Of Empires


Lovely illustrations, destructible situations and cloth doll material science make Company of Heroes a standout amongst the most unpredictably planned RTS games on the rundown. It’s easy to play and isn’t as deliberately substantial as different games.

The Company of Heroes arrangement is best World War II RTS game to date and is considerably more realistic than alternate games on the rundown.


Add up to War: Warhammer happens in the realm of the War Hammer establishment, taking into consideration huge scale assaults on foe units, with groups, for example, dwarves, vampires and orcs. In case you’re knowledgeable about RTS games, this is the one for you.



Add up to War: Warhammer is overpowering. You can command a unit tally of around 2,000. The humongous battles expect you to zoom out, concentrating on various detachments and driving you to use diverse procedures and assault designs.

The Total War arrangement is more strategy than asset gathering and building. You’ll be centered around influxes of various infantries, commanding diverse assaults and be there in the battle.

World In Conflict

World In Conflict is a Cold War time unit escalated RTS game. It centers intensely around mission-based gameplay, catching diverse command focuses and exchanging arrangements while in steady battle.

World In Conflict doesn’t even give you the breathing space. You’ll have different commanders giving requests in-game while you anticipate for different reinforcement units and face steady assaults.

In spite of the fact that the game tosses you right in the activity, it enables develop your insight into strategizing, so you to can surpass zones. World In Conflict is ideal for any gamer that needs quick activity.


It is important to state the fact that game/gaming has now been referred to as the part of the 21st Century requirement worth having, if you are going to suppress boredom.

One of the things making life interesting is the availability of gadgets that make leisure time pleasurable and memorable.

The Age Of Empires provides you with the freedom to create your own path and choose how you need to overcome the world within the game.  The more intelligent you are, the greater risk you will become to your enemies gradually.

Every one of the games recorded above are viewed as the best strategy games ever. Each game offers a special setting or potentially gameplay components, which makes them remarkable in their own particular right.

These games contribute as well as revived the Real-Time Strategy class, which merits considerably more love and consideration from the players.

In this way, if you like Age of Empires, you are without a doubt going to love these games.

So tell me which one of all these best RTS games like Age Of Empires is your personal favorite and why?

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