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How to Learn AngularJS and How Does it Work?

Hello again! Do you want to master AngularJS and do not know how to do it? Many are new to Angular and find it difficult to learn and therefore use it.

An important question: how should you start learning? The following resources are ideal for learning Angular from scratch, or even re-learning if necessary.

This is the most complete repository of AngularJS learning resources that I have come across:

  • io – a series of short, essentially AngularJS videos. Incredibly easy to use, the site allows you to find the right topic. In addition, there is a filter by topic, type of content (lesson, course, collection) and the choice of instructor. For example, in the course “Introduction to AngularJS Material” you will quickly build a real-work application, Angular UI application, take a tour of Angular Material, and learn how ngMaterial can be used in your projects.
  • AngularJS Cheatsheet is a regularly updated table. This table shows the main functions of AngularJS. For example filters, directives, global functions, services, directive definition objects, modules, form controller, scope properties and methods, NgModule Controller, deferred and promise. You can also download this cheat sheet in PDF and use it. Has a 5 star rating from 103 ratings!
  • If you haven’t yet watched, Miško Hevery’s talk on AngularJS Best Practices is well worth the watch.
  • Often the best way to learn something is to go to the original source. The AngularJS site contains a lot of information. For example, in the site section “Developer’s Guide” you can read in detail about Data Binding, Dependency Injection, Templates, Expressions, Filters, Directives etc. Try working through step by step tutorial or try building on your seed project.
  • Read Iffy Can article on Blogspot “Angular: service or factory?” Few mentions that value and constant are also the options. You should also understand how providers work.
  • AngularUI – use components for any UI development. Such modules as Ace (allows you to add ACE editor elements), Alias (create concise aliases for third-party directives and templates), Calendar (a complete AngularJS directive for the Arshaw FullCalendar), Chart with jQplot (allows you to add a jQplot graph for your application), Scrollpoint (a “ui-scrollpoint” class to elements when the page scrolls past them) etc.
  • I-Bootstrap – reimplements JS from scratch of bootstrap components as AngularJS directives.
  • For a comprehensive and ever-growing collection of links, check out AngularJS-Learning, a Github repository that collects resources, links, and interesting blog posts.
  • Very helpful tutorials and videos on the AngularJS YouTube channel. They go from basic things to more complex topics, a good way to get started.
  • Official Twitter and Fb Groups are a good way to follow the news and get good links.
  • There are also some new books out there, so you can follow your favorite online library. I also highly recommend the AngularJS book by O’Reilly.
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How does it work?

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework maintained by Google. It is used to create single-page applications and allows you to interact with the DOM (Document Object Model).

Angular.JS works according to the MVC scheme (Model-View-Controller) – it divides the application into three separate parts that can be changed independently of each other.

Model – provides information and responds to controller commands; View – responsible for displaying model data and monitoring changes; Controller – reacts to user input and notifies the model to update.

This scheme makes it easy to work with the framework, quickly write code and test it.

The main difference is that AngularJS allows you to insert code directly into HTML.

AngularJS independently tracks the change in the input field, changes the value of the variable, and updates the output in the HTML code.

The developer only needs to specify the directives (more on that below). This is the main difference between this framework and others.

Where AngularJS is used?

Many developers complain that the framework is slow due to the fact that you have to constantly monitor all the models written in the code.

However, large sites have been launched on AngularJS: YouTube video hosting; the largest freelance exchange UpWork.com; web version of the Telegram messenger; freelancer exchange freelancer.com; Bosch website; AT&T website; General Electrics website and others.


Despite the controversial attitude of programmers towards the framework, Angular is popular.

This is influenced by the convenience and has a very detailed and understandable documentation on the official website of AngularJS, as well as the guide.

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If you are just starting your way in working with AngularJS, the information presented above will be useful to you. Wish you good luck in learning!

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