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This is Why You Need Smart Heating or Cooling

Smart air conditioning and heating has made a remarkable impact on the world of HVAC.

HVAC manufacturers and suppliers have been working tirelessly to bring their products up to the standards which consumers expect in the modern age, and incorporation of Wi-Fi connectivity and smart features is a step in the “smart” direction.

Smart ACs are different from your conventional ACs in the sense that they can be controlled very easily from your smartphone.

All air conditioner controls and additional features can be accessed through mobile apps.

Furthermore, smart home platforms such as SmartThings, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant can be connected to allow voice controls and home automations.

Comfort and convenience are significant benefits of smart air conditioning, but perhaps the most important gain is that of energy savings.

With the United States consuming a greater amount of energy for air conditioning as compared to the rest of the world, any saving in energy usage is welcome.

Shifting towards smart air conditioning can aid in this goal of energy-saving to a great extent, and also be greatly beneficial in reducing the effects of climate change.

What is Smart Air Conditioning or Heating?

Imagine this. You have an exhausting day at work. You’re tired and cold, and just want to relax.

As soon as you enter your house, you’re greeted by a welcoming gush of warm air.

This is not from your heating being on all day long and wasting energy, but your heat pump or thermostat realizing that you’re only a few miles away from your house and turning your room temperature to your preferred settings!

Seemingly impossible to imagine a few years ago, this convenience is now a reality, thanks to smart appliances such as mini-splits!

Through smart air conditioning, intelligent modes such as location-based controls, smart scheduling, or temperature/humidity triggers allow you to fine-tune your heating or air conditioning preferences.

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And always have the appropriate conditions at home, no matter where you are, thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity.

Through Wi-Fi, you are in control of your HVAC appliances from anywhere, at any time, using your smartphone.

But how is this made possible? The answer lies in the “Internet of Things” or smart technology.

Through IoT, you can seamlessly send commands from your mobile device or desktop app to your home appliance (in this case, a ductless air conditioner), through a smart controller for air conditioners or heat pumps.

The smart AC controller signals the air conditioner to operate at the desired setting by sending a command through IR, much like a normal remote control but so much smarter!

This is only a very basic overview of the workings of smart air conditioning yet still indicative of the tremendous potential and power which the Internet of Things concept possesses.

How to Get Smart Air Conditioning or Heating?

The next logical question is, how do I get smart air conditioning?

There are a few different options for that. If you are going for a completely new air conditioner for your home, a purpose-built smart air conditioner is something that can be considered.

These air conditioners have built-in Wi-Fi connectivity provided by the manufacturer.

A drawback of such systems is the limited functionality available by most.

Only the most basic features, such as power mode, operating mode, temperature change, and fan change are provided through the mobile app.

Intricate features such as scheduling, location-based controls, and trigger-based air conditioning are often left out.

These systems also cost a fair amount, so be careful while selecting your smart air conditioner.

If you do not want to get a brand new air conditioner, then a smart AC controller like the Cielo Breez Plus is something which you should go for.

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This plug and play device provides all features of a smart air conditioner, and much more, at a fraction of the cost.

Let us go over some of the benefits that smart air conditioning, especially through smart AC controllers, brings to the table!

Features and Benefits of Smart Air Conditioning

  • Temperature and Humidity Triggers

The days of continuously fiddling with your AC controls are now over.

Now you can just tell your air conditioner to maintain the temperature within a range, and it will keep it there by itself – automatically.

Intelligent temperature and humidity triggers sense the current environment of the room and apply corrective actions so that you are always comfortable.

  • Set Weekly Schedules – Smart Scheduling

If you have a fixed schedule for the week, you can avail this feature and be free from any tension regarding your air conditioning controls.

Set up schedules so that whenever you wake up in the morning, you have the room at the perfect temperature.

As the day progresses and you leave for work, the schedule can automatically command the AC to function at a lower power setting.

When you are about to reach back home in the evening, the air conditioner can again turn down the temperature and increase the fan speed until it’s time to sleep, at which point it again adjusts itself to maintain the perfect temperature for sleep.

  • Control your AC from Anywhere – Geolocation

Location-based controls operate the AC based on where you, or more specifically, your smartphone is.

If you are in close proximity of your home, the smart controller can sense that you will be in your home shortly, and power up the air conditioning.

Similarly, if you left your home in a hurry and forgot to turn the AC off, the controller can know that you are going away from home, and power off the AC to save energy.

  • Save Some Bucks – Energy Saving

6% of the total electricity produced in the United States is used for air conditioning.

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This makes air conditioning a major contributor of indirect greenhouse gas emissions and is the reason why energy saving is greatly sought after.

Smart air conditioning helps you achieve those energy savings, but without compromising on cooling or comfort.

Schedules, geolocation, temperature triggers, all work together to bring up to 25% reductions in utility bills.

Rationalized use of air conditioning, operating the AC at reduced power setting for a longer time rather than at a higher power setting for a shorter period, and energy audits through usage history tracking bring about a noticeable difference in energy consumption.

  • Never Touch Your AC Controls – Voice Commands

Smart home hubs are becoming increasingly popular in households, and serve as a single control panel for all your smart devices.

Smart platforms such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa also introduce voice-controls to your smart AC controllers, where you could command your AC together with other home appliances through your voice.

Smart Air Conditioning Is the Future!

Fully automated homes are now becoming a reality in the modern world, all thanks to smart technology.

Air conditioning appliances can now be connected to a host of other home appliances through Wi-Fi, and be controlled as part of a larger smart hub.

Convenience, comfort, and energy savings are the hallmarks of smart air conditioning, allowing you to always find yourself in the perfect home environment.

All these benefits indicate that the future of air conditioning is smart, and it sure is promising!

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