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All the Smart Things You Can Use at Home – iRiverAmerica

A smart home is a safe and convenient home. It’s where everything is in place, well-protected against the elements. Of course, integrating intelligent technology makes life easy. But more than that, it also keeps investments safe and, best of all, your sanity intact.

Different sensors for every other need

There are different kinds of smart sensors that you may utilise around the house. Power them up with Tadiran batteries, and you can easily forget about them altogether. These top-of-the-line batteries offer the highest specific energy and prove the best choice for wireless networked systems. Moreover, they can keep your units working, even with extreme environmental conditions. Some of the most helpful battery-operated sensors available in the market include:


  • Entry door sensors. It’s hard to keep intruders at bay, especially when you are not around. A motion sensor with a wide-angle video camera will seal off this security loophole in your home, as long as you keep it powered with reliable lithium thionyl chloride It will help you get a glimpse of who’s at the entry door and let you decide how to act, depending on if it’s an intruder, delivery personnel, or visitor.
  • Motion sensors. Monitoring movements around the house, especially when you are away, is valuable when things go wrong. For your security and peace of mind, it is nice that you can track movements and subsequently tip off your alarms with a powerful sensor.
  • Water sensors. Water damage is one of the most destructive and costly incidents, and you can keep it from happening with this simple sensor that detects leaks and flushes. Place them at the most vulnerable parts of the house so you can get notified if trouble is luring.
  • Smoke sensors. Fire can eat up your house alive, put your family’s lives at risk, and burn your entire future. That’s why you need efficient fire and smoke sensors, which can also differentiate an actual fire from burnt toast, so you do not get false alarms.
  • Light sensors. One of the most energy-wasting habits is leaving the lights on when they are not in use. That’s the trouble this unit wants to address. You can set lighting schedules, or you may control your switches through your mobile device, which is far more convenient and practical than rounding up the rooms and checking which lights are wasted.
  • Temperature sensors. The quality of comfort around the house is very important, and one way to maintain it is by employing a smart thermostat and temperature sensor. Through this technology, you can define your desired indoor temperature and adjust it as the situation sees fit. The ideal, most liveable temperature is between 68 to 72 degrees F. However, every room may require different temperatures, depending on the number of people using it and the activity that occurs in it.
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There are other sensors that are equally important to have around, like weather sensors, window sensors, garage door sensors, and the like. It is essential to have them so you can keep your home safe from the elements, which could put it and your family’s safety in jeopardy. So, make the right investments.

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