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How To Stop Trainer From Smelling? iRiverAmerica

Most people have a problem with smelly trainers, and the odor from them is quite devastating. Let me give you a brief understanding of how this works. Bacteria and fungi are so excited whenever a place is damp and warm; this is where our sweaty feet come in; after a long walk or exercise. Take a look at this Air Max 98 here.

Our feet excrete sweat which enters into the trainers, now when we keep them for a long time without airing or washing and dump them in a shoe rack, then pick them up when we need to use them again. 

After a long time, these bacteria build up, causing the trainers to smell. Your socks, which are then stuck inside your shoe harboring funk. You might ask how I can stop my trainers from selling? I will be listing out a few points to help you overcome smelling trainers. Let’s get right into it. 

Find the Cause

You would need to pay close attention to what is making you have a smelling trainer before you set out to treat them.it might be due to the material used to make the shoe, sweaty feet, or something breeding in it

Dry your Trainers

Don’t expect to come back from each sport or exercise; dump your trainers in your closet without allowing them air dry, and think it won’t stick. You mustn’t keep your shoes where they will stay damp and start to breed fungi. After each time you put them on, you should let them air dry.

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Wash your Trainers

To keep your trainers fresh and away from bacteria you need to always keep them clean by washing them, putting your trainers in the washing machine is not always good as it might tend to spoil them fast if not set in the proper wash mode, handwashing is the best with cool water. Adding a little disinfectant to the water you wish to use for washing will help kill some bacteria.

Freeze your Trainers

Set your shoe and place it in a plastic bag, and put it inside your freezer. Leave them to freeze overnight; this kills the odor which the bacteria produces. Reduce the amount of time you do this. Doing this often will shorten the lifespan of your trainers.

Baking Soda

Like we said, freezing your shoes a lot might lead to a shorter life span, so here’s another option. Putting a good amount of baking soda will do the trick, just put in the baking soda and leave overnight and watch it perform its magic.

Sweat-wicking Socks

Think about this, getting a sock that keeps your feet dry, thereby keeping your shoes dry, songs great. You might need to get the sweat-wicking socks and keep them on wherever you need to put on your shoe because it absorbs sweat from the foot and then evaporates it.


As often as we wear our favorite shoes, the more we have to be concerned about them having odor. However, you don’t have to be worried as we have some written-down techniques that will help you overcome smelling shoes.

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