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Mobile App Development Trends for 2022 – AndroidCompare

Statistically, an average smartphone user uses 10 mobile apps per day. Therefore, if you run your business online, it might be a good investment for you. However, users have become aware of modern technologies, and today, they are making a conscious decision while choosing an app or device. And software development companies are forced to survive in this harsh competition in the market. They need to stay up to date and think out of the box to stay competitive. And this is where following the latest software development trends might be a good idea! In this post, we’ll take a deeper look at the hottest mobile app development trends that might help you stay on your toes.

Super Apps

It’s one of the latest trends today. The term “super apps” means building multi-purpose mobile applications for smartphones. Such mobile applications can carry out a whole spectrum of diversified tasks. The main goal of such applications is to create a perfect environment that can cover all users’ needs. It goes without saying that a person would rather choose one mobile app that performs 10 tasks than 10 applications. Users agree that it is more convenient to have only one multi-functional product at hand. The most successful examples of such mobile apps are WeChat, Alipay, and Gojek. In the upcoming year, such mobile apps will surely be expanded to other countries. And mass development of such tools will undoubtedly be a breakthrough in this industry.

Simplifying B2B Sector

It is clear that the B2B sectors are of utmost importance for the market. The thing is that the B2B sector facilitates other players in the industry with customer engagement, finance, accounting, etc. As this industry is rapidly growing, it requires a simplified approach. In other words, it needs to control the heavy demand easily and this is where the use of mobile apps might come in handy. Mobile apps can drastically optimize the performance of B2B operations.

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Video-link Technologies

The COVID pandemic has changed the world we live in. During the quarantine, we all got used to communicate with the help of video-link programs. It became the only tool to interact with friends, relatives, or colleagues. Today, working at home has become a habit for people. Therefore, building high-quality programs for video calls became a trend today. So far, it’s a demanding direction. For example, medical services or shopping via video are gradually growing in popularity.


Basically, IoT means the network of physical objects that are embedded with sensors, electronics, or software. For instance, Bosch, Samsung, Xiaomi, and many other giants are already using this technology while building their products. And these Internet of Things development trends includes Google Home, Kisi Smart Lock, Nest Smart Home, etc. The global IoT market is expected to grow and so far, it is considered a game-changing technology.

Virtual Reality

Although virtual reality is mostly used by the gaming industry today, very soon, it will also cover many other human activities. So far, many software development companies continue building apps with the use of virtual reality technology. Such well-known trendsetters as Apple, Google, or Amazon are already investing in virtual reality and augmented reality technologies. Therefore, we can make a conclusion that this direction will be developing actively.

Learning through mobile apps

The COVID pandemic also influenced the education sector. Many students were made to study at home. Although there’s an array of apps for distance learning, there’s still room for improvement in this niche. The main challenge of modern software development companies is to build perfect virtual classrooms that allow students to learn more efficiently.

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Optimization of mobile apps

One of the hottest trends for the upcoming year is building apps available for use on mobile devices and computers. And many software development giants are already working in this direction. For example, Apple experts have built a new chip, which enables the same application to be launched on both Mac OS and iOS. Very soon, there will be more opportunities and, of course, the coverage of platforms will be broader. The thing is that cross-platform apps can cover a bigger audience and offer a possibility to choose a device to open a mobile app.

Overall, when following all these trends, you’ll undoubtedly achieve success. All these technologies have already been developed and they will continue growing in popularity in the upcoming year. But remember that the world doesn’t stand still and the new know-how may emerge very soon.

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