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5 Apps Students Need to Delete from Their Phones

Can’t your phone hold its charge throughout the day? By the time the third lecture comes around, it’s dying?

It’s obvious – some apps are draining your phone’s battery completely dry!

You have to delete them, but which ones should you prioritize? Below find some useful ideas on what applications delete off your phone.

Weather Forecast Applications

Just about any weather forecast application is a great example of how developers like to overcomplicate things.

Usually, these applications have a complex inner architecture that is unnecessary.

The application only needs to show the current weather, but it has numerous useless features, which most people don’t even know about.

The complex architecture, the abundance of useless features, and the fact that it runs while minimized cause it to significantly drain your smartphone’s battery.

Being such an easily replaceable application, you can safely delete it.

As an alternative, look out the window – you’ll get much more reliable information than what the desktop widget shows.

If a forecast is needed, then Google will provide you with the most reliable prediction for the week ahead.

AntiVirus FREE and Other Antivirus Programs

The debate about whether antivirus software is needed on smartphone devices is sometimes quite heated.

We’re of the opinion that if you do not get root-rights on the device and do not install hacked programs from dubious third-party sources, then you do not need an antivirus.

Google vigilantly monitors the contents of its store and instantly removes all potentially dangerous elements from it, so the always active monitoring of the antivirus will only slow down your smartphone or tablet in vain.

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If you still have doubts about the health of your device, install an antivirus, scan it, and then immediately remove it.

You don’t need constant scanning that the antiviruses usually perform.

Facebook and Any Other Social Networks

Facebook is the most popular social network in the world today, so it is not surprising that a huge number of users have installed the corresponding mobile application.

However, it’s not necessary at all because you can don’t actually need it to be able to visit Facebook.

Yes, the mobile client allows you to receive notifications of new likes, post pictures of your food, and always stay in touch with your friends.

However, in return, this application consumes a huge amount of system resources and significantly reduces the battery life of your smartphone.

According to the annual report App Report 2015 AVG Android App Report, it is the Facebook native application client that takes the top places in the charts of the most resource-intensive programs on the Android platform.

Alternatively, you can easily access Facebook just like any ordinary rephrasing website through the browser on your phone.

All you have to do is go to the corresponding web address and log in.

You’ll have all the functionality that you had with the native app. Of course, the notifications are absent, but for many, that is a big plus.

Clean Master and Other System Optimizers

The belief in miracles is the most important driving force behind the proliferation of various “cleaners” and “optimizers.”

Like, hundreds of the best Google programmers could not bring their system to mind, but this lone inventor took it and did it!

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We’re sorry to disappoint you; most of these applications either do nothing at all or only harm your smartphone even more.

You can also clear the cache, remove the remnants of old programs with the built-in system tools, which do the task just as well as third-party apps or even better.

Clearing the memory only slows down the launch of programs and the operation of Android instead of the system acceleration promised by the creators of the utilities.

Alternative. Use the tools available in Android to clear the application cache. Forget memory optimization.

Default Browser

Some manufacturers and third-party firmware developers provide their creations with special browser versions.

As a rule, links to advertisers’ websites and other content you don’t need are tightly embedded in them.

In addition, no one can guarantee that such a browser does not sell your information to the left. It is better to never use such a program and generally, if possible, remove it from the system.

Alternative. There are numerous great browsers for Android, but Google Chrome is unquestionably the most consistent and swiftest.

It is practical, has support for the most modern web technologies, and knows how to save mobile traffic, and has a simple and intuitive interface.

Take Care of Your Battery

It’s not a well-known fact, but batteries in smartphones degrade quite a lot over time. As you continue to use it, the maximum charge capacity gets lower and lower.

So, to extend the longevity of your smartphone, be sure to turn off and delete apps that continuously drain it.

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