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5 Stealthy Ways to Track My Wife’s Phone – iRiverAmerica

There are so many people who have got doubts about their wives. I understand because I have gone through the same situation a couple of months back. I had certain doubts about her and so wanted to be clear about everything as a husband.

That is when I started researching about different ways in which I could keep track of the activities on my wife’s phone without her knowing about it.

I didn’t want to upset or warn her by asking her upfront about the awkward moments I was observing for a while.

Through the ClickFree page, I came across quite a few great tracking solutions for both Android as well as iOS devices. I wasn’t very sure of any and so, went ahead to do a detailed search. Let me share my findings to help you out. 

Part 1: How To Go About Tracking My Wife’s Phone Stealthily?

Before I begin to tell you about the best five stealthy ways of tracking a phone, you should understand a few things. First, there are several apps of different types that make promises of being the topmost tracking tool in the market.

However, they aren’t always what they claim to be. Security, popularity, and reliability are just a few of the factors you should be considering when it comes to tracking your wife’s phone.Let’s now talk about the best tracking tool for your wife’s phone.

Apps to Monitor Text Messages

1.1 Cocospy: Tracking wife’s phone made extremely simple

Neatspy app is certainly amongst the topmost phone tracking solutions available in the market. There are over 190 countries where users are utilizing this stealthy way to track phones.

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So, if you are looking for a simple wife tracker application, Neatspy is an excellent choice. There are media houses like The Next Web, TechRadar, etc. that positively talk about the Cocospy tracking solution on their esteemed platforms.

Do you want to learn how exactly Neatspy app will help you out? Let me acquaint you with its features!

1.2 What features make Cocospy the best phone tracking app?

There are over 35 great functionalities that this stealthy tracking tool offers. Here are the most significant ones listed out for you.

100% stealth technology in use

You don’t have to worry about your wife getting a hint about it in any manner. This tool operates in a completely discreet manner. It doesn’t require constant physical access to the target phone.

For Android, it’s a one-time installation of a low-storage, 2 MB app that you can hide later. In the case of an iPhone, it’s a complete cloud-based technology, and you only require iCloud credentials to access the device’s contents.

GPS tracking to make a note of every move

Tracking someone’s location is that easy now! You can check your Cocospy dashboard to know about the location where your wife is at any point in time.

The Cocospy tool accesses the GPS location of the target phone. You can even look into Google Maps Timeline.

Monitoring exchange of messages

With the help of Cocospy, you can keep track of the exchange of text messages, and the ones that are shared through social media accounts. Also, you can check both personal and group chats with timestamps through the dashboard itself.

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Access to media files

Track your wife’s media files too. You can see the files or images that she shares using any of her accounts. Also, you can view the file manager on her device through the Cocospy app. 

Part 2: Spyier


Spyier is an amazing stealthy way of tracking your wife’s phone. It is completely safe to use and, thus, is a reliable tool to track any phone. You can track different activities of your wife’s phone in a discreet manner, and she won’t find it out.

The software has got first-class features that make it a special and popular choice. It is easy to set up and does not take much time either. So, a person with minimal technical skills can also operate Spyier easily.

 Part 3: Minspy

If you are concerned about knowing your wife’s whereabouts and are insecure, try using the Minspy app. It also offers the functionality of tracking the geolocation of the device. Thereby making it easy for you to know about her throughout the day.

If you have any doubts about your wife, don’t let it consume you. Rather, utilize the tracking app to understand her moves and figure out the truth for yourself before putting any allegations.

Check out the demo video of Minspy first, and then you can pick a suitable plan. 

Part 4: Spyine

Spyine is simple, effective, and works in 100% stealth mode too. The Spyine app works perfectly well for both Android and iOS devices. It helps you look into call logs, check location, view personal and group chats, etc.

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The app offers a complete no-root and no-jailbreak solution to its users. You will be able to access all the contents of your wife’s phone through any web browser. Everything is available on the dashboard, and navigation is simple too. 

Part 5: Spyic

Spyic app is a great tracking tool available if you wish to secretly look into your wife’s phone. No more wondering about what your wife’s up to and who she is talking too. Simply sign up for Spyic tracking tool and know about her location, calls, etc. easily.

Spyic is also an old and successful solution with great presence across popular media platforms. There are millions of users utilizing this stealthy way of tracking their spouses.

Final words

When it comes to tracking your wife’s activities, you need to be secretive about it. At the same time, you can’t risk her privacy either. So, you need a reliable and secure means of tracking her phone.

All the apps discussed above are fantastic in this respect as they do not save the phone data on any server. Therefore, you can make use of the functionalities without any hassles. Use a simple wife tracker solution and get your doubts cleared.

Be discreet about tracking your wife’s phone and settle things peacefully.

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