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4 Simple Ways To Optimize Your Android Phone – AndroidCompare

In the age of Android devices becoming as optimized as their iOS counterparts, the line between the two operating systems has never become blurred.

While iOS does not give you as much control over your phone, the same cannot be said for Android devices.

With this idea in mind, you can not only boost your phone’s performance but also ensure longevity due to better optimization.

Keeping that in mind, here are 4 ways by which you improve the optimization of your Android device.

1.     Clutter Clearance

The most important thing to keep in mind from the user’s perspective is that you need to keep your phone highly efficient.

In order to maximize optimization, you will need to consider closing background apps. Not only does it save battery but lessens the load on your system altogether.

You need to keep in mind that all Android devices are not directly under the control of Google.

Unlike Apple, which has ultimate control over its devices, Android does not have this luxury. Perhaps that is what makes iOS more efficient, but Android more capable.

Either way, this means that the onus is on you to clear out unnecessary clutter in the background, in order to maximize the output of your Android phone.

Keep your background apps closed if you are not using them. If you have an Android phone that has greater RAM and therefore keeps background apps open, all the more reason to close them.

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2.   Amp Up Your Security

The next entity that keeps your system bogged down is unnecessary internet trash. During the course of regular browsing, you tend to accumulate a bunch of cookies, for instance. As luscious as it sounds, it does quite the opposite.

Not only do cookies store small pieces of data, like your username and so on, but also make your phone incompetent in terms of pure optimization.

How can you solve this, you might ask? Simple, just invest in security solutions. These offer a plethora of benefits, from keeping your phone free from internet threats, to ensuring greater optimization of your phone, albeit through indirect means.

Sure, mobile security has become more capable than ever, especially on Android devices.

Google is trying to catch up to Apple’s sense of security, but while they are at it, it’s better if you invest in mobile security for Android from your end too.

It does not involve unnecessary hassle and keeps your phone majorly optimized.

3.    Remove Bloatware Apps

One of the downsides of some Android manufacturers is the additional bloatware that comes preinstalled.

This causes unnecessary chaos in more ways than one can comprehend. First, it lessens your in-built phone storage, and second, majorly hampers optimization.

Try to remove such bloatware apps. Disguised as the manufacturer’s native apps, most of them can be rather cumbersome to remove.

Sure, you can get an app or two (the irony) to remove such bloatware but be careful not to get hold of app duplicates that may be banned; for these might cause more harm than good.

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Another issue comes in the form of annoying ads, and while some Android manufacturers might not allow the removal of apps from the system itself, you can switch on adblockers to achieve some sense of amelioration from your front.

4.   Avoid Live Wallpapers

Sure, phone aesthetics are a great thing. In fact, some manufacturers bank on it entirely in today’s era of hardcore marketing. However, you have to admit that one of the most futile yet marketable of them all is the idea of live wallpaper.

While there is no actual benefit to having them on your phone per se, live wallpapers are not particularly useful. Not only do they sap your battery to its core, but also make your phone less optimized for actual work.

Do yourself a favor and just remove it. They are essentially pointless, especially considering (assuming) that you are not one of those who enjoy staring at a blank lock screen just for its appeal.

To Conclude

While you can also do more things, such as turning off phone animations, stopping phone syncing—that actually can be more counterintuitive than anything else.

Not because of utility purposes, but mainly because they can hamper the overall experience you might have with your Android device.

If you keep the aforementioned basics in mind, your Android phone should last for a long time.

Android manufacturers can be notorious for stopping Android updates in older devices to push for new ones, but if you keep the said things in mind, you might not need providential aid altogether.

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