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Simplest Ways to Solve “Invalid Sim Card” Issues on Android in 2022

You must have been exhausted by the “No Sim Card Error” on your Android. I have been through this phase and truly understand the fatigue one has to face to solve this problem. Despite placing the sim correctly into the slot, some people face “Android Phone says no sim card” issue, “invalid sim card android,” “galaxy s7 no sim card error”, and “common sim card problems.” After complete research and trying out multiple solutions of “how to fix no sim card error on android,” I suggest all of the working solutions in this guide.

What Does Invalid Sim Card mean?

invalid sim card android

An invalid sim card means either the device has no sim card or the connecting port is not good enough to catch a connection from the tower. Sometimes, a problem is misplacing the sim card inside the sim slot. There is a direct connection between the sim slot and the activation settings. So it is necessary to put the sim card correctly inside the sim slot.

Invalid/No Sim Card on Android | Possible Reasons

Let’s highlight the possible reasons why Android keeps displaying no sim card issue; Here are the possible reasons;

  • Is your sim card active?
  • A damaged phone sometimes doesn’t pick up the sim
  • The Sim slot might be damaged
  • A broken Sim Card
  • A poor network
  • Phone software missing or a virus not allowing the Phone to detect sim cards.

Here are the possible solutions that work out in certain cases.

How to Fix Invalid/No Sim Card Error on Android

As an android user, I have also faced an invalid sim card error on android several times. Therefore, I have the best solutions to resolve this issue in minutes. Read the possible reasons to avoid this error, and all the mentioned solutions as one will indeed work. So, let’s begin with the best possible solution on our list.

Android Phone Says Invalid Sim Card? | Restart Phone

Resolve invalid sim card error on android

This is the most common solution whenever your Phone is showing bugs and is not responding well, restart your android phone. Restarting a phone can fix small errors and removes minor bugs as well. These bugs can be a cause of stopping the Phone from detecting a sim card’s presence. Hence, restarting the Phone can solve this problem with ease. 

Galaxy s7 No Sim Card Error? | Re-Put Sim card

Re-put sim

Turn your Phone off and extract the inserted sim card and slot out of your Phone. Clean the Sim tray by blowing or using a clean cloth. Put the sim back into the tray, and place the tray back into the Phone calmly. Some people have a loose sim tray, due to which the tray doesn’t fit well at the required place, and the Phone doesn’t detect the sim at all. Hence, removing the sim and re-inserting it can solve this problem.

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Inspect Sim Slot to Resolve No Sim Card Android Error

Inspect your Sim card

The place where you place the sim is sensitive and can be damaged if you do not take care of it well. For example, if the tray was in the sun for only a while, it will become a defective piece in a while. It doesn’t fit well inside the Phone, and the Android mobile stops finding the attached sim. Hence, it would help if you ensured that the Sim slot or tray was perfectly ok. If you have a small doubt about the tray, you need to change it asap.

Invalid Sim Card T Mobile:

People usually try to put a sim card they found in their purse or a drawer. The cards that are not in use for a long time expire in a month and become undetectable by android phones. Hence, the sim card you have just put inside the sim slot might be deactivated by the sim provider. This type of sim can help you detect if there is a problem with the sim or the sim slot.

Problem With Sim a Card on Android? | Use Airplane Mode

Airplane Mode on android

After trying the previous solution, which approved that the sim you want to use is fine, you can switch to Flight mode for a while. Give the Phone a few seconds and then switch back to the normal mode. If the sim proved to be fine in the last test, now the Phone should pick up the signals from the sim.

Find the Correct Network Provider:

Sometimes an android phone auto selects another similar network which mismatches the sim you use. In this case, you need to;

  1. Go to “Settings” and find “More Networks.” 
  2. Please scroll down to Mobile Network to click it
  3. Open Network Operator
  4. Search Networks here again
  5. This search will bring all the carriers working inside your area. Click the one that belongs to your sim card, and the Phone will pick up signals in a second. 

Sim Card Not Working on an Unlocked Phone? | Clear Cache

Cache’s are small disks where frequently used data is saved. When the cache gets full, the system gets slower than expected. This could be the possible reason your Android handset misses the signals of your sim card. You must clear the cache and restart the Phone once to get the sim card working. Here is how you do it;

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  1. Go to Settings
  2. From “Storage,” Go to Internal Storage
  3. Find and Click Cached Data
  4. You need to confirm once you select “Delete Cache.”
  5. After clearing the cache, restart the Phone, and the Phone will have the signals back.

Update Software to Resolve No Sim Card Issue

Android phones usually come with an option of updating your Phone’s software to the latest release. The latest release of every Phone brings in new features and removes bugs reported in the previous versions. Some handsets deactivate their earlier versions to force customers to update the software. If your Phone is not picking signals from the sim or it is popping up an error message, again and again, you should consider updating the software according to the Phone’s latest release.

  1. You need a stable internet connection to update software
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Find Software Update and click
  4. Select the instruction of Install after Download
  5. The Phone will now download and install the newest version while finishing the whole process takes quite a while. 

Invalid Sim Card Android | Switch to Factory Settings

This could be the last possible solution to get the sim back on track. You must copy all your necessary data to another device before doing a Factory reset. A factory reset clears everything inside the Phone’s hard disk and switches the Phone back to the settings provided by the maker. Also, this process takes a little more time than expected, so you must be patient throughout the proceedings. Explore the video attached below to learn how to factory reset your android. Our post, how to factory reset your Firestick, might be helpful to you if you are a firestick user.

Find Customer Support:

If Reset doesn’t work too, you need to search any engine for the helpline related to your sim provider. In most cases, you will have to talk to the sim provider, and in some cases, you can interact with Phone producing companies too. They have experts who can suggest more effective solutions, and their behavior seems nice too. Contact android support team now.

Find a New Sim Card:

Most often, the customer lines are too busy to pick up their customer’s calls. If you do not want to waste any more time, you need to go out and find a newer sim card and get that activated within minutes. 

Care Guide For Sim Cards & Slots

The more you care for the sim you use, the sim will stay working for long. Follow these instructions to avoid getting stuck in sim card issues;

  1. Do not change the sim or phone frequently.
  2. There is a chip at the front of the sim card, which is sensitive. Could you not touch or clean it with any cloth? 
  3. Avoid cutting the cards yourself. Find a Franchise and ask them to resize your sim according to your phone’s slot. 
  4. Place it somewhere nice when the sim is out of use. 
  5. Blow the sim tray or the slot lightly and clean it with a dry cloth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean when your SIM card says invalid?

An invalid SIM card android error usually appears because your card’s tray is either too small or too big for your Phone. The best solution to this problem is asking your sim provider for a tray that can keep your sim card nicely and fits the Phone properly. Besides this solution, you can also try out putting another sim card into your mobile and see if it works properly or not.

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How to fix no SIM card error on Android?

There can be multiple reasons behind no SIM card error. In this case, you need to restart your Phone, ensure that your sim card is active in the mobile settings, choose the auto mode in the network settings, or remove both sim card and battery and restart the Phone again. One of these solutions will surely let you overcome the Phone saying no SIM card error. 

Final Words on Invalid Sim Card Android Error

Invalid SIM card android error is what annoys people the most. Also, sim card is mostly the main thing to let people contact you flawlessly. When your Phone doesn’t detect your sim card, it gets irritating. I have suggested some valuable solutions that worked well in my phase. If none of these solutions is good enough for your case, you need support from the sim provider or the phone maker. Moreover, taking good care of your sim card and its tray depends completely on you.

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