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Phone Security Tips: Protect Your Phone From Hackers

Phone security is more important than ever. Unfortunately, cyberhacking, phone hacking, and other cybersecurity incidents are rising. The last two years saw the greatest jump in numbers and only projected to get worse.

While how your phone could be hacked was previously fairly limited, the advance of malware, malicious apps, and other hacking software has made it scarily easy for someone to fall victim.

However, the good news is that you can take steps to prevent yourself from becoming just another statistic. You can increase your iPhone security in a flash and feel safe and secure with your device.

Below we have listed our top phone security tips to protect yourself immediately.

  1. Use a Strong Passcode

The first line of defense you have with your iPhone is your passcode. While it’s not 100% impossible for someone to break into your phone if they don’t have it, very few people have the knowledge or equipment to get around it in the first place, which means that your phone and its contents are very well safeguarded.

Don’t pick an easy code such as “1234” and don’t let anyone see your screen whenever you input your numbers.

  1. Control the Track Location Option

When you open an app or download a new App, you’ll be asked if the App can have access to your location. Unless the App doesn’t work without it, always select no.

If the App does need it to work, then select the “only allow once” option. This means your location will be hidden as soon as you exit the App. There’s no need for any App to know your location all the time.

  1. Avoid Clicking All Links

Not all links are malware, but the occasional one will be. Your job is to know the difference before you click because if you click on a malicious link, there’s no saying how it will affect your iPhone or information.

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If you are sent a link in an email that looks like spam, or a text message that you weren’t expecting, or from a company you’ve never heard of, etc., then never click the link.

If you feel like anything is off or out of the ordinary, just delete the message/email or come off the website you’re on.

  1. Use a VPN for iPhone

Using a VPN on any device before connecting to the internet is the best way you can protect your personal information and device from being hacked. And using a VPN for iPhone is no different.

A VPN will allow you to surf the web using a virtual private network and will, therefore, encrypt and protect your personal data. Downloading a VPN for iPhone is a quick, easy, and highly effective way of staying one step ahead of hackers.

  1. Be Wary of Suspicious Apps

The Apple Store currently has more than two million apps to choose from. But not all two million of those are safe or trustworthy. Unfortunately, the speed at which harmful Apps can be made is seemingly faster than Apple can remove them. The Apple Store is littered with malicious Apps that can sometimes be indistinguishable from legitimate Apps.

Apps that contain viruses are responsible for tens of thousands of phone hackings each year. When searching the App Store, think before you download anything.

Ask yourself, how many downloads does the App already have? What do the reviews say? Is there spelling or grammatical mistakes in the title or description? What do people say online?

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Thoroughly research the App before downloading if you’re not sure. You could save yourself and a lot of problems for a few minutes’ work.

  1. Automatically Erase Your Data

Your iPhone gives you the option to erase all data after 10 failed attempts at your passcode or Face ID. Keep your device out of reach of your kids, though, if you turn this on!

Protect Yourself Now

Each year, Apple invests millions upon millions of dollars to try and ensure their iPhones have the best security on the market. However, that doesn’t mean your device is immune from hacking, you still have to do your part to keep your mobile safe.

Just simple steps like having a strong passcode, controlling who has your location, and installing a VPN for iPhone are just a few things you can do to increase security on your side. By being cautious, you can prevent the mountain of problems that come from being hacked.

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