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ZabaSearch Review: A People Search Site

Mobile tracking apps have, for a long time, been used to track people from children to employees and even spouses. However, tracking apps cannot keep track of someone forever, especially when they change phones or move to another state.

There has always been a free back up that could help you find your loved ones as long as they are alive and in America.

Mobile tracker vs. ZabaSearch

While mobile phone tracking apps are specifically for phones, people search engine services like provided by ZabaSearch keeps track of everything.

That includes your home address and any other information available in your public records. People search engine services are accessed via the web and not through applications as seen with mobile phone trackers.

How does it work?

People search services use a simple mechanism to collect information about people. However, it’s good to know that you provide the information provided by these websites and available to the public as well.

Your online and social media activities are also used in building up your complete profile. This information is, in most cases, sold to people that need it and not freely available. However, to access it at ZabaSearch, click here now.

No keeping track of private information

Most mobile tracking apps are used to collect private information about the user of the target phone. ZabaSearch, on the other hand, will only get the information that is already out in public and has nothing to do with your private life.

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Mobile Tracking App

It is also good to know that someone can use your phone number to track information about your whereabouts and other records. All they need to feed in is the phone number search engine and wait for the results.

Employers need both mobile trackers and people search services

People who get to employ people in their companies never want to take any risks. That is because they don’t wish to lose all their lives work due to making a simple mistake of employing the wrong person.

While mobile trackers are used to keeping track of communication and in some cases location, they use platforms like ZabaSearch to make a background check up before they employ.

Know that the information about you in the public record is enough to build or break your chances of getting a good job. Having a criminal record, for example, is information that is readily available to the public, especially if you did time in prison. However, employers are different, and the hire who they wish but a background checkup is a must.

Anyone can access your details through people search services

Since the information provided on ZabaSearch is already available into the public, there is no reason to hide them. Although some companies sell this information, ZabaSearch offers it for free. That means, if someone has your details like full names or phone number, they can use it to track your current location.

That’s one of the reasons why some people request for their information to be removed from the service. It is, however, good to understand that there are several other sources of information apart from people search engines where someone can access your information for free. Hence, opting out is never the solution.

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It is also essential to understand that ZabaSearch has partnered with Intelius to ensure that you can always find the person you are looking for. However, for you to do so, you will have to pay Intelius for the service.


As much as your mobile phone activities are not tracked through people search services, they contribute a lot in providing more information that can be used to build up your profile. Additionally, it’s good to know that there are some challenges that people using these services like searching for people with common names.

It is safe to know that ZabaSearch allows you to simplify your search by providing you with the advanced search option. Through the advanced option, you can enter all the names of the person you are searching for to increase your chances. You should also not forget about the premium option that is also free.

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