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Getting Higher Education: How to Look Worthy With a Simple Personal Statement?

Why writing an analytical essay is easier than writing about yourself? Each time when dealing with a description or assessment of personal skills and traits, you feel some uncertainty more than when crafting a reflective narrative, for instance, on a social sciences topic.

Although a personal statement is a document that goes around your personality and talents, so there nothing could be more difficult than expressing your nature. But, as the facts show, lots of students face a big challenge when composing a killer personal statement.

Hence, let us tell you how to compile a worthy admission document that won’t look like clichéd personal statements and what is worthy of concentrating on while depicting yourself.

How Not to Look Intrusive When Writing a Personal Statement?

There’s an easy rule you’d better follow – a personal statement is a document that shares something new about your individuality that wasn’t mentioned in a CV, school transcripts, motivation letter, or other admission documents. It should highlight your ambitions, resolute, and confident nature by adding other supplemental facts about your field of interest, plans concerning career progress, and intentions for the next couple of years.

Choose a meaningful aspect of your life, including an academic or professional one. You want to share with the admission board. This information should make your personal statement complete. Besides your accomplishments, mention obstacles that made you stronger to gain success. Say what events helped you to determine what area you want to be involved in. Think well about what things make you inspired to gain new heights and move towards a new experience.

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By the way, after preparing a draft of a personal statement, you’d better show it to your family member, classmate, friend to read it and give you feedback. Although, it’ll be effective if consulting a professional personal statement writer who will advise you what to write better and fix some dubious moments for better statements.

Include Intriguing Story to Hook the Readers’ Attention

Brainstorm attentively about what you want to talk about in your document. To facilitate this process, you can ask yourself questions you’d like to read answers in someone’s personal statement:

  • Remember moments that influenced you greatly and impacted your future specialty choice.
  • Think about things you’re proud of that can be connected to your qualities, interests, temporary hobbies that made you more confident, well-rounded, and targeted.
  • Keep your story individual – speak about your life journey, obstacles, happy moments. Make them sound like you usually speak to reflect your identity.
  • Explain why you chose this college/program and why you’re a worthy candidate for it. Persuade the admission committee that their course will promote your talents and boost academic progress.

Remember that the tone of your personal statement should be authentic to show off valuable information. Even if you repeat something, don’t worry about it. You can edit your doc after you finish the compilation of the whole personal statement.

Besides telling a captivating story about yourself, don’t forget to hit the proper length of your application. Stay informative and moderately consistent to place your text within the defined scope – around 500 words that are equal to one page. Although, some universities allow to write applications up to 650 words. So, check the requirements before submitting a personal statement to meet the expectations of the admission tutors.

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How to End a Personal Statement to Make Yourself Stand Out?

An important point in admission document creation is composing a decent closing statement that will summarize your text and recall the above-mentioned facts. The first thing is that a conclusion thesis should be simple, bold, and convincing. It should emphasize all the positive moments about your personality and prior academic successes.

You should leave zero doubt about your candidacy, so the admission board won’t hesitate whether to send you an invitation for enrollment or refuse this year. Keep the focus on the following points that will make you win this admission campaign:

  • Showcase your enthusiasm for the chosen area.
  • Make your statement out of typos, grammar mistakes.
  • Prove your uniqueness and why you deserve attention.
  • Polish the text with a fresh mind after several hours/days pass.

Stay honest, highly determined about what you want to achieve, don’t reject your weaknesses, but don’t highlight them so much. Refer to your proper experience and background that had great value for your all-round development.

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