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What Type Of Plugins Small Businesses Need For Wordpress Websites?

Even in 2020, wordpress is the most popular content management system.

Thanks to its robust community, every year tens of thousands of plugins and themes enter the market for users’ needs.

A great majority of its users consists of small business owners and bloggers.

Here in this article, we will introduce you with the most essential needs of business and the best plugins for it.

  1. Page builder

Users usually settle for the customization offered by the theme, but they are rigid, and have design limitations.

Page builders help you overcome this by offering flexibility in design.

Elementer and Beever are two most exceptional page builders available in the market.

Many business owners need pages to be created in bulk with similar design and almost similar content.

For them, a bulk page generator plugin is a must. Multiple page generator is by far the best plugin for it.

  1. Speed optimization:

Google, and many other search engines, penalizes websites with slow speed.

Thankfully, for wordpress, there are many premium plugins to boost up the speed of the website.

These plugins offer minification of extraneous code, image optimization, DNS prefetching, and much more.

And the best part is, you don’t have to know the technicalities of programming to optimize page speed.

One of the most recommended plugins for speed optimization is Wp Rocket.

  1. Forms:

In order to interact with the visitors of the websites and to convert them to the next level of your content marketing funnel, you need an online form submission.

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Well you can create a form using page builder, the most easy way to create it is to install the dedicated plugin for it.

Wpform is the best plugin in this respect.

  1. Insights:

The online business, and for that matter any business, cannot be run blindly.

It must be guided by market insights. Websites, the virtual platform where you run your business, can scale or tank depending upon how well optimized they are for search engines and user experience.

The insight plugins will provide you day to day data for such optimization.

Monsterinsights is the most popular plugin for it.

  1. SEO:

After ‘insight plugins’, the most important plugins are for search engine optimization.

They help you organize your content, create sitemaps to improve crawlability, and find the right topics to add to your website. Yoast plugin is widely used by wordpress users for SEO.

  1. Backups:

Businesses have vulnerable data that needs to be secured.

There is no better way to achieve this than taking advantage of cloud storage for this purpose.

Several plugins on wordpress can help you achieve this with a single click, of which, Updraft plus is the best one.

  1. Security:

Every business needs to be secured from hostile attacks. Online businesses are no different.

They are more vulnerable. If the custom-built key government sites can be hacked, what can regular wordpress users do against  DDoS, malware threats, XSS attacks, and brute force attacks?

However, that doesn’t mean that you do nothing to secure your website.

Sucuri is the widely used plugin by wordpress users to beef up the security of their website.

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I hope this article has added well-intended value to small business owners who want to, or have, moved their business to online, and  using a wordpress website for it.

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