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What Are The Most Popular Emojis Ever? iRiverAmerica

Using emoji to convey emotions has become a language that people from different cultures understand.

And, even if you don’t know the meaning of emoji, you can learn from the internet.

For instance, you can easily learn how to type shrug emoji in one second by searching the internet.

Initially, people used emoji in social media posting, emailing, and text messaging.

However, there are apps, games, books, and social networks based on the emoji trend.

Today, almost everybody with a Smartphone uses emojis. People are using them to express different feelings.

Whether it’s telling somebody you are excited, sad, or confused, there is an emoji that you can use to express your emotions.

The vast majority of the most popular emojis have positive connotations.

Thus, using them can be uplifting. The heart is the most dominant symbol in most emojis.

This shows the love that people share through text messages, emails, and social media.

But, the internet is not always positive. That’s why there are also emojis of crying, tired, and disinterested faces.

These are negative feelings and emojis are also used to express them.

Essentially, different emojis are meant to spice up communication between people and they can be used to convey positive or negative feelings.

Others are used to express feelings when a person lacks words to describe them.

However, some emoji have become more popular than others. Here are some of the most popular emojis ever.

Face with Joyful Tears

Crying for joy is one of the most popular emojis ever. People use this emojis to express their emotions in different situations.

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For instance, a person can use it to tell others that they’ve heard an awesome joke.

A person can even use it to express emotion after locking themselves out of their house.

Even when a dog poops on a carpet, this emoji can be used to convey emotions at the moment.

This emoji can be used as a symbol of crying with laughter. It signifies traditional humor and it helps a person laugh at almost anything.

Face Crying Loudly

This is the opposite of a joyful cry emoji. It symbolizes a cry of sadness.

This symbol is also used to symbolize sobbing and it’s quite popular.

And, there is a sobbing emoji for both women and men.

Therefore, both men and women are using this emoji. People are using it to express sadness after something bad happens to them or other people.

Heart Eyes on a Smiling Face

Heart eyes have introduced an entirely new string of emojis with a love theme.

This particular emoji is used to express appreciation of something amazing.

It’s mostly followed by words like “cute” and “beautiful”.

If you adore someone or you’re in love with them, you can use this emoji to express your feelings.

This emoji has a look of utter adoration. It’s used to express the love a person has for the recipient.


Two Hearts

Double heart emoji is also very popular. In most cases, the hearts are in red but they can also be in pink.

Nevertheless, both hearts are always together. This is a sweet way of expressing happiness and love.

It’s not surprising that this emoji is mostly used with the word “happy”.

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Smiling Face and Eyes

This is a blushing smiley face and it’s used to express acceptance of a compliment.

It can also be used to say that a person feels loved. Some people use it to say they are warm and happy.

People use this emoji when mostly talking about special events like a birthday or the good times they’ve had together.

Red Heart

A heart emoji is a prominent love symbol. It is among the most popular emoji, especially among young people.

This emoji creates a fuzzy feeling inside. It’s mostly used by young people when dating or just expressing love.

Smirking Face

This is also another emoji that most people are using on social media.

One thing that makes this emoji appeal to many people is the fact that it can be mysterious.

Therefore, it can be used to express different emotions. It can be taken as a half-smile or a symbol of smugness.

This emoji is also used to express scorn or just anything, provided the recipient understands the conveyed message.

Thumbs Up

This emoji is pretty self-explanatory and it’s used in different situations. But, the idea behind this emoji is that all is good.

It can be used to encourage a person or express approval for a job well done.

For instance, if a person suggests you meet up at a specific time and you’re okay with it, you can send this emoji to say that it is fine with you.

In some cases, this emoji is used to express hitchhiking action. However, this is not common.

Thinking Face

A thinking face emoji is mostly followed by a question and it’s used to express confusion.

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Most people use it when talking about political events.

For instance, a person can use this emoji to say they don’t understand what a politician means after sharing the statement they made.

Folded Hands

These look like praying hands. This emoji is used to say ‘thank you’ or ‘I’m grateful’.

However, this emoji is mostly followed by words like ‘family’, ‘good’, and ‘love’. But, it’s mostly used to express gratitude.

The Bottom Line

Since the introduction of the first emoji in 1999, these expression icons have been evolving.

Developers have been introducing emojis to express different emotions and convey different messages every day.

Today, you can find emoji for expressing almost any feeling. And, emojis have been ingrained in the human lexicon and are now serving as an extension of different cultures across the world.

People are using emojis to express what is in their minds and hearts every day.

Nevertheless, some emojis have become popular than others.

That’s because people are using them more on different platforms.

But, the fact that the majority of the most popular emojis express positive feelings is uplifting.

It shows that emojis are playing a positive role when it comes to human communication.

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