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How to Balance Video Games and Studying? iRiverAmerica

The key to success in studying lies in the ability to balance your free personal time with your classes and homework assignments.

This is still a challenge for many students, especially the ones who love to play video games.

The fact that you may spend your free time and even a whole day playing online games, at the same time, striving to get a professional qualification or do your homework tasks within the deadline – could be a real challenge for your abilities in time management.

You can overcome this difficulty by creating a schedule that sets appropriate study time and game time, ensuring the best results.

However, there are plenty of other great tips on what to do to achieve that balance and still play games while you study. Let’s keep reading to find out more!

1. Get Support from Influential People

We cannot achieve our goals if we do not receive the support of those who have an influence on our lives (parents, relatives, teachers, friends, etc).

Tell them about your goals and objectives, so that they become a pillar for you. For example, your friend can give you time off to study when you finish your research or complete one assignment.

2. Control Stress

Stress is an integral part of our lives. An increase in your daily workload means that you should be more careful in regulating your stress levels. The following activities will help you do this:

  • Take breaks during daytime – this is one of the most underestimated stress management tools. This will help you gather your thoughts so you know for sure when you can get back to work, what you need to do in order to achieve what you were striving for.
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle – this will support your mental activity and help you cope with increased stress. Exercising and eating healthy food can increase the amount of oxygen entering the brain, which should improve your memory and allow you to stay calm.
  • Include leisure activities into your daily routine – despite the fact that you pursue a specific goal, this is not your whole life. You still need time for entertainment to let your brain relax and help it stay flexible. You can also try hanging out with people, playing games, watching movies, going to events, etc.
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3. Set Priorities

To gain success, it is necessary to prioritize. Therefore, in difficult times or when you face urgent matters, you should not doubt what is most important to you.

You can use the best custom writing website to cope with the urgent tasks and make a to-do-list with the most important assignments.

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Review your list and place items by importance, where #1 is the most important thing to finish on time, #2 will be the second most important item and so on.

This evaluation will be a reflection of your priorities. Thus, you can incorporate critical aspects into your daily and weekly schedule. And find free time for playing video games.

4. Make a Daily List of Individual Tasks

You can make a list of important tasks that have to be finished or performed every day.

It could be daily deals or moments like preparing a presentation or personal files, walking with a pet, visiting a doctor or going to a dance performance.

You can create a separate list where will be three main tasks for home, study, and entertainment.

Performing all these 3-6 tasks every day, you will maintain your productivity, and still, have free time to play online games.

5. Try Online or Remote Learning

By studying at home, you can bring flexibility to everything. You just need a separate work or study area.

If you study remotely, you can try to transfer the classes to your local library, cafe or free office for students.

After completing the assignment, you can physically leave the work environment, which will help switch to personal life.

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If you have to study at home, then try to find a separate place to work.

6. Do not procrastinate

Procrastination is the main obstacle to your balance. One of the ways to overcome procrastination is to write down the advantages of finishing a study or a specific task.

For example, if you want to play games, then you can finish an assignment and treat yourself with one hour of playing an online game.

Always keep such a list at hand in case of a lack of necessary motivation.

Another way to overcome procrastination is to break up large projects into smaller ones.

So tasks will look less intimidating, and the joy of doing smaller things will motivate you to new achievements.

Final Thoughts

These tips, linked with the desire to succeed in studying, can greatly contribute to the balance of your attending your classes and playing online games.

Yes, academic and personal life are constantly fighting for your time. Many adults will agree that studying and playing games often interfere with friendships or family relationships and vice versa.

By finding the ability to balance professional and personal life, you will increase your productivity and reduce the likelihood of emotional burnout.

Such balance is quite real to achieve but you can not do it without proper planning and preparation.

On another side, by properly separating study and leisure in the era of online learning, you can spend days playing video games and at the same time managing all your deals!

Author’s Bio

Jeff Blaylock is a writer and a huge fan of video games. He thinks there are lots of other daily distractions that take up your time and reduce productivity.

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Researchers say almost everyone spends about 20 minutes per hour on unplanned distractions.

As a result, it takes around two hours a day to restore concentration after distraction. But you can minimize distractions in professional activity by using the tips.

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