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Best 7 days To Die Mods: 27 Mods To Make You Crazy

This list of 27 electrifying 7 days to die mods will revive and enrich your gameplay once more.

7 days to die is one of the best horror survival games ever played by millions of gamers that includes the collection of contents and killing of beasts.

The game has made an impact on the gaming industry with its fun gameplay and designs.

The introduction of the mods made the gameplay to be more fantastic.

The best thing about these new strategies and layouts on the game is a whole new feeling of gameplay; you won’t have to be bored playing 7 days to die.

Even though the game might be quite old now, but the mods make it a little bit newer.

Best 7 Days to Die Mods Ranked

If you are getting familiar with the game or having a hard time playing through the game strategies.

Then the below listed 27 best 7 days to die mods that might be your only option of changing the gameplay.

Medieval mod

The Medieval mod has different varieties of systems like the castles, knights, and dragons.

best 7 days to die mods

It brings a whole new layout for gamers which includes exceptional artwork.

The mods allow you to be whatever you want while fighting the zombies.


  • Have you ever wondered if you could be a king, queen, prince, and more while fighting?
  • The old mod brings all you could ever imagine to your game view.
  • It brings a whole new strategy to the game.
  • The big dragon that will make you thrilled.
  • The castles that look like a magical tower.

Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/bm…val+Village.7z

Bloodmoon Fix mod

The blood fix mod allows you to feel the attacking effects that will result in bringing out drops of blood from the zombies.

It makes everything looks more realistic in such a way that you will have a clear view of each wound on your enemy’s body.


  • Have you been missing the slash wound realistic feeling on the enemy’s body?
  • The blood fix mod improves the blood texture of the blood in the environment.
  • There’s no doubt that the first blood color is very horrible being a little bit darker.
  • Fixes all blood color issues.
  • New background texture.

Download link: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?98097-Guppycur-s-Modlets&p=893860&viewfull=1#post893860

Vehicles Mod – 7 Days to Die Mods

Vehicle mod is what we shouldn’t be able to ignore in the game 7 days to die.

best 7 days to die mods

The mod pack includes a toolkit for repairing damaged vehicles or necessary parts.

With these mod pack, you have complete access to the various vehicles, including the modern model of cars.

We all know that once a car needs to be fixed, it shows a unique color indicates the amount of damage which makes repairing much easier.


  • One more thing that you shouldn’t bear to ignore is how the repairing attracts zombies.
  • Every fixing attracts the attention of close zombies.
  • Various model of cares include.
  • Allows you to add different car parts.
  • It shows the amount of damage done on the car.

Download link: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?98097-Guppycur-s-Modlets&p=932798&viewfull=1#post932798

Shopping Go-Karts mod

The shopping go-cart mod is beneficial in picking up items like beds, barbed wire, curtains, furniture, mines, driftwood, Ember piles, and much more.

best 7 days to die mods

The interesting about the shopping cart mod is the help of picking several items.

The good news about the newly updated pack is the ability to choose the driftwood and Ember piles which serves as fuel.

Picking items that are in containers might be a problem using the mod of which gamers are expecting to be fixed on the upcoming mod versions.


  • Ability to pick contents like driftwood.
  • New cart design.

Download link: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?98097-Guppycur-s-Modlets&p=952359&viewfull=1#post952359

Smoke Grenade mod

Smoke Grenade is an excellent tool that can even flush out enemies by blocking their view.

best 7 days to die mods

It can also affect your life when thrown in a close range. It is one of the most sought after one in 7 days to die mods list.


  • It can be able to kill the enemy when thrown directly at them or decrease their health drastically.
  • If you happen to get hit by it, you are likely to be on fire.
  • The best way to avoid the smoke grenade is taking another route whenever you see it.
  • Gas updated to be very lethal.
  • New updated mod emits realistic light and mod.

Download link: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?98097-Guppycur-s-Modlets&p=953890&viewfull=1#post953890

Miscellaneous Blocks Mod

The purpose of this different block mod is based on creating a realistic block design on the block.

Miscellaneous Blocks Mod

With this mod, you don’t need to worry about any issue or glitches on the blocks, especially if you are using the block as mentioned earlier mod pack.

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But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other mod packs with that exceptional features like the realistic block


  • The different pattern of brick and designs.
  • Add new biomes and texture to the game view.


Download link: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?98097-Guppycur-s-Modlets&p=955021#post955021

Starvation Mod – 7 Days to Die Mods

The starvation mode brings out that feeling of hunger.

best 7 days to die mods

Ever since the introduction of the 7 days to die, gamers have missed the realistic sense of desire.

The mod allows your game character to feel hungry whenever you did not eat on time.

Even when you eat bad food, you are bound to feel thirstier.


  • The starvation mod help in improving the game strategy to more complicated gameplay.
  • The easiest way of bypassing the sophisticated level is making an organize food planning.
  • These alternatives keep the gaming experience alive and new.
  • Makes the game to be very complicated.
  • Enables the realistic action of being hungry.
  • The gameplay is more fun than before.

Download link: https://7dayforums/showthread.p48537-The-7D2D-Mod-Launcher-A-Mod-Launcher-for-7-Days-to-Die

Optimization Mod

Have you been looking for a way to optimize the game and make it playable on your console?

Optimization Mod

Even though 7 days to die is a fantastic game, most gamers are still having a hard time adjusting the game to be playable.

It fixes all the game glitches and flaws.

Most importantly, it lowers the resolution of the game to the appropriate playable option.


  • Allows the game to play smoothly.
  • It improves the games frame rate.

Download link: https://ragnos1997.com/2016/11/27/7-days-to-die-low-specs-optimization-low-specs-patch/

Backpack mods

The backpack mods add a whole new crafty backpack that will improve the equipment inventory.

best 7 days to die mods

With this mod, you can add all your packs to the catalog. The bag can be adjusted to your preferred choice of design.


  • The backpack is still under development and does not look that realistic at this beta stage.
  • You don’t need to worry where to keep all your picked items when you enable this backpack.
  • Each backpack on the mod has a different size on what it will accommodate.
  • New design backpacks.
  • Customization of the backpack is now enabled.

Download link: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?94262-A17-Bigger-Backpack-Mod!

The quest mods

Added quests come with strict levels adding different varieties view and layout.

Even the new design version brings new extensive features.

You have the opportunity of experiencing new structures, tools, traps, and weapons.


  • The reward for completing each level is very tempting. It might be because the newly added level is very complicated and tough.
  • There are various types of quest mods for improving the game levels.
  • These mods bring out the more appropriate feature needed by gamers.
  • Gamers can choose a new level of gameplay.
  • It offers the ability to use new weapons.

Download link: https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/296

Wonderland Mods

The wonderland mods are exciting and bring a whole new look on the 7 days to die game.

Wonderland Mods

Wonderland mods were developed several days ago with regular updates on different versions.

New farms were added to make the environment more appeal to the design.


  • If you have been missing the wonderland wilderness feeling, then here’s the perfect mod to cheer you up.
  • Even the wilderness has been made stringent for a thrilling gameplay.
  • It does not require a lot of effort when setting it up.
  • improve farm view
  • New tough wildernesses added

Download link: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?114207-Tool-NITROGEN-a-

Tree Mod – 7 Days to Die Mods

It is one of the most organized 7 days to die mod and ability to indulge your gameplay with a luxuriously modern but friendly tree.

Tree Mod

Even though the previous updates have not been very significant, but more updates will still be added.

One of the outstanding things about this mod is, it enables you to have an excellent new tree, garden, and grasses according to chosen categories.


  • The Interface is splendid for any gamer who’s not comfortable with old trees.
  • New trees of different patterns.
  • New garden look.

Download link: https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/72

Armor Outfit Mods

After the end of the fantastic old Amour outfit mods. Nearly everybody thought that the purpose of outfits is near.

best 7 days to die mods

However, Alpha 17 outfits look precisely compatible based on the melee, and weapon mod have almost everything required by gamers to overtake the old boring outerwear.

In the game, nothing feels more horrible than working around with unattractive outfits.


  • Reduces the cold environment weather.
  • Sound ideally reduced from the armor while moving around.
  • Armor gives you the extraordinary ability to resist radiation.
  • The armor contains reinforced padding.

Download link: https://gameplay.tips/guides/3423-7-days-to-die.html

Weapon Quality Control Mod

Being able to improve weapon quality is very impressive and makes the multiple levels a little bit easy.

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Weapon quality control mod

Sometimes in the gameplay, you hook up with a powerful zombie that is hard to kill.

While you imaging of having a reliable weapon that can shoot it with one slash or fire.

Here’s the weapon control mod that will make your dream come true.


  • Enemies can easily be killed with one hit.
  • New option to improve your weapons.
  • Levels look a little bit easy while using quality weapons.
  • Quality weapons can be selected directly.

Download link: https://gameplay.tips/guides/3423-7-days-to-die.html

Vehicle Everywhere Mod

After the old vehicle mod, a new development has been made in the essence of adding a lot of vehicle parts around the gameplay.

Vehicle everywhere mod

You can easily find vehicle parts with this mods.

There’s no reason to worry about getting the appropriate part because before working from one destination to another.

You might have already picked the needed part.

All parts are collected from the newest vehicles in the modern world.


  • Access to free car parts.
  • Compatible with other mods.
  • Huge database car parts.

Download link: https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/141

HP and book mod

Sometimes it’s hard to get the HP item while working around or fighting with zombies.

best 7 days to die mods

The new HP and book mod allows gamers to gain more whenever they take a look at any book lying around.


  • Opening books can grant you gifts like HP when the mod is enabled.
  • All the novels lying around can be used to your benefit.
  • The books and novels give you fantastic items
  • More treasures to discover.

Download link: https://ravenhearst.enjin.com/archives

Complex Crafting Mod

It is another incredible mod with excellent outcomes and a slick interface.

Complex Crafting Mod

Crafting mods brings you to a complete workbench with no irritating objects inside.

It has one of the most significant confirmed features and all the necessary crafting tools.


  • With the crafted mod, different vehicle parts can be formed with the appropriate tool heads.
  • The design of the finished craft is always sleek and impressive.
  • The crafting process is a little bit hard and complicated.
  • Impressive crafting tools.
  • New crafting workbench and table.

Download link: https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/326

Maximum Decoration Mod

There’s no way that gamers will ignore decoration and design mod.

best 7 days to die mods

Not when it comes to what the maximum decoration mod will offer.

An absolute increase in the intense gameplay is making the game to be more interesting.


  • The buildings can be decorated with what you truly desire while adding a series of flags, posters, and paintings.
  • The highest decoration is regarded as the ultimate welcome to designs.
  • New flags, posters, and paintings added.
  • Pack of building decoration items.

Download link: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?34815-A13-2-Let-Me-Decorate-Mod

Distraction Mod

The best item for the distraction mod is the alarm clock. Although it might be tricky, sometimes causing more harm than good.

Distraction Mod

So before using it, you have to position yourself while being sure you are throwing it afar and not close to you.


  • The alarm takes some minutes before being activated.
  • Once activated, it attracts all nearby zombie to the alarm clock distracting them to that specific location.
  • Attracts a mass number of zombies when thrown.
  • Alarm clock trigger time reduced to activate in a short time automatically.

Download link: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?76822-Ravenhearst-Mod

Zombie Mods

The zombie mod changes your appearance or the look of your enemies and their attack quality.

It can improve the zombies depending on your specification; even their strength can be altered with this mod.


  • You will experience a whole new game character.
  • You can as well design your enemy to what you are expecting it to look.
  • Either a robust unfillable villain to a zombie with a more blood cloth.
  • Customize everything from your perspective.
  • Change your enemy looks and design.
  • Select a new zombie outfit.

Download link: https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/144

Living Off the Land Mods

The mod allows you to maintain your farm so you can comfortably live off the land.

The mod pack contains an improve fertilizer module that will enhance the growth of your crops faster than before.

It might be what gamers have been waiting for a long time with its classic inventory where fertilizer and other compost features can be selected.

Even when you finally harvest your plants, you can now obtain a seed which can be of help to future planting.


  • It contains improved fertilizers.
  • Seed can now be obtained to affect harvesting.

Download link: https://7daystodie.com

The Night Sings Mod

Playing through the night period with no extraordinary feeling and actions can be quite tiring sometimes while some of the locations may be horrible.

The Night Sings Mod

But with this instant night sings transformation mode, gamers don’t need to get bored while walking around in the night.

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While the unusual quietness mode has been completely removed and adjusted.


  • Great night sing music added.
  • Pack of thrilling music.

Download link: https://7daystodie.com

Darkness Falls Mod

This mod act precisely as the name signifies where you can unleash the full features fast respawn among the zombies at night.

The pack consists of fully optimized modules of 6 bags of quests that can bring out the special nighty zombie abilities.

Even the view and action of these mods are what you can’t miss as a gamer.

The darkness fall theme and new improve zombie activities can turn the game to a new level.

This is one of the best visual mods in this list of the top 7 days to die mods.


  • First zombie features added.
  • Offers you the access to crafting durable guns.

Download link: https://7daystodie.com

Undead Legacy Mod

The undead legacy mod brings out the fallout out gaming experience on the 7 days to die game.

It’s designed in such a way that you won’t miss a drop of the theme from the fallout.

With this mod, you have the option of crafting new items with an equivalent design as the fallout.

A massive hundreds pack of design has been added, including the excellent fallout scenery.


  • It allows the zombies to be stronger.
  • It offers easy access to all the new pack.

Download link: https://7daystodie.com

Fennec Mod

As the name implies, the fennec mod controller gives gamers full access to achieve their goals with available features.

Fennec Mod

Even to the extent of simplifying and adjusting the gameplay which can be hard sometimes.


  • Some people might regard this as a cheat in the game because of all its unique features.
  • The fennec mod is quite the best when setting up a goal to achieve.
  • Ability to toggle game features to reach your set goal.
  • Allows you to be seen when you are far away.

Download link: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?82838-FennecMod-Deadly-Ferals-Rad-Zeds-Specializations-Ore-Processing-and-More

The Hordes Incoming Mod

The horde period has a whole new theme that you can’t miss. Especially on that 14 days hordes that always end by 1 am in the night.

best 7 days to die mods

The mod helps in fixing all the horde issue you might be experiencing.

If you are one the lovers of night zombie, this might be what you need.

The background theme will make you want the hordes night to last a little bit longer.

Types of hordes

  • Blood moon horde
  • Screamer horde
  • Roaming hordes
  • Post blood moon hordes


  • Game progress generally increases during the 14 days.
  • Hordes night does end by 1 am.
  • It offers a new professional view and background theme.
  • The mod includes intense music and zombie action during the night hordes.

Valmont Overhaul Mod

The name of the mod sounds interesting after being named after the developer Valmar who brought the lost fun back into the 7 days to die gameplay.

best 7 days to die mods


  • The mod comprises of a vast number of packs that bring all you might want to use while gaming.
  • It has everything added, right from the weapons to the armor outfits needed for outstanding gameplay.
  • The mod changes the gameplay to full new version of the game which makes it more fun and exciting. 
  • New food recipes, armor outfits, and weapons.
  • New environmental gameplay for best exciting output.
  • You have access to the new farm and hidden items.


All the above-listed mod adds different types of feature or action to the 7 days to die gameplay.

These mods improve the gameplay activities and can be considered must-have updates whenever you decide to join the 7 days to die gaming community.

You might even have a hard time installing and getting most of them to work.

So be sure always to read installation information, to be confident with the appropriate method.

Most of them do not require too many activities as you need to extract the newly updated files to a specific location which is quite easy.

After extraction to the specified folder, try opening your game for a whole new experience.

So, tell me which one of all these 7 days to die mods is your favorite and why?

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