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A Complete Gmail Usability Guide With All Gmail Tricks!

The Internet changed many things and most of all it made the world smaller, which we refer to as globalization, enabling immediate contact between one or more people from any part of the world.

Invented by Ray Tomlinson, emails first came into use in the late 1960s and early 1970s and since then after some developments have proliferated and are the first choice in person to person contact anywhere in the world.

Gmail as it calls its emailing platform is what many around the world are using though there are others who follow far behind.

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We look here as to what Gmail could do for us and how best we could get the optimum benefits by using it in the proper and ideal way. Gmail has much to offer and if we could master it, there are many benefits that we could derive from it.

Gmail Strikethrough, Create Group, Multiple Emails & Fax From Gmail

Gmail Strikethrough

A strikethrough has been used universally to show that particular text is deleted or not applicable to the present.

This could be used in many instances and it is used in the modern marketing platform just to show that there is a different opinion to what was said and creating an interest in the customers mind.

Gmail Strikethrough

It is human nature that we would try to find out what was that has been strikethrough and obtain more information on that.

A strikethrough could have many meanings and it is how you would innovate it, and the best way you could translate that to interest those who you would like to target on reading the page.

A gmail strikethrough could be a well calculated gimmick if used effectively and for that what has been done so should create an interest within the reader or on a marketing platform in the customer.

It is simple to implement it and one which could have very interesting results if it is portrayed effectively. The following easy steps could ensure you create a Gmail strikethrough and bring home some very interesting and profitable results.


1. Open the Microsoft word platform and then write whatever you would want to strikethrough. It does not mean that you cannot delete it, in fact you could do so very easily but the idea behind it is not so.

We just need to create an impression in the minds of the reader and probably interest him or her on what is hidden in that particular gmail strikethrough.

2. Then click on the gmail strikethrough icon which is displayed on the font section on the top of your screen. The font section would have all these icons clearly displayed.

3. Then press Ctrl-C and select the text that you would want to initiate the gmail strikethrough and copy it for further action.

4. Then bring your cursor back to the page where you have composed the relevant email on your Gmail platform and click and paste it.

5. To do so you would need to press Ctrl-V and complete the task.

How to forward multiple emails to Gmail?

It may be necessary from time to time during the course of conducting business or even on a personal basis to forward emails received in various email platforms to your Gmail account.

This would be required because you would not be able to influence your customers to use the same email platform that you would be using. They may have different email platforms but you would prefer to operate on the Google inspired Gmail account.

forward multiple emails to Gmail

In such a scenario you would need to forward multiple emails to gmail which would be convenient to you and also facilitate efficient and timely responses from you.

This would be possible only if you could forward multiple emails to gmail account. The following easy steps would enable you to accomplish this.


1. Select all the emails that you would want to forward to your Gmail account. There are no restrictions as you could add any quantity of emails.

2. Click on the “Forward all emails” icon button shown

3. Then enter the Gmail address that you would want all the emails forwarded to and once you press send all the emails would be sent to that Gmail address.

This is a very easy way of ensuring that every email that you would receive which needs to be in the Gmail account to be forwarded as required.

It is convenient when you have one email platform to work on rather trying to manage many platforms which could put your endeavors in danger.

Gmail is one of the best email platforms presently being used universally and it would be best that you use it to your best interests. To do so you would need to judgmental in how you would proceed.

Google is a warehouse of innovations and it would be best to your better interests if it is Gmail that you would use. Whether it is business or personal it is Google’s Gmail that would suit your every whim and fancy.

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How to create group in Gmail?

In every business organization today it is customers who take priority and that would be the case with your business too, hence it is imperative that you have all your customer’s email addresses at your fingertips.

You could do so when you create group in gmail which would have practically all your customers at your fingertips when you would want to keep them apprised about what is the latest from you which would fulfill their needs.

create group in Gmail

Once you create group in gmail it would be very convenient for you to send them regular information that they would need to engage with you which is every businesses objective.

Customers need to engage with a business if it is to flourish if not disaster could strike. Customer relationship has become the tool that surges very industry and those businesses that strike while the iron is hot would take home that advantage.

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Here is a close look at how you could create group in gmail.

1. Click on the word Gmail which is displayed on the top left corner of your Gmail page

2. Then click on the word “contacts”

3. Click on all the contacts on your Gmail account that you would need to put together and then click on the “Group” button.

4. You have now able to create group in gmail

5. You could name the individual groups that are being created

6. Click on OK and with that you have created group in gmail.

When you have different groups created within your Gmail account it enables you to select as to which group you need to concentrate on when the time comes around.

Focused targeting is what the better strategies in marketing recognize and would always bring rich dividends. Once you have created group in gmail it would be very much easier for you to target your strategies and also see how those strategies are working on the ground.

Each group could have different reasons to be classified so but it would still be in your better interests to do so.

How to recall Gmail message?

Once you send an email, whether it is Gmail or any other platform there is no way that you could recall it as it is delivered the instant you click on the send button.

There would have been umpteen number of times that you would have regretted sending an email which you would have preferred not to.

How to recall Gmail message

In the event that you would want to reconsider sending of an email especially on the Gmail platform there are provisions now to give you a time frame as to what you would like to do “send it or not”.

This has been given that extra edge, where you could write an email to be sent on the Gmail platform but on second thoughts hold it back or not send it, at all.

To have this option you could make some adjustments to your Gmail account and ensure that you do not encounter any embarrassing moments trying to justify an email sent which shouldn’t have.

To recall gmail message you just need to follow a few pertinent steps and you could be more prudent in what emails you would like delivered from your Gmail account.

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1. There is a gear icon on the top right corner of your Gmail screen and just click on it

2. Select the settings and once it opens

3. Once you are on the first/Main tab, go right down to “Undo send” and then click on enable which would ensure the action

4. Then prudently decide what amount of time you would need to decide and confirm the action to send the email and once you have done that set that time frame and click set.

You could relax now as you would be able to decide and contemplate before you would send out an email to anyone and ensure you do not encounter any difficult situations.

This would give you that small window of opportunity to keep your options open before you send out an email business or personal.

Gmail Sort By Date

Long after you have received or sent emails from your Gmail platform, you have the facility of bringing all of them onto your screen to peruse it by date.

You could gmail sort by date enabling you to pick a date and observe how many and which emails were sent on a particular date.

Gmail sort by date

This would provide a host of information to marketers to plan out future strategies or even if required used in a court of law for any legal proceedings that would be under way.

You are able to gmail sort by date by following a few simple steps on your Gmail platform which would either give you the received or sent emails.


1. You need to go to the received or sent column on your Gmail platform and left click on the label marked received or sent and when you do so all emails received or sent would be listed in descending order, with the most recent ones on top of the list.

2. You could reverse this by left clicking again on the label marked received or sent and all the emails would be listed in ascending order with the recently received or sent on the top of the list.

These are listed by date with every email received or sent being shown the date it was received or sent providing ample information which could be very vital and important.

Emails sent on Gmail or other platforms are today considered legal documents. Hence receivers and senders of Gmails should ensure extra care with their Gmail of any other email platform so that their addresses are not misused by anyone else.

This could land them in severe complications with the law enforcement authorities. Hence prudence in using your Gmail address responsibly is what is required of you.

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How to Send a Fax From Gmail?

The facsimile which we refer to as “fax” in its abbreviated form is a system where you could send documents from one electronic device which we called a “Fax machine” to another similar device which would receive it.

The facsimile was and is still a very important process to exchange important documents till of course the original is submitted later on another date or time.

Send a Fax From Gmail

The fax made it that much easier when you had to send a copy of any document which provided the original at the other end of the line in copy form.

In the emailing system too this facility is available where the document concerned could be attached to an Email and then to send a fax from gmail.

To send a fax from gmail you just need to follow a few easy steps and then send it across where the receiver would receive both the email and the fax attached.

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Such documents cannot be authenticated though as it is not in its original form but would be able to hold water till the original document is submitted later.


1. You would need to first select the online fax provider as fax numbers could differ from normal telephone or such connections enabling the email connections.

2. Then you enter the fax number of the receiver instead of the normal email address that you would use this should be followed by you entering your fax providers allocated number.

3. You need to attach the fax as an attachment and not in the body of the email that you intend to send to the receiver.

4. Then compose a new email separately where the fax is attached.

5. Once you are satisfied that the email and the fax are attached and are in order then click on the send button and your email and fax would be on its way.

The advent of this facility in your Gmail platform has ensured that you could do away with the traditional facsimile machine and do what you did on that through your Gmail platform.

How to recover deleted emails in Gmail?

We do delete emails on our Gmail and other emailing platforms from time to time to ensure we do not overload the capacity of out electronic devices.

It may come a time that due to some reason or priority that a deleted email on your Gmail platform would need to be retrieved. If you need to do so it would take just a few steps where you could retrieve any emails in Gmail.

recover deleted emails in Gmail

The following easy steps would direct you as to how to recover deleted emails gmail which would your mind at ease when deleting emails that you could recover or retrieve them when necessary at a later date.

This facility is very important and thanks to Gmail who would think of everything to ensure that their email platform the Gmail is always user friendly and performs tasks that are required by their millions of users worldwide.

There are always new innovations that are being introduced from time to time to ensure that once you are on your Gmail platform you could execute most of what you would want to do making it a very user friendly platform to communicate. The following easy steps would show you how to recover deleted emails gmail.


1. All deleted emails end up in your trash box in your Gmail platform. They are not permanently deleted in such a sense but is always there when you need them.

They would not show on your regular inbox but is there when you need it. Hence go to your trash box and select the email or emails that you would need to recover and move it to the inbox.

2. All such emails that you would select would move into your regular inbox and the process is that simple, hence there is nothing to worry about when you delete emails from your Gmail platform.

Such facilities are very important from many angles and it provides an avenue to ensure that any document how old they may be could be recovered when required.

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How to schedule an email in Gmail?

Emails through Gmail could be scheduled to be transmitted at a precise time if needed. The steps are very simple and could be helpful when you need the receiver to receive and read the Gmail when you want it. The following steps would allow you to schedule an email in gmail.

schedule an email in Gmail


1. Once you have Gmail you could install the app Boomerang free, which you could easily download

2. When you have this app supporting your Gmail you could start the next step

3. Compose the email that you need to be sent later on your Gmail account

4. Next to the send is the “send later” button, click on it

5. The drop-down menu would show you as to what time you need to send the Gmail, select your preference which would ensure that your email is delivered precisely at that moment.

6.  You would also have a choice of having a reminder sent, as to the success of the message being delivered

These few steps would permit you to plan your strategies and ensure that emails which you would want delivered at precise times being done so without any further inputs from you.

From a marketing point of view, the ability to send across an email at the right time would ensure that it would be more effective than the flood of emails that a customer would receive during the course of a day of more.

Gmail is always looking out to improve user experience which has enabled it to be the leader in innovation. Customers are reflexive and could purchase or engage with a product or service if they have a need for it at a very precise time.

By scheduling a Gmail to arrive just when he or she wanted to obtain such service or product would definitely win the day.

Email marketing has become a very effective tool in the hands of professional marketers and they are always trying to innovate and Google being the leader is always looking to ways to improve that user experience. Bringing a product or service when a customer creates the need is when you would need to strike.

How to forward emails to Gmail?

During the course of your work, in leisure or even personal, the need would arise for you to know how to forward emails to Gmail.

This would help you to read mails that are on another platform quickly and easily for which it would be necessary that you are made aware of the right steps to do so. We look at it from a very simple layman’s stance which would be helpful for all.

forward emails to Gmail


1. Open your Gmail account from the email platform that you would need your email forwarded from

2. Click on settings on the right top corner and open it.

3. You would find the POP/IMAC, then click forwarding and on the former tab

4. In the forwarding section displayed on your screen, click with a forwarding address as required

5. You then would need to fill out the Gmail address that you would need the email to be delivered and then click forward

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Your email in another account would be delivered to the entered Gmail address which would enable either you or the receiver to open their Gmail address and read and retrieve the forwarded email.

There are many emails that we would receive in different platforms but would need to have all on the more popular Gmail and by completing a few clicks you could get all your emails onto your much used Gmail account.

Gmail unlike other platforms are always innovating many user friendly apps which would help everyone across any divide to ensure their communication is at optimum.

Gmail send later

The steps in gmail send later are similar to when you would need to schedule an email in Gmail which we have discussed on top of this article.

There are many instances where it is necessary to delay sending an email for many reasons one which would come in mind is when you would need a customer to have your email on the Gmail platform right there on the top when he or she opens their emails.

Gmail send later

This is a very important especially from a marketing point of view as it is what marketers would always prefer to be right there on top of the page always.

Choosing the right time to send your email on Gmail to your prospective customer would ensure that you are able to be right there on top of the page as he or she opens their respective emails.

It is human nature to see the firs or what is right there on top and if you are conversant with gmail send later it would help immensely to ensure that you get your customer’s attention before your competitors would even come close.

Just follow the steps listed out on top of this article and once you select a date and time for your already composed Gmail to go through, it would do so without you being there.

The gmail send later facility is widely used by all those who would be on the Gmail platform as they have a golden opportunity to time the arrival times of their email into the inbox of their prospective customers.

When emails are sent from one time zone to another the facility of gmail send later becomes very handy as there are millions of emails being sent everyday across these time zones and when they all end up in inboxes it could be very cluttered but not if you could choose the right time to send your one which could be timed to end up on top of your customer’s screen.

How to add Gmail calendar to outlook

You could synchronize both your Outlook and Gmail settings. On your Outlook platform on your device pick out either Outlook 2013 or Outlook 2016 which are the two versions that are available to ensure you synchronize both your Gmail calendar and the Outlook platform.

add Gmail calendar to outlook


1. Go to your calendar on the Outlook page. This is from where you would need to begin the few easy steps to accomplish the task of how to add Gmail calendar to outlook.

It is easy to complete but follow the steps carefully and there won’t be any problem for achieving the required results.

2. Choose the file that you require and then, Open and Export or you could even Import and Export as the case may be where you would need to Gmail calendar to outlook.

3. Once you are in this page then you would need to look up the Import and Export Wizard then choose the import an icalendar (ics) or the vCalendar file and then go to the next page.

4. You should accept and then synchronize the two and then you could add Gmail calendar to outlook.

The foregoing are the many advantages users have when they use the Gmail platform to send emails and the universal acceptance of it shows that it is not only user friendly but quite popular with all cross sections of every industry.

Final Words

Email brought a new dimension to the popular mailing systems that have been in existence since time immemorial.

Emails which are Electronic Mails exchanged using electronic devices facilitated by the Internet have made the red colored post box obsolete. It has become the first victim to suffer the ignominious consequences of emails.

After writing originated, it became necessary to exchange what was written hence, it was carried from one place to another.

Written parchments or letters were carried across from one point to another by messengers or couriers and after that the Royal Mail in Great Britain was established in the year 1516 which facilitated the exchange of letters.

The red colored post box was a very conspicuous sentinel at street corners where letters could be dropped to be picked up and delivered to the addressee.

It was Google the innovator of most of what we use today that really got the email bug going and it leads from the front and is the leader in most communications.

Google has placed Gmail on a pedestal especially because of its user friendly advantages. Gmail by Google is much popular than most of the other email platforms and supported by a leader in the information technology industry they would always deliver quality products.

Gmail is always innovating new products to improve user experience and they have been in the forefront bringing out their best especially in their email platform.

Most of what we need to master are all very easily accomplished with a few clicks and with each step listed out very clearly and precisely.

The Gmail platform would be seeing better days in the years ahead as the home of Gmail, Google is the leader in most of the applications that they have brought out.

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