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Learn How to Snooze & Unsnooze Someone on Facebook, Complete Guide

Today’s discussion topic is “How to unsnooze someone on Facebook,” which is a common query among Facebook users. So, we will teach you everything about snoozing and unsnoozing features of FB.

Facebook has spread like a fire in the jungle since it was launched. As soon as the idea of Mark Zuckerberg got implemented, his college fellows started using it initially. The idea was absolutely new and unique, but it went viral within days. Soon, the world came to know about this sensational platform. After a quick launch, Facebook has been continuously updating necessary things at regular intervals. Initially, there was just an option of posting your pictures on the profile, and friends in the circle were able to comment. As the users increased, the number of updates increased too.

Facebook launched its own messenger to help people contact each other in the form of groups or personal chats. In messenger, Facebook added a feature of snoozing people so that you can enjoy your private space without getting disturbed by anybody. Similarly, on Facebook, each profile is given authority to snooze a page that posts irritating content or snoozes an annoying person. You are allowed to snooze for a few days. You should also join our discussion about reading unsent messages on messenger.

Did you snooze someone recently and want to know how to unsnooze someone on Facebook? Then, you are at the right place as we will describe a lenient method to unsnooze a person, page, or group.

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How to Unsnooze Someone on Facebook – 2 Methods

how to unsnooze someone on Facebook

There are two most straightforward methods to unsnooze anybody you want within a few seconds. Both these methods are described briefly. Follow the given steps and unsnooze the person you want. You can also go through the official guide of Facebook on same topic.

1. Unsnoozing on FB – Through Profile Page

You need to implement six easy steps for unsnoozing someone on Facebook. Each step is essential to understand and implement. 

  • Search for the contact you want to unsnooze on Facebook
  • Click to go to the profile of that person
  • Click three dots given right beside the messenger option. 
  • If you have snoozed this profile, Facebook will show you Snoozed. Click it
  • You will see the end time of snoozing and an opportunity to unsnooze. 
Learn how to unsnooze someone on Facebook
  • Click Unsnooze to get in contact with the person quickly.

2. Unsnooze Someone on Facebook From Settings

This method is further explained for both mobile and desktop users. Open the Facebook app on either the mobile or browser of your desktop or laptop. Follow the given steps;

  1. If you are on a mobile, you will see three parallel lines at the right bottom. Click that icon now. 
  2. Here, you will see multiple options. You need to go down and find Settings & Privacy.
  3. Upon clicking Settings & Privacy, you will see Settings. Click it
  4. Here you will see a bunch of different settings. Nothing is more important right now except the News Feed option in the Preferences tab. 
  5. Click News Feed
  6. From the Favourites, Unfollow, Reconnect, and Snooze options, click the last one. 
  7. Here, you will see all the pages and the persons you recently snoozed. 
  8. Click on the End Snooze option given right in front of each page/person to unsnooze. 
  9. If you are using Facebook on Desktop PC or Laptop, tap on the More option given at the right of the Bell Icon of Notifications. 
  10. After clicking More, the rest of the method is the same as described for a mobile phone.
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How long can you snooze a person or a page on Facebook?

Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t allow you to snooze somebody permanently. If you snooze a page or a person, Facebook will not show you posts and updates from the target for as long as 30 days. If you were still annoyed with it, snooze it again after 30 days for another month. Unfollowing a page or a person can permanently stop the Facebook algorithm from showing the posts of an unfollowed page/person.

Will people know if you snooze them on Facebook?

Absolutely not; Facebook doesn’t notify the target who just got snoozed by you. So you can simply snooze and unsnooze anyone you want at any time you want.


From likes to reactions, from pictures & videos to reels, Facebook is updating daily. Facebook reads the consumers’ behavior pretty well and launches newer updates according to the needs of people. Snoozing someone on Facebook wasn’t a part of the original plan. As soon as the network spread wildly, Facebook had to react quickly by reading the behavior of users and updating the app accordingly.

Similarly, Facebook saw that some pages post annoying stuff for some people and people started asking how to unsnooze someone on Facebook. Facebook read the behavior earlier and launched a snoozing/unsnoozing option for each profile.

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