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Top 10 Japanese Dreamcast Fighting Games, Best Fighting Games in 2022

As we all know, Dreamcast is one of the best consoles that acquire hundreds of thousands of games for its users. This gaming platform obtains games of multiple genres such as action, fighting, adventure, 3D, survival, etc. In today’s discussion, we are going to shed light on some of the best Dreamcast fighting games.

We review the 10 best games that will give you an excellent fighting experience. One of the most interesting features of these Dreamcast games is the characters list that include various type of male, female, and anime characters.

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Best Dreamcast Fighting Games to Play in 2022

All of the reviewed games here are available on Dreamcast and other popular gaming platforms. Before you choose a game, you must explore the features of each game thoroughly and see if it’s according to your genre and completes your system requirements.

Guilty Gear X – Best Dreamcast Fighting Games

Dreamcast Fighting Games

About Guilty Gear X:

Many popular gaming platforms own Guilty Gear X, which justifies the level of this game. After inspecting the aspects of this video game, we can confidently consider it one of the best Dreamcast fighting games. Understanding the logic of Guilty Gear X is comparatively easy and is quite similar to the other Dreamcast fighting games.

One of the most liked features of this game is the 19 different characters. All of these characters have got different appearances along with various exciting powers. The similar thing between Guilt Gear X and Soulcalibur game is that both are gaming series allowing you to try multiple games.

We know numerous gamers love to play games that have multiple modes. If you like that too, we recommend you play Guilty Gear X, which provides 8 Game modes.

The most exciting modes are playing against your friends or a random enemy, survival mode, training mode, and story mode, which help you explore your character. Furthermore, the in-game graphics are incomparable, giving you a remarkable fighting game experience. Read more information about Guilty Gear X.

Power Stone 2 – Dreamcast Arcade Fighting Games

Power Stone 2 Dreamcast fighting game

About Power Stone 2:

Those gamers who love to play versatile fighting games must explore Power Stone 2. It obtains many exciting features that have kept the players connected with this game for a long time. First of all, it is a multiplayer video game which means you can invite your friend to join his team to fight together against strong enemies.

Like the other Dreamcast fighting games on our list, this one also has fighting and action genres. Furthermore, you can find Power Stone 2 effortlessly on Dreamcast, PlayStation, and Arcade Game.

We have been playing this fighting game for a long time which assures unlimited fun in the game. This is possible with the three fighting modes, six different characters, and powerful weapons to defeat your opponents. Most importantly, you can buy different items from the in-game shop, which is an exciting feature.

The one-on-one mode allows you to fight alone with your friend and the arcade mode lets you play and fight against a squad of 4 players. There are two more modes available that players play comparatively less than the one-on-one and arcade modes.

Soulcalibur – Weapon-Based Dreamcast Fighting Game

Dreamcast Fighting Game Series

About Soulcalibur:

The next option we will review is Soulcalibur, a pure fight-based video game on Dreamcast. Although it was released in 1998, it still has thousands of lovers regularly playing this game. Like many other Dream fighting games, this one is also a weapon-based game where you can use various weapons in fights.

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Most importantly, retro gamers consider it an excellent game to play. The exciting thing about Soulcalibur is that it became a complete game series later. The one that we are reviewing here was the first and the best in the series. Moreover, the latest release in the series was Soulcalibur VI.

If we discuss the game a bit more, we find multiple exciting features in it. For example, the weapons, characters, modes, missions, and opponents. In other words, it gives you maximum chances to kill your boring time while playing Soulcalibur. Soul Edge, Iron Ram, Blonde, and Wayakin are the best weapons in this fighting game.

If we talk about the most powerful characters in the Soulcalibur game, you will love playing with Heishiro Mitsurugi, Talim, Seong Mi-Na, and Astaroth. Each weapon and character has abilities that you need to use wisely.

Project Justice – Dreamcast Video Fighting Games

Project Justice Game Review

About Project Justice Game:

Project Justice is a game that has many features similar to the Power Stone 2 arcade game. For example, Project Justice is a multiplayer game with the same fighting and action genres. So, you can consider it a great alternative to Power Stone 2.

The user’s ratings and reviews are pretty satisfying, so we had to include this game in our list of best Dreamcast fighting games. If you wish to start playing Project Justice, you will find it on Arcade Game and Dreamcast. Interestingly, it is a 3D fighting game which makes it more interesting.

Among 16 different characters, you get to choose a powerful one that helps you win fights against robust enemies. The tip here is that you must explore the features of the character that you are going to choose so that you can use its powers accordingly in the fights.

Lastly, anime lovers can also show their interest in Project Justice and play it because most of the regular players of this fighting game love the anime character in it. Here’s the complete review of Project Justice game.

Street Fighter III: New Generation

Best Dreamcast Fighting Games

About Street Fighter III: New Generation:

Next, we have Street Fighter III: New Generation, which belongs to the Street Fighter game series. This series has many other fighting games, but we found this one more versatile and contains various features. The first and foremost thing about this fighting game is that it is available on Dreamcast.

You can also find it on Arcade Game and PlayStation 2. Furthermore, if you are fond of playing 2D games, you must try it. Last, the system requirements are average, and you can play it on Windows 7 or above.

The exciting thing about Street Fighter III: New Generation is that there are stages that players need to complete. This feature seems slightly different from the other Dreamcast fighting games we reviewed. While inspection, the graphics are extraordinary and take your gameplay to another level.

You will find male and female characters with many noticeable powers to defeat your enemy. The most vital characters from this game are Sean, Alex, Necro, and Elena. The health bar of the fighters will help you know who’s winning or losing the game.

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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – Fighting Game on Dreamcast

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

About JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure:

The newest version of this sensational game has already made a splash in a specific field, welcoming hundreds of newcomers daily. The developers have added new characters with having bold nature and fully equipped profiles. The combat system is updated according to the players’ demand because, initially, it was not as good as other games in the competition.

The latest release revolves around the complete history of the game. All the older characters are available in the recent update, while ten new characters are added to the list of bold fighters.

You will find countless allies and foes inside the game from different parts of the genre. We recommend you try out all the fighters available on this list to get used to their basic tricks. The developers have installed the newest synergies inside characters to introduce a high level of complexity during the fight.

Some funny characters are introduced in the game to make it even funnier for you to fight and enjoy during the gameplay. Above all, the Japanese voiceover during the fight makes you live the moment when you knock out your opponent.

Everything About JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Capcom Vs. SNK 2 – Best Fighting Games for Dreamcast

Capcom Vs. SNK 2 Game Review

About Capcom Vs. SNK 2:

If you want to see a revolutionary update in the fighting genre, then we recommend you play the latest version of Capcom Vs. SNK 2. The game is itself the most derivative one, and the concept has always been implied on multiple systems for years.

The most prominent feature of this game is that you can play with random players using Xbox Live. Once you find a competitor with your skill level, you can play with that player as long as you want. You can also do a live call during the game to share your views during and after a fight.

You will find this game more like a challenging and complex arcade-type game where you do not have to wait to find an opponent. There are thousands of fighters available online every time, and it doesn’t take more than a minute to find the next competitor.

You do not want to keep beating an opponent who is not as good as you, just like you don’t want to get beaten by a pro. You should find a person having skills like you to enjoy the best experience of this game.

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Game Review

About Street Fighter III 3rd Strike:

The success of the Street Fighter series is due to its continuous updates to XBLA. The game is already on a winning streak due to its multiple features that we will discuss here. The developers have given their best to bring the game to an online HD interface where you can play with random players.

Capcom is not worried about releasing regular updates because they work on a single update for months to provide the best thing to their regular buyers. The fights inside the game are faster and more intense and need a quick response from the player to knock the opponent out.

The visuals added to the fighting scenarios have only become better than the original arcade modes. Capcom developers have installed HD graphics in the menu, characters, fighting venues, and game fonts to keep the players attracted for the next release.

You will be allowed to choose multiple display options to play better. We recommend you try it out in crisp mode, which is far better and more comfortable than any other given options.

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Dead or Alive 2 – Fighting Video Game

Dead or Alive 2 Game Review

About Dead or Alive 2:

When you get into this game, you will have 12 characters available, and you can choose 1 to start the game. As you play the game and beat some competitors with excellent margins, you will be able to unlock two more characters with better qualities than the other 12.

After playing with each character, we can undoubtedly say that each character is given unique abilities and fighting styles. Their celebration styles also differ, and they celebrate according to the victory. We found some characters pretty bad while others are too good to play and beat the competitors.

Each character is given seven unique outfits, and you can choose any one of them to fight with. Initially, you will be able to opt for only two outfits, but as soon as you break the records of most wins in a row, you can also unlock other dresses.

In this game, an unlockable character only comes as an opponent. You can only fight him and dodge his attacks. We suggest you improve your fighting skills before you meet that unlockable character of Dead or Alive 2.

Garou: Mark Of The Wolves

Best Dreamcast Fighting Games

About Garou: Mark Of The Wolves:

We will rank Garou’s intro at the top of the table if you ask us to rate the best fighting game introductory videos. The game is played on standard rules where one player fights another player, and the game is entirely 2D.

If you visit the menu, you will find multiple fighting modes. Inside normal mode, you will find four more modes: arcade, survival, and versus modes. To play the game online with random players, you should visit Multiplayer mode in the main menu.

If you find yourself not good enough to compete with random online players, Garou provides a Practice mode to improve yourself before playing online. Inside Options, you will be allowed to change the difficulty level, set time, change the number of rounds, and game flashes.

Similarly, you can edit system settings according to your ease. So, if you are fighting in a story mode, you will have to fight eight fighters. As soon as you beat the first 5, there will be a cutscene before the 6th fighter comes into play. Watch the cut and fight the rest of the fighters according to the suggested plans.


Hundreds of thousands of people are fond of playing fighting games. Currently, there is a massive demand for Dreamcast fighting games. Therefore, we decided to research and enlist some of the best fighting games available on Dreamcast and other popular gaming platforms like Steam, PlayStation, and Arcade Games. This post reviews the 10 best games for those players whose gaming genre is fighting or action. So, go through the details of each option, see if it fulfills your requirements, and start playing.

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