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The Best Space-Themed Games You Can Play On PC!

Science fiction, futurism and the idea about discovering different forms of life on another planet have been a game-changer when it comes to video games.

Many of them turned out to be a big commercial hit, transferring from the traditional consoles and PCs to the mobile gaming market.

If you’ve been wondering about what’ it’d be like to live among the stars, being able to visit different planets and communicate with species different from our kind, we have some good news for you.

The technology of today has created different virtual reality worlds, options and scenarios you can dive into. Just by switching on your PC or VR device, you can explore whole other worlds and galaxies via the best space games.

Some of them will amaze you, others will give you goosebumps, but one thing is for sure – all of them are full of wonders, hidden gems and secrets.

Even the casino gaming industry has embraced this trend. Adapting and innovating accordingly to the demand brought the opportunity for creating new types of casino game designs that were previously hard to imagine.

Suddenly, new ideas of casino games were not ignored by those that create the comics, movies and tv shows we’ve grown to love.

On this list of space games, you’ll find RPG’s and adventure games alongside traditional strategy and space combat and even space-themed slot games.

Check them out in order to start your next gaming adventure.

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Stellaris is a deep gripping strategy game from Paradox about building up a spaceship empire and going on a mission to discover the galaxy.

You can then send it off to neighbouring stars, in order to discover new life and civilisations. On this trip, you will meet new species of mammals, fungoids, and other unusual alien lifeforms that are set free to discover the galaxy.

As you explore your journey, you’ll find resources to fund your expedition which can be harvested by building mining stations.

On the way, you’ll find anomalies which can be researched to discover new technologies and trigger quests.

The ship can be built using a simple module system to equip weapons, armour, shields and power cells.

You can also assign specific scientists, planetary governors and research admirals, each with their own traits and characters you can benefit from in certain situations.


This online slot game from NetEnt has a vibrant theme with a fantastic background that opened a new approach to online slots.

Apart from the colourful vibrant atmosphere and shiny symbols, you have ten pay lines and five reels to start your game.

The main symbols include different kinds of gems coloured in blue, green, yellow and red.

About the gameplay, bonus offers and how this slot game remained as one of the most frequently played casino games, read more in the Starburst review

While the slot game is played, you have game settings that involve quick spin, intro screen and space bars to win.

Managing to be both futuristic and retro at once, it features beautiful 3D graphics designed to take players on an interstellar adventure and sound design reminiscent of the arcade games of the 80s and 90s.

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Mass Effect 2

This game is the space RPG game by which we measure all others. The original trilogy and particularly this second game have been rated as all-time masterpieces.

Here, a space hero tries to unite and save the galaxy against a deadly force. This comes down to the crew you assemble at the beginning, each with distinct personalities and goals.

This game takes the cold emptiness of space and flushes it with colour – the light of stars and galaxies, the red and violet swirls of far-off nebulas and the glimpses of comets as they burn through the void.

Fans say that Mass Effect 2 possesses an identity, and the obvious changes and improvements over the original are due to the shift in tone.

Incredibly enjoyable, more than just fun: it is a stellar package with a fierce spirit that makes it memorable and engaging.

Elements: The Awakening

Another space-themed slot game from NetEnt. As the provider describes this classic slot game – “Space may be the final frontier for some, but we’ve conquered it a long time ago”.

This is a game based on the four elements: water, air earth and fire with beautiful 3D animations and 4 different Free Fall modes with each their own different Wild feature.

This is a game that has set a new benchmark in gaming development when it comes to UI.  Gameplay benefits from avalanche reels and an all-new avalanche meter which can unleash free games.

This means that symbols fall onto the reels like an avalanche. When a winning line is formed, the symbols on the winning reel disappear and make way for new symbols to fall into place.

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Overall, the graphics in the game are among the best of their kind, creating an experience like no similar casino online slot.

Hopefully, we’ve managed to provide you with a close up of some of our favourite sci-fi games at the moment.

Check them out and start exploring different worlds and perspectives about the life beyond Earth – with video games, vivid fantasies become a reality within a click.

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