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How To Make A Discord Bot? All Best Discord Bot Commands

The bots which can be used only with Discord, adding plenty of useful features and possibilities, are called Discord bots.

The best part is that you can write your own bot and make it do whatever you want.

A discord bot can be a chatbot (chat and try to image a human-like bot), a moderate bot (it will automatically adjust your server; kick, mute or ban members if someone tries to make spam, or something similar), or a music bot (it can play music from Discord server from YouTube or anywhere else)

Bots are usually used to:

  1. Manage the server (Kick, Ban Mute Members) via the bot command.
  2. Control the level of spam
  3. Play music from Discord.
  4. View information about the Discord server or user.
  5. Create a Webhook for one or more of your Github repositories or sites that support it.
  6. Create new features that may not be available on Discord. Ex> leveling system

Depending on the output of the developer, it offers unlimited prospects.

The rise of Discord, a favorite chat and voice program for gamers, makes it very common for Internet residents to find themselves in the “Discord Server” of various themes.

Discord offers an outstanding feature because one can create & own a free server, schedule it through the channel, and invite anyone to participate in it.

Features of Discord Bots

One of the most impressive features of Discord is the capability of creating programmed users – bots – that can easily accomplish several tasks.

These bots are coded in JavaScript and can become quite complicated. They play music for users on the server, greet new users when they arrive, and more. Other features include:

➢ 100% free communication with friends, teammates, and other gamers.
➢ Provide IP and DDoS protection.
➢ Provide browser support.
➢ Suitable for desktops and mobile phones.
➢ Dedicated mobile app.
➢ Friend list function.
➢ The overlays in the game can be better focused on the game.
➢ Minimum CPU usage.
➢ Create a custom hotkey.
➢ Direct message option.
➢ Enable smart push notifications.
➢ Customize the permissions of members on the server.
➢ Personal volume control options.
➢ Gif supports a better chat experience.
➢ The simplest and fastest setting.
➢ Easy to use user interface.
➢ Discord, as you already know, is quite flexible and the customizations offered are limitless. But you must know more about Discord.

Our List Of The Best Discord Bots

The Discord server also supports bots that enhance the server’s functionality and help you better manage it. Check out the Best Discord bot list to improve your server experience.

➢ Discoid
➢ Dyno
➢ Septapus
➢ Hexacircle
➢ Aethex
➢ TypicalBot
➢ Serum 

How To Make a Discord BOT?

Creating your own Discord bot doesn’t require much effort, even if you’re not familiar with coding and JavaScript. Here’s everything you need to know to make a discord bot.

Step 1: Download NODE.JS and set up a DISCORD account if you don’t have one.

Node.js is a free and open-source JavaScript runtime that you need actually to make your bot work. It can be downloaded from nodejs.org, and you need to install it before starting.

You are going to need your server and a Discoid account to test your BOT. If you don’t have an account, go to Discordapp.com and set it up. If you have one, log in to your account and open the server where you want the bot to live.

You will also need a text editor program, such as Notepad++ on Windows, for encoding.

Step 2: Create your bot

Now you will apply on Discord via an “application”, so your Bot starts working. This needs to be done carefully, but it is not too complicated. The goal here is to get the bot’s “authorization token” so that Discord recognizes your code and adds it to the bot on its server.

First, go to discordapp.com/developers/applications/me. Your account should be signed in, so you will be taken directly to your account’s apps list. Click “New app” to get started. Give the bot a name and click on the button labeled “Save Changes.”

Now, on the right menu, click on “Bot.” After entering the new menu, click “Add Bot” under the Build-a-bot option. If you only have one app – the app, it should show up automatically. Otherwise, choose it.

Step 3: Obtain the authorization token for the BOT.

In the box labeled “App Bot User,” look for the word “Token: Click to reveal.” Click the link, and you will see a list of text. This is your bot authorization token that allows you to send the code.

Don’t share it with anyone – this token allows anyone who owns it to create code for the bot, which means anyone with it can control your bot.

If you think the token has been compromised, the good news is that you can easily generate a new link below the token that says “Generate new token.”

You will need to get the token in seconds.

Step 4: Send your BOT to your server

Now scroll up to the box labeled “Application Details” and find your “Client ID“, which is a very long number. Copy the number and add it to this URL instead of the word CLIENTID.

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The final URL should look like this, but your client ID number instead of this sample:

Https://discordapp.com/oauth2/authorize?&client_id=000000000000000001&scope=bot&per missions=8

Copy the URL containing the client ID number to your browser. This will take you to a website where you can tell Discord where to send your bot.

If you open Discord in your app or browser and navigate to the server, you know it works. The channel will say that the bot has joined the room, and you will see it in the right menu under the online members’ list.

Step 5: Create a Folder on your computer, which is named “BOT.”

While you’re doing this, you can also spend some time creating a folder in a location on your computer that is easy to reach, where you can store files for all your bots. Call it a simple thing like “Microdot” or “MyBot,” so you know exactly what it is.

Step 6: Open your text editor and make your BOT file

You will create three files for your bot from the text editor. In the first one, paste this code:


“Token”: “Your Bot Token”

Replace “Your Bot Token” with the token you generated on the bot application page. Make sure the token is inside quotes.

Then use the file name “auth.json” to save the file to the Discord bot folder you created on your desktop. Remember not to save it as a .txt file – it will not work if it is .txt instead of .json.

Create a new file and enter the following code:


“Name”: “greeter-bot”,

“Version”: “1.0.0”,

“Description”: “My first discord bot”,

“main”: “bot.js”,

“Author”: “Your name”,



If necessary, replace the author’s name with your name; you can also change the “Description” to something other than “My First Discord Bot“, if you want to match better what you are making, this will be convenient for remembering what your bot is to do.

Now you will need to save it as “package.json” in the Discord bot folder.

Step 7: Define your BOT code.

There is also a text file to do, which is an important document to control the bot’s behavior. You need to be familiar with JavaScript to really control your bot and know what you are doing.

But if you are not familiar with coding and want to do something, you can copy and paste the code into a file to make a simple bot to greet you on the server.

Var Discord = require(‘discord.io’);

Var logger = require(‘winston’);

Var auth = require(‘./ auth.json’);

/ / Configure the logger settings


Logger.add(new logger.transports.Console,{

Colorize: true


Logger.level = ‘debug’;

/ / Initialize Discord Bot

Var bot = new Discord.Client({


Autorun: true



Logger.info( ‘connected’);

Logger.info(‘logged in as:’);

Logger.info(bot.username +’ – (‘+ bot.id +’)’);



    //Our bot needs to know if it will execute the command

    //It will listen to messages beginning with `! `


var args = message.substring(1).split(”);

var cmd = args [0]; 

args = args.splice(1);

Switch (cmd){

     //! Ping

    Case ‘ping’:



message: ‘Pong! ‘


break in;

      //If you want, just add any case commands:




This code sets up a Discord bot that will respond to certain messages: specifically, anything that begins with a “!” character. In particular, we are programming the bot in response to the command “!intro”, in case this bot enters the server, it will create a response in the form of a programming message.

In our code, we define the message as “Greetings! Welcome to the server!” You can change them by redefining the prompt and response messages in the code above. Just make sure to keep single quotes around the message.

This is the last text file, and it needs to be saved as “bot.js” in the same Discord bot folder.

Step 8: Open your computer “command prompt” and navigate to your discord folder.

On a Windows PC, you can easily access the command prompt by clicking the Windows icon and typing “Command Prompt” in the field. Once opened, type “cd” and enter the file path to the folder.

On my computer, the command looks like this: ” cdUsersPhil DesktopDesktopDiscordBot“. This should change the command prompt line to include the file path of the folder.

Step 9: Install your BOT’ dependency using the command prompt.

Now it’s time to use Node.js. At the command prompt, use the Discord bot folder in the file path line and type “npm install discord.io Winston -save.” This will automatically install the files needed by the Discord bot directly into In the folder.

You can also use the following command line prompt to install additional dependencies: npm install https://github.com/woor/discord.io/tarball/gateway_v6

It will provide you with all the required files.

Step 10: Run the bot

This should be everything. To try running the bot, type “node bot.js” at the command prompt (make sure you are still navigated to the Discord bot folder).

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Now is the time to test your BOT, head back to the Discord server and type “!intro” or “!” and then enter any messages you suggest in the “bot.js” file. If everything is ok, your bot should immediately return the message you are encoding for it.

Congratulations! You just made a Discord bot!

Step 11: It’s time to find out if someone has already created a similar BOT.

Discord has a huge community where people always make things for better service, including bots. Others have created a complete bot database that can perform various functions, and their creators often make these bots available for anyone to download and use.

Save some time and some coding by looking at some common locations where you can find Discord bots to see if someone has already done the work for you.

Some convenient places to search for Discord bots are discordbots.org and bots. Discord.pw, but you may also have the luck of Google to search for what you need.

Best Discord BOT Commands

Like the old IRC chat, Discord offers a splendid set of commands that can be used in expressing yourself or doing something useful, such as searching for a GIF or reading aloud text.

Even better, you can add bots to the Discord server to get more out of the server. Listed below are the best Discord Bots and chat commands in order of their popularity:

/giphy [search term]:

If you are into some animated stuff, this command will help you find the animated Gifs. The first few results will be displayed directly above the chatbox.

Click on the desired image and press Enter to send it to the chat room. If you can’t find a suitable GIF, you can use /tenor to search for different services and get different result sets.

/nick [new nickname]:

This command changes the display name that is displayed on the server. Enter the nickname you want to replace the old nickname and press Enter.

/tts [message]:

Discord is designed to let users enter voice chat at any time, but not everyone has a microphone. This command allows the user to use text-to-speech to send a message that will be read aloud to everyone in the channel. Yes, this has a lot of potential for abuse so that the server administrator can turn it off.

/tableflip, / unflip and /shrug:

Some of the default commands for Discord are not practical because they are interesting. The /tableflip command will paste (╯°□°)┻(┻━┻ Emoji) into the channel. The /unflip command will share ┬─┬ノ( ゚ – ゚ ノ), and /shrug will place \ _ _(ツ) _ / ̄ in the channel.

?ban [user] [limit] [reason]:

This command allows the moderator to block users from accessing the server. Optionally, you can set the ban to expire after a certain time limit. They will receive a message with everything you put in the final [reason] parameter.

?softban [user] [reason]:

This command will disable and immediately dismiss the user’s attention. This will clear all messages on the server and provide them with services quickly if needed.

Although you don’t want to get rid of every message they have sent, you should consider a time ban or kick.

?kick [user] [reason]:

This will kick the user out of the server. Unlike the ban, users can return to the channel as soon as they receive another invitation.

?mute [user] [minutes] [reason]:

This will silence the user and, therefore, cannot speak. Add a time limit to expire the silence. You can also use the ?unmute command to remove mute.

?addrole [name] [hex color] [hoist]:

Discord uses a function called roles to distinguish user groups. Some characters can be moderators or have special privileges. In contrast, others are only used to tell two groups of regular users (such as Overwatch vs. Paladins players, or caught up vs. catching up with the server in a game of thrones).

This command allows you to create a new role on the server.

?delrole [role name]:

This command allows you to remove a role from the server and remove this role from everyone who owns the role.

?role [user] [role name]:

This allows you to assign a role to a specific user.

?play [url]:

This command allows you to add songs to the playlists you hear on your voice channel. Each new play command will add the song to your playlist.

You can add a direct link to a YouTube video, or you can search for a term, and discord will automatically select the songs you want to add to the queue.

?queue list:

This will show which songs in the current music queue.

?google [search string]:

Enter this command and the search string; discord will share a link to the first result on Google. I hope you are lucky.

These are just some of the most useful commands.

Our List Of The Best Discord Bots

The Discord server also supports bots that enhance the server’s functionality and help you better manage it. Check out the Best Discord bot list to improve your server experience.

➢ Discoid
➢ Dyno
➢ Septapus
➢ Hexacircle
➢ Aethex
➢ TypicalBot
➢ Serum 


Discoid is known for its multiple extraordinary features that can be used to enhance the server’s auditing flexibility and multiply the already available features.

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Using Discoid, it is possible to mute users, get notificatified, and collect data about servers & users. It also has jokes and memes. This app also lets you enjoy media from apps like YouTube and Soundcloud.


➢ You can create your favorite custom commands.
➢ Cuss words can be blocked by using keyword alerts.
➢ Send & receive GIFs or random images.
➢ Efficient customer support
➢ Various memes can have custom titles.
➢ It also offers a function to convert currency.
➢ Discoid can be used in changing the color of Discord to Hex.
➢ The feature of setting up the custom notification channels is also available.


Dyno is a very flexible discord bot and has been online for a long time. It has a variety of commands compared to many other bots. This bot provides a lot of customization options for your Discord server.

It comes with a simple network dashboard and brings some cool features like moderation. Therefore, it is well known to be one of the best Discord Bots.


➢ Timed mute and player ban
➢ Moderation log
➢ Advanced and fully configurable automated auditing
➢ Built-in anti-spam feature
➢ Fully configurable web dashboard
➢ Create special notifications and special alerts
➢ Listen to music on YouTube.
➢ Custom command
➢ Automatic role
➢ Let members assign roles/levels with connectable levels.
➢ Publish AFK status
➢ Google search
➢ Reminders
➢ Free of cost


Septapus is fun to use the discord bot, and it is beneficial. Bots make comics and graphics, which will definitely make your server alive.


➢ Cool Discord bot for adding interesting elements to Discord Server
➢ Create a custom avatar and make it appear big or large on the screen
➢ Create custom comics and charts
➢ Post emoji in a chat.
➢ Playing trivia
➢ Set reminder
➢ Get YouTube statistics and notifications.
➢ View Youtuber’s details
➢ Find out which games you or other users have played the most.
➢ A list of top YouTube game ribbons.


Hexacircle offers almost all basic and advanced features. It is equipped with an integration of Giphy and Twitch. In addition to these, there are some basic music features, such as playing music from YouTube using a URL. This allows you to control songs, adjust volume, and more.


➢ Practicality and fun are combined in this Discord Bot.
➢ Giphy and Twitch integrated expression chat
➢ Automatic review
➢ Including Softban function
➢ AFK status is enabled
➢ Play music options
➢ Custom volume settings
➢ Create a custom message
➢ View user lists and individual user statistics
➢ YouTube search
➢ Interesting commands such as shooting, killing, resurrection, or stabbing
➢ The powerful online user community


Aethex is one of the top Discord bots and is very useful to users. You can get a variety of commands and features with this Discord.

If you’re one of those who like to make things simple and stick to the server, Aethex is always the best choice for you to do everything your server needs.


➢ Advanced authority system
➢ Timed audit and Mod log
➢ List user channel or server information.
➢ Set custom commands
➢ Create an announcement
➢ Play songs from Soundcloud and YouTube
➢ Set up a custom music channel
➢ Custom user queue limit
➢ Customizable queue system
➢ Interesting commands like Google search, image search, coin flipping, dice scrolling, etc.
➢ Game integration with Steam and ROBLOX
➢ Increase user engagement by creating custom social systems.
➢ Create your own level and reputation system

TypicalBot – Fun Discord Bot

The TypicalBot is another of the best discord bot servers with many customizations and moderation. It provides various moderation tools such as nickname logs, forbidden/unblocked logs, queues, and more.


➢ All-round Discord Bots for automatic review and fun
➢ Easy to use the bot
➢ Speak/say the command
➢ View settings and configuration
➢ Role giving/accepting
➢ Message trimming
➢ Kick / Ban or Softban users
➢ Permission level viewer
➢ Strawpoll generator
➢ Interesting commands like image search, dice scrolling, 8Ball, random jokes, and quotes, etc.
➢ Global statistics and specific statistics
➢ Server and user information
➢ Moderation log


The serum is one of the best discord bots, allowing users to access various commands via voice.

Usually, for other bots, if the player wants to enter some commands in the chatbox, the player needs to minimize the game, but in the case of the serum Discord bot, when the user mentions the Hey serum! It listens to that command automatically. This is always useful from the user’s point of view.

There are many other great bots on the Discord server, so no matter what features you want to use on the server, you might find a great bot for it.

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