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Write Direct Mail Letters to Grow Your Business

If you’re thinking about growing your small business through various types of marketing campaigns, then you need to know how sending direct mail letters can benefit your company today.

Take a look at how sending a personal letter to new, existing, and potential customers can make all the difference.

Handwritten Letters Are Effective

There is no doubt that technology has changed the marketing landscape, but some methods have proven to stand the test of time, and having a personal connection with your customers is just as important as ever.

Your customers probably have an email inbox littered with marketing letters, not to mention social media filled with advertisements, but rarely do people receive personalized handwritten letters anymore.

Crafting a handwritten letter and sending it through the mail will show your client that you are willing to take the time and care to communicate with them directly, a vast difference from marketers who mass produce messages hoping it will stick somewhere.

Make It Readable

Before you start transcribing a long-winded message filled with a bunch of jargon, you’ll want to remind yourself who your customer is and how they aren’t likely to take the time to read a lecture on why your business is right for them.

Instead of writing a long letter, it’s important to keep your notes brief, with a few points of emphasis to clarify how you can meet your customer’s needs in ways your competition cannot match.

Your mailing doesn’t need to be complex or wordy, it just has to show the customer that you care and you can help them.

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Send a Relatable, Personal Message to Your Customers

If you want to grab someone’s attention, you better be interesting, because there is a long line of businesses reaching their hands out to take your place.

Keep your letters interesting with personal messages, stories, and anecdotes that will draw the recipient into what you need to tell them.

Make sure you keep your writing brief and to the point, using short paragraphs or bullet points when applicable, hitting key points and highlights to make sure they understand that you value their time and business.

Let Them Know What You Have to Offer

Every marketing campaign, whether it is mass-produced or personalized, needs to get the main message across or it will have been a wasted effort.

You should know your customers better than anyone, from the difficulties they are facing to the ways that your business can help overcome them.

Use the interest you have gained with your direct mail letter to show customers how you operate differently than the others and that you can meet their individual needs, and then sweeten the deal with a special offer or discount that they can receive just by having read your letter.

Marketing is an essential effort that every company must make in order to attract attention to their products and services. Now you know what it takes to stand out by offering a personalized touch through a direct mail letter that will help your business grow.

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