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World Of Warcraft Gold Making Guide – iRiverAmerica

Regardless of whether you’re new to WoW or you want to brush up on your gold making skills, we ‘re here to help you out with all the best methods.

Tip #1 farming dungeons

World of Warcraft Classic differs to the original WoW we knew as it makes it trickier to dig around dungeons and find rarer loot, mainly because they are ‘world drops’.

These drops are available anywhere in the game world that is inhabited by a certain level or types of monsters.

Fortunately, there are an array of materials used by crafters which appear in dungeons which you can repeatedly sell without the fear of any competition.

To be successful in farming dungeons, you need to either avoid being seen by monsters or kill them by yourself.

Rogues or Druids are best for this type of farming as stealth is their strong point.

On the other hand, Hunters, for example, are strong meaning they can kill monsters with ease.

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Tip #2 As you level up, gather and sell

As you progress from 1 to 60, it is worth collecting gathering professions, either Herbing and Mining or perhaps Herbing and Skinning with enchantments helping too.

Enchantments, for example, allow you to disenchant unhelpful gear and sell on the raw materials.

Collect the items to sell to other players that may be utilising popular crafting professions rather than collecting for your use.

Tip #3 The right profession is key

To begin with, Mining can be handy in many professions, such as engineering or blacksmithing with the demand increasing as players get nearer the level cap.

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Many players tend to use potions right away, such as defensive elixirs and healing potions, mainly because WoW Classic is pretty brutal to lower levels in terms of their risk of damage.

For this reason, it makes herbing a great skill. Skinning, on the other hand, is less intuitive thanks to being able to skin as you kill, removing the time taken from levelling, and you won’t have the node competition involved in Mining and Herbing

Be aware though, professions for gathering in WoW Classic don’t offer any experience that we see in the live version of the game.

Herbing or Mining, for example, is a break away from the primary game levelling.

Regardless of the profession, you select, the Gatherer mod proves useful in allowing you to locate spawn location for Herbs and Mining.

Tip #4 Make use of downtime

If you prefer a more relaxed approach to WoW Classic gold making, avoid killing and questing, and instead try fishing.

Fish for Deviate Fish which are great for Savory Deviate Delight. For Alchemy fish for Firefin Snappers.

If you have time before your mates are joining you could use it wisely to sleigh and skin some beast monsters.

There’s the other option of checking the auction house and use your professions in combination with materials to craft a higher-gold item.

You could also look for things to disenchant.

There are fantastic Classic gold services to help boost your gold reserves.

Tip #5 Find crafting materials by grinding dungeons

With some of the WoW Classic dungeons, you’ll need to make use of gathering skills to farm successfully.

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The disappearing powder Rogues use makes Fadeleaf a popular example.

For classes that have herbalism and stealth, there are spawn points available in dungeons such as Scarlet Monastery.

Scarlet Graveyard cemetery is the best place to farm Grave Moss, while Blackrock Depths is the wise choice for Rogues or Druids to farm Iron Ore.

This is located in the corridor leading to Bael Gar.

Tip #6 Create another character just for disenchanting

If you’re up to the task of using a second active character while levelling simultaneously, then you should ensure your second character is an Enchanter.

You need to ensure you want to level this character as you won’t be able to disenchant higher-level items unless your enchanting skill keeps progressing

It’s worthwhile keeping your focus on the beginner level disenchanting while you’re between level 1-60.

It is also a good idea to keep your eye on the auction house to check the low-level enchanting material prices such as Strange Dust, and then look at the cost of green items that have been listed that will earn the dust following disenchantment.

If you’re unsure about where to start with WoW Classic, why not check out Tech radar’s WoW Classic getting started guide?

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