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New to Working From Home? 6 Tips to Help You Adjust

Many people are being forced to work from home because of the Coronavirus and the fact that we need to practice social distancing.

Our routine has revolved around getting ready, packing a lunch, and commuting to our job – wherever it may be – so the idea of being able to work from your own home is odd to some people.

Remote working is not as easy as you may think and many people run into major issues when they begin to spend their entire day indoors, pushing themselves to meet their goals, and stay on schedule.

As someone who has worked from home for many years now, here are some tips:

Buy a Whiteboard

It doesn’t have to be a whiteboard, but you should put something together that will help you stay organized.

I use a whiteboard to plan out my daily, weekly, and monthly goals. I update my ‘to-do’ list every hour and make sure I stick to what needs to be done.

Figure out a system to keep you organized so you won’t slack off, forget something, or miss a deadline.

You are now your own boss and you need to keep yourself on task so you can keep doing a great job!

Have Your Own Coffee Machine

I tell everyone I talk to that a good coffee machine is vital when working from home.

Many people say “I’m going to get my exercise by walking to the coffee shop”, and I tell them NO! You will need a quick cup of coffee at some point and you won’t have time to go to the coffee shop.

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Why not buy a high-quality coffee machine (like my personal favorite, the Jura Impressa A9) and make yourself a delicious cup of coffee as you need it.

It saves you time, keeps you motivated, and gives you something to do when you need a quick 10-minute mental break.

New coffee machines (like the one I mentioned above) can even help you create specialty drinks that can serve as a nice mid-day treat.

Prepare Simple, Healthy (but delicious) Meals

Staying hungry to succeed at your job means you need to continue to eat good meals throughout your workday.

It’s all about putting together simple meals that are healthy and filling. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it can be tasty and gratifying.

I purchased a high-quality convection oven and began compiling a recipe book of easy meals I can whip in a matter of minutes. Now, I eat good food and I look forward to the quick process of making my meals.

Figure Out A Routine

A successful remote worker is able to figure out the best routine for themself and stick to it in the long run. If you are new to working from home, you should decide what is the best routine for you to succeed, both professionally and personally.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Wake up at a specific time and stick to it. Sleeping in makes you lazy and unproductive.
  • Shower, get dressed and stay hygienic as if you were heading into the office.
  • Start work at a reasonable hour and start at the same time every day.
  • Take regular breaks at certain times or when you need one.
  • Stop working at a reasonable hour and try not to work too long. You’ll eventually feel burnt out and exhausted.
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Everybody works a little differently and they need to figure out what routine works for them in the long-run!

Make Sure Your Equipment is Secure

I went from working on a company computer that was in-office to my own personal computer. Important documents were now being viewed, edited, and forwarded from my personal network and I was vulnerable to attacks.

Not long after I became a remote worker, my email was hacked and some documents were accessed by someone who should not have viewed them.

Ever since that terrible experience, I have used an email encryption service that ensures none of my messages are viewed by someone who shouldn’t have access.

Stay Motivated!

It can be easy to slip when you work from home, but you need to stay motivated for success.

For some people, they need to stay active to stay motivated, so a great home gym is worth the money it costs just to keep them moving.

If you keep up with your fitness regime, it might lead to better work results from home, instead of feeling lazy and unenergized.

Working from home can be fun, comfortable, and luxurious, but your #1 priority should be to get the job done and stay successful.

Figure out what works for you and make sure you keep your eye on the prize!

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