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What is the difference between a Wi-Fi extender and a Wi-Fi booster?

Wi-Fi is primarily used in cafes, hotels, university buildings, private homes, and other public places.

It is spreading very rapidly. Once telephones were considered as a luxury, but they quickly turned into a necessity.

However, WLAN products have established themselves in the marketplace in a concise period.

Wireless networks are considered as more convenient. Now people use outdoor Wi-Fi extender to boost the connection.

Dealing with a weak Wi-Fi signal is very irritating and frustrating at times.

As we know, the Internet has become a necessity these days that why it is expected to get full signals.

Generally, people suffer from signal problems when they go from one room to another at home.

If you are suffering from sparse Wi-Fi signals, slow speed poor streaming, or other problems, there is no need to worry now.

Wi-Fi extenders and Wi-Fi boosters are considered a simple and affordable solution to all your Wi-Fi problems.

What is Wi-Fi Extender?

Wi-Fi Range Extender is known as a networking device that is used to extend an existing wireless network range.

This device amplifies the signals when it starts to drop off. However, it is also called a wireless repeater.

An extender is strategically placed somewhere between your wireless router or the device in your home.

Moreover, it is essential to know that it is essentially a repeater device that picks up the original Wi-Fi signal and bounces it further down the line.

In this way, it increases the signal strength. This device is located between the base router or access point.

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Furthermore, it is considered as best for the clients who do have access to a weak signal as compared to those who actually cannot access a message at all.

What is the Wi-Fi Booster?

Wi-Fi Booster is generally an upgrade to your existing modem, such as a wireless antenna kit.

It is like replacing your router’s existing antenna with a more powerful booster.

The best thing about Wi-Fi boosters it, these are usually associated with filling in those dead spots where the network fails to reach.

These boosters will add some juice and new features to your existing system to make it speedier.

Difference between Wi-Fi Extender and Booster

While both Wi-Fi extenders and Wi-Fi boosters are used for the same purpose, that is to amplify the network coverage and to improve Wi-Fi signals. However, there are minor differences between them.

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The term Wi-Fi extender refers to a networking device conveniently designed to increase the coverage.

It has the ability to improve the signal strength of an existing wireless network across a large area.

It also adds the necessary range to your wireless transmissions.

On the other hand, Wi-Fi Boosters amplifies the signal as long as the output power stays within the legal limit.


An extender is a type of wireless repeater that can plug into any electrical outlet and extends the existing Wi-Fi signal.

It transfers the message to the other wireless router by picking up the Wi-Fi signals, which in turn transmits the boosted signal.

However, it only picks up the wireless signal from your router to increase the coverage.

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A booster, on the other hand, connects to your existing wireless network to any wireless device such as a smartphone or a tablet.

Moreover, it merely eliminates dead spots in your home.


A range extender is used to extend an existing wireless connection to cover a large area around your house without the router.

Whereas, Wi-Fi boosters are ideally used in large establishments or private homes where the wireless signals entirely fail to reach in some corners.

Moreover, the booster strengthens the network signal by eliminating the dead spots around the premises or house.

Summary of Wi-Fi Extender vs. Booster

Although both terms Wi-Fi extender and booster are used interchangeably to amplify a weak signal.

Both help improves the existing signal strength around the house.

However, there is a slight difference between the two that makes one better than the other.

Wi-Fi Extenders can extend the coverage, and it also improves the strength of the signal of an existing wireless network, whereas Wi-Fi Boosters eliminate the dead spots in your house where the sign fails to reach.

Moreover, Wi-Fi boosters are ideally used in areas that experience weak connections.

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