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PDFBear: 8 Excellent Web Tools For Fixing Different PDF Issues

Most people are more and more dependent on electronic devices and files. Working through electronic devices seems to provide a more productive outcome for most people. With that being said, digital files have become more known to people. However, they still often struggle when faced with simple and complex PDF-related issues. 

Hence, it’s only necessary that you have the knowledge with regards to how digital files work. Furthermore, it’s important to understand that you don’t have to pay someone to fix any PDF problem for you. All you need is an all-around PDF website, like PDFBear, to make sure your files are well-managed.

With that, here are some excellent tools which you will be mostly needing. 

PDF to MS Word 

PDF files make it a lot easier for people to send and upload documents online. These files are smaller compared to any other file formats known. Its tamper-proof or read-only feature sets it apart from other files. However, whenever you find the need to edit or add something, that’s when things become an issue. 

PDF to Word converter gives you an immediate solution. This converter allows you to turn your PDF file into an editable Word file format in a maximum of two minutes. With PDFBear, you don’t have to spend more time and effort to retype what’s on your PDF. 

Remove PDF Pages

Modify your digital documents with PDFBear’s Delete PDF Pages tool. This is a free PDF modifier that allows you to remove unnecessary pages you don’t want to see in your file. For instance, if you have a certain page that you do not want to include in your presentation, it will take only a minute to remove it. 

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Moreover, you can access this tool on any platform or operating system, making it officially convenient for you anywhere. You can operate the tool in a few straightforward steps, which require you to upload the file first. From there, enter the pages you would like to delete and apply the changes. After a few moments, you may download the file and save it to your device.

Merge Files

Declutter your computer desktop without deleting any file. PDF files and image files might cause cluttering, so combining them in one file location might be the best option when organizing. On top of that, it’s much easier to view multiple files at once instead of viewing them one by one. 

Compress Large Files

Unfortunately, large files can get you in trouble, especially if you are trying to work online. Sending and uploading large files might be impossible. That being said, PDFBear wants to help you with basic compression, enabling you to reduce up to 70% of its size. This compressor supports all file formats, such as PPT, Word, Excel, JPG, and PNG. 

File Encryption

With PDFBear’s latest and advanced technology for security, you may now upload any file you would like to encrypt. In addition, PDFBear lets you use the cloud system, allowing you to set a password for your file anytime and anywhere. With that, you no longer have to worry about the confidentiality of any of your files. 

Repair Kit For Corrupted Document

In the most unexpected way and time, our files can get infected by malware and viruses, damaging their data. Unfortunately, in most cases, people end up deleting the file without trying to restore it. With PDFBear, you will get the chance to restore your document and data using the Repair PDF tool. 

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This repairing tool is automated, which means you only have to choose from the option box, and the tool will do the rest of the work for you. Unfortunately, this tool supports only PDF files.

PDF to PPT Conversion

When you need a quick presentation for school, you don’t need to spend hours creating it. You can now simply upload your PDF file to this converter and turn it into a presentable PowerPoint presentation. Fast, efficient, and accurate conversions take only two minutes to complete. 

Unlock PDF

Passworded documents can be quite a hassle most of the time. So, if you need a password remover, PDFBear has the best tool for you. Unlock PDF helps you remove the password in a matter of seconds.


 There is no doubt about the exceptional capability of PDFBear’s tools and services. From the most simple to the most complex issues, PDFBear ensures to assist and help you make productive outcomes daily. Managing digital files has never been so easy!

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