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Web Development Company Chicago, Top 22 Web Development Firms

If you want to outclass your competitor’s website who are taking the help of a talented web development company in Chicago, this post is just for you.

In today’s world, if there is one thing that you cannot afford to ignore when it comes to the growth of your business, it is the way your business looks.

And no, this does not mean your building but things like a brand page or even a mobile app if it possible. These are the things that can make a world of difference when it comes to attracting customers.

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Hence, the following are 22 of the best companies if you are looking for a web development company in Chicago that you can go to if you are looking to make some changes to the way your business is presented to your clients:


This is a web development company in Chicago that provides meaningful digital products of high quality to transform organizations.

web development company chicago

With a talented team of designers, strategists and developers from various backgrounds, this company has provided hundreds of startups as well as businesses and enterprises launch their digital products.

It has in fact, helped some of its partners solve some of the toughest challenges. This company has been operating since 2008. This way, it has more than ten years of experience, which makes it highly trustworthy.

It does not just sell its services but becomes a part of your team by helping you accomplish incredible things.

So, if you have any business critical web or mobile products that you want to build, you don’t have to think twice before contacting Kohactive.

It is for these reasons that this company is recognized as a global leader in the world of design and development.

Orbit Media Studios

Next in line is Orbit Media Studios. Now, Orbit Media Studios is one of the best choices when it comes to website development in Chicago.

web development company chicago

It offers great web design and has been serving companies since 2001, which makes it experienced enough for you to trust it with your web related work.

It has since then, been creating thousands of web designs and has worked with various clients for their development and ecommerce needs.

Orbit Media Studios, has a talented team which is transparent and provides fresh ideas that are sure to help a company succeed even in projects that are challenging.

It has in fact, won an award called the Webby award for its designs. With teamwork, expertise and a helpful attitude, this Chicago website development company goes a long way in putting in the best for your website project.

When it comes to the looks and user experience, Orbit Media Studios will just not let you down.

Duo Consulting

This company comes with organisational skills and a high quality team that is sure to meet all your design needs. Headquartered in Chicago, this agency works with great transparency and strategy too.

web development company chicago

It was founded in the year 1999 which makes it old enough for all the experience it needs in the world of design.

Duo Consulting has a team of more than 30 heads and offers designs, development, APIs and even marketing.

It has also received the 2012 Social Network Standard of Excellence award and the 2013 Blue Drop award.

This agency uses Drupal in order to build its business platforms. This way, it forges deep relationships with its customers.

In the past 20 years, it has been helping various organisations achieve measurable results through its strategic approach when it comes to website design and development.

This Chicago web development company also plays the role of a consultant by providing you with the kind of ideas and recommendations that you need for your web presence.

Bright Bright Great

Next in line is a company called Bright Bright Great. This is another one that is headquartered in Chicago. The company has a strategic interactive agency that is sure to make your business succeed.

web development company chicago

By combining technology with cutting edge design, it gives you just what you need. This company was founded in 2007. It has now grown to a team of nearly 15 people.

With the right expertise in things like branding, web design as well as essential aspects like social media marketing, it can do wonders to your mobile app as well as website.

It was for these reasons that this company had won the Gold Davey award in 2014, the Gold W3 award in the same year and finally the Communicator award of excellence, also in 2014.

This is a company that does not just make websites but also solves problems and helps you build your brand.

Educo – Web Development Company Chicago

Educo is a website development company in Chicago that was founded in the year 2007. It has a small team of not more than ten employees.

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They specialize in web design, web development and can even manage your SEO issues.

Educo has till today worked on over 450 projects. These include both design as well as developmental projects.

Its main strengths are that it is responsive, detail oriented and very professional so you will have no worries when it comes to your project related needs.

Keeping tracks, taking notes and sharing their ideas with you are some of the practices that they follow that are sure to help you build trust in them.

In this way, they build with you a lasting partnership and drive the best results for your business.

Apart from this, they will also do things like teaching you how to create web content to help you become more independent.

Olive Street Design

Next you have Olive Street Design. This is a company that can provide you with design as well as marketing solutions that can help you meet your business needs.

Web Development Chicago Companies

It has supported companies from a variety of industries ranging from arts and entertainment to those like retail and even government.

This company was founded in the year 2005. This is an agency that has a small team of just 16 employees.

However, these are capable in various things like web design, digital strategy, SEO and even things like content development and photography.

So, if these are the things you are looking for, don’t hesitate to contact this agency.

In fact, the strategies of the company are well aligned with the goals of the business that it caters too.

This is something that they are good at. They capture a unique point of view in order to ensure that you enjoy a long term success.

Solid Digital

Next in line is Solid Digital. This is a company that caters to web design and development and even marketing.

web development company chicago

So, if you are looking for these services for your business, this is the company that you would like to get in touch with.

It has offices in two other places apart from Chicago namely Portland and Ore. This company has a fairly large team of 30 members.

This is a highly value driven team that will do all that it takes to provide you with dependable service and honest guidance.

These are experts in web design, branding and custom development. Apart from this, it can also help you with things like digital marketing and app design.

This company was founded in the year 2007. This is a full service digital agency. It caters to small as well as large companies so you don’t have to worry about the size of your company before you consult them.

Walton Street

This is one of the leading web design firms found in Chicago. If you want your business to grow this is a company that will provide you with all the creative and innovative strategies that you will need.

web development company chicago

These are strategies that have been customized after years of experience. The company has a team that includes designers, developers as well as project managers. These employees ensure that they work very closely with their clients.

In this way, you can be sure of complete trust, loyalty and reliability here. It is for these reasons that Walton Street has always succeeded in meeting its business goals.

Apart from web designing, this company also helps you with things like print designing, mobile app, cloud applications and other such services.

You can also expect a lot of help and support in terms of SEO and marketing. Their designs are captivating in a way that makes your website user friendly and interactive too.

Millennial Web Development

This is one among the many competing web designing firms that will offer you a good service. This is in fact, one of the best web design agencies found in Chicago.

millenial web development

So again, if you are looking for nothing but the best, then here is another name to add on your list.

This is an agency that has created a number of responsive websites for different startups as well as a lot of other international companies belonging to different industries.

With its unique perspective and professional service, it won’t fail to satisfy you when it comes to meeting your business needs.

Creative, curious and innovative, the company knows just what you want to make your business grow. They in fact call themselves the new generation of website designers and developers.

So, whether you have a small business or a large corporation, it is sure to help you find unique ways with which you can express your brand.

Clique Studios

With its catchy motto saying “build something” Clique Studios is true to its word. Founded by a pair of designers, this is in fact, an award winning design agency.

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Web Design Chicago Companies

This is a company that was incorporated in the year 2003. It has since then been delivering cutting edge digital experiences to organizations that are looking for high growth.

This is in fact a company that invests a lot in order to make your projects successful with things like interactive tools and so much more.

It focuses on employing strategies that are very well thought of. This way, the company inevitably leads to impressive results.

So, whether it is a digital strategy, engineering or marketing that you need help in, this company won’t fail you when it comes to helping you with your needs.

Whether you want to build something, buzzworthy, different or legendary, it understands very well what you wants and provides you with just that.

Roos Design

Next you have Roos Design, another agency you may want to think of when it comes to your design related needs. This is another one of the top web design companies in Chicago.


Having started in the year 2002, this company has been catering to various government as well as non profit organisations.

It has a team that specializes in building websites, so if this is especially what you are looking for, you don’t have to think twice before contacting this agency.

They build websites that are sure to elevate your business. This way, you can scale your business and also improve things like your digital mapping applications.

Apart from this, it also helps you with things like content strategy, SEO, social media and more.

While this company may be small in size it works with a strong network of business partners who have deep roots and strong business values.

One Design Company

Next on your list is One Design Company. This is more of a research driven company. It follows an integrated approach when it comes to design, technology and research.

one design company

As a result, you can be sure that it will provide you with a functional website that is going to do wonders to your business.

Over the years, the company has been helping various startups as well as some Fortune 500 companies when it comes to making an impact to their business.

Web and interactive design, branding and strategy and application development are some of the services that it can provide you with.

The company has a team that includes a passionate and experienced group of artists, writers, project managers, developers and even designers.

By keeping the lines of communication open, it makes working with you pleasant, easy and hassle free. It believes that every project is unique and thus tries to get to know everything about you before it gets started with you.


This is more of a boutique company. It was founded in the year 2009. Blueshoon has since then, also been offering web development services throughout Chicago.


It has an effective team of problem solvers who are good at determining the problems of your business and helping you work with them.

In this way, you can get all the on demand website management assistance that you need. The company can also provide you with a lot of tech services.

Apart from this, the company has a good relationship with various marketing as well as social media agencies, so you can get all the help that you need in these directions.

This is a company that is determined to make its clients happy. They are an exceptional partner to work with, thanks to their highly collaborative team.

So, whether you want to reskin your website or just work on something as small as managing your email marketing, the company gives you all the support that you will need.

BitStudios – Web Development Company Chicago

The next company that you have on your list is Bitstudios. This is a web development company that was founded in the year 1999.

Web Development Chicago Companies

So, if you are looking for a web design company with many years of experience, then this is what you may want to go for.

Apart from Chicago, it also has offices in other locations like Portland, OR and San Francisco.

This is a team with 14 employees. Its services include web design, UI/UX design, as well as graphic design and branding.

So, if you need help in any of these areas, do not hesitate to get in touch with this agency.

It is for this reason that it has won the Vega Digital awards and the American Design award.

Idea Marketing Group

Another web development company that you may want to consider in order to grow your business is the Idea Marketing Group.

web development company chicago

This company was founded in the year 2009. This is a web design agency that is located just outside of Chicago.

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Its clients include industries that deal with education, healthcare and even food. This is a company that has great prowess when it comes to custom web design.

Apart from this, it can also provide you with all the support that you need with the development and online marketing of your business.

This company has a small team of just 15 employees who are dedicated with what they do and will provide their best to help you with your business needs.

Web and mobile design, SEO, content development and social media marketing are some of the many things that it can help you with.

Wojo Design

Then you have Wojo Design, another agency that you may want to consider if you are looking to improve your business.

web development company chicago

This is a tight knit group that is based in Chicago and is highly passionate about making big things happen online.

In this way, you can have a small and focused team that works towards meeting your needs. You can enjoy the benefit of a wide range of talents for your project.

The company works with big as well as small industries so you don’t have to think twice about the size of your company before getting in touch.

This is in fact a full service digital agency that can provide you with support in all elements of online marketing strategy as well as implementation.


Next you have Mightybytes. This company comes with 20 years of experience which makes it effective enough to provide you with the best.


It has helped various companies meet their digital marketing as well as web design needs and it can help yours too.

The company offers integrated services so you can enjoy measurable results that are sure to scale up your business.

Web design, UX testing and digital marketing are just a few among the many services that it renders.

It has an agile team that will provide you with all the expertise needed in order to bring an idea to life. With its individualized and almost boutique like experience, this agency just won’t fail to please you.

Sandstorm Designs

Another Chicago branding agency that you can consider is Sandstorm Designs.

web development company chicago

This is a digital agency that uses strategic marketing and all the emerging technologies in order to create high impact user experiences for you.

Here you can get all the assistance that you need with your ad campaigns and marketing materials.

Whether it is logo design, direct mailing or web design services that you need, this is a web development company that will not let you down.


This is a web design company that has been operating since the year 2003. By creating unique web designs for you, it aims towards making your brand pop.

web development company chicago

In fact, it has provided some award winning web design services over the years.

So, if you are looking for something unique with regard to your brand, Gulo is a web development company that you can consider.

Google friendly landing pages, a lot of site visitors and great designs are just a few of the things that you can expect from this company.

LLT Group

And last on your list is the LLT Group. So, what’s special about this company? This is a digital agency that mainly focuses on UX and UI. Apart from this, it also pays attention to strategic development.

web development company chicago

It can also help with a lot of things like branding, marketing and web design and development.

LLT-Group has over the years served a large number of companies from startups to even companies that come in the Fortune 500 list.

It has partnered with its clients in the most transparent way and has provided a lot of ideas that have helped them build their scope.

Are You Satisfied?

While you already have a lot on your plate, this is not a responsibility that you would want to take up.

And if you did, you wouldn’t be sure to match that of your competitors who are taking the help of talented agencies.

So, you too would want to follow their footsteps, wouldn’t you?

Now that you have your list ready before you, all you have to do is compare the different features of the 20 companies that are listed above to determine the one that you think will suit your needs in the best way.

So, tell me which one of these is your favorite  web development company in Chicago and why?

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