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Best Ways to Improve Your Aim in Overwatch – iRiverAmerica

Overwatch is a shooting, first-person game that is an FPS MOBA hybrid. The main element of the game consists of aiming the targets and shooting. There are hero roles to initiate the game and have a great impact on it.

With their movement and abilities, most of the heroes such as Brigitte, Reinhardt, and Moira give greater benefits in the overwatch aim training. You could also play on the overwatch aim trainer for practicing on the aims. Although, you must also follow some tips for more effective results.

In this article, we have listed a few tips that could help you improve your aim in Overwatch gameplay.

Top 3 tips to become pro at Overwatch

  1. Select a good Overwatch hero

The first step is to choose a good overwatch hero with whom you want to play. Many heroes are available easily but some of them are also hard to choose. If you are a beginner, then you must choose heroes like Soldier 76, Mercy, Reinhardt. They are very powerful and straightforward.

The heroes could be very effective for you. Although, you should not choose Mei and Tracer if you do not have any idea to combine their abilities, or you don’t have any knowledge about the gaming maps completely. Moreover, A mediocre Reinhardt is considered to be more effective than a mediocre Mei or Tracer for your team.

  1. Set up your Gear and Settings

Before aiming at overwatch, you should arrange your gear and the settings as they could not be set up immediately while playing. You will not face any problems if you have already set up appropriate gear and settings.

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For the game, you must require a big mouse pad, as it gives you enough space for moving your arm and can ensure better aims.

Settings like mouse sensitivity are also very essential as it highly impacts your aiming. The mouse sensitivity should be maintained at least at 800 DPI. Whereas, further changes could be made as per your requirements. Graphics settings also play an important role in Overwatch. You must turn off the vertical sync and set a high framerate cap.

  1. Improve your muscle memory

Strong muscle memory is very much required for the Overwatch gameplay. After you have chosen a hero and arranged the gear and settings, you are required to practice constantly to build up the muscle memory. You should start with flicking within the practice range and tracking bots.

After getting perfection in this, you could either switch on to quickplay or deathmatch for your further practice. Your ultimate focus must be on improving muscle memory so that you could become better at aiming.


Gaming is quite fun but is not that easy. Anyone could know how to play the game, but it takes a focused person to be a pro at aiming. You must have a proper dedication to achieve your aiming goal. Moreover, you could follow the above-mentioned tips to ensure the best aim in overwatch.

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