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5 Top Tips While Shopping on Internet – iRiverAmerica

Online shopping has changed the way we shop. We no longer have to get out of the house to get any products we need; we just log into a website and place an order.

That said, some helpful tips can help make the shopping experience a lot smoother.

Shop During Holidays and Other Big Events

Apart from day to day items, you can shop for pretty much everything else during big events and holidays.

During these events, retailers will often offer huge discounts on their products. You can get several items on your wish list for the price of one item if you shop around and play your cards right.

Also, be on the lookout for sales you as could get amazing discounts during these sales and promotions too.

Install a Coupon Browser Extension

Everybody loves a good discount. Almost all online retailers offer good discounts through coupons.

The problem is that finding these coupons can be hard, especially if you have not shopped at a particular retailer before.

To ensure that you get the best discounts, it’s a good idea to install a coupon browser extension.

These extensions scour the internet looking for the best deals and discounts so that when you shop online, they automatically fill in the coupon codes for you.

You might end up saving money on websites that you never knew had sales or discounts.

Mind Your Security

Every year, shoppers lose billions of dollars through security breaches, phishing, and data loss. One of the best ways to make sure this does not happen is to shop on websites that have adequate security.

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All the best e-commerce websites display a green padlock on your browser so that you know any data sent between you and them is properly secured.

The padlock is a sign of an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate that encrypts data such as your name, credit card number, address and more before it is sent.

When talking about security, never click on links that seem to come from suspicious senders.

If you receive an email telling you a retailer has a promotion or sale, enter their URL directly into your browser and visit their website without following a link.

If they truly have a discount or promotion, it will be displayed on the website or their official social media pages.

Use a Virtual Credit Card

A virtual credit card is a credit card that exists in the online world. Although it is linked to your real credit card or your bank account, it can be limited to the amount it can spend or the websites it can be used at.

You can use these credit cards to shop anywhere and if your data is stolen, the perpetrator will get a useless virtual credit card number.

Take Advantage of Free Shipping

Shipping can be costly, especially if you buy from an international retailer. Therefore, you should always be on the lookout for free shipping options to save some money.

Goods shipped using the free shipping option may take some time to get to you, so ensure that you don’t need the product in the next 40-60 days as this is the average international shipping time for products shipped using the free shipping option.

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Online shopping is fun and convenient. That said, you can make it even better by adhering to some of the shopping tips outlined above.

Are you an online shopper? How do you rate your user experience?

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