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Top 3 PDF Password Removers (2020 Updated)

Password protection is a critical component of PDF security because it prevents unauthorized viewing and prevents changes from being made to official business documents.

But what happens if you forget the password for making edits, copying, or printing?

That poses a common challenge to most business users who rely heavily on smooth PDF workflows to do their jobs.

For that matter, even if you do know the password, do you know how to remove password security from a document?

Fortunately, there are several PDF password remover options to choose from, and we’ve showcased three of the best methods and tools for this purpose.

PDFelement: Comprehensive Password Control Utility and PDF Editor Extraordinaire!

Download PDFelement Free

PDFelement from Wondershare is one of the most feature-rich PDF editors available today, and you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get it.

The free trial version can take care of your PDF password removal needs in a jiffy.

There’s also the added benefit of taking advantage of the basic and pro PDF tools that are included in the software, from heavy editing to creation, conversion, security, forms management, advanced OCR, file optimization, annotation, and more.

  • Easy to remove Open and Permissions passwords – Just upload the file, enter the password, hit the Protect tab, click on the Password icon, and uncheck the boxes for both Open and Permissions passwords or either one
  • User-friendly interface – Hit the ground running with this easy-to-use application
  • Powerful PDF tools including batch processes for converting, OCR, etc.
  • Secure your PDF with passwords that adhere to the latest encryption standards
  • Use all the tools free of charge in the trial version – no holds barred!
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PDF Password Remover – Remove Forgotten Permissions Passwords in Bulk. Instantly!

If you’ve forgotten the Permissions passwords for a bunch of old PDF files and you can’t make changes, copy, or print your files without them, this is the tool for you.

It’s as easy as launching the application, dropping your files into the program, and hitting the Start button to instantly unlock the files for editing, printing, and copying content.

That’s it! One of the best things about this software is that it is purpose-built for this task.

That means the developers have focused all their energies on making the process of password removal as intuitive and speedy as users would like.

That’s one of the things that makes Wondershare stand out as a stellar software company that keeps the customer at the center of everything it does.

  • Super-fast PDF permission unlocking
  • The two-step process is convenient and quick
  • It will not affect the content in any way
  • Highly reliable and processes password removal in bulk

pdf element

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

The latest avatar of the Acrobat series of PDF editors is integrated with the Adobe Document Cloud.

If you think about it, that’s quite a useful feature in this scenario because, most of the time, when you want to remove a permissions password or an Open password, it is usually on a file that’s stored in a shared location.

The Document Cloud provides that sharing platform so it meshes well with the company’s PDF environment while leveraging the benefits of cloud computing and storage.

  • Well-known utility for PDF management
  • Quickly remove Open and Permissions passwords
  • Cleaner interface on the latest iteration of the software
  • Content is preserved when removing either or both password types
  • Re-apply password encryption when you’re done
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Be Wary of Bypassing PDF Password Security

The only problem with any PDF editor that has password management as a feature is that the Open password can’t be removed unless the user knows it.

If not, it takes you straight into the dangerous and quasi-illegal realm of hacking or password cracking, which could violate all sorts of privacy laws (as well as confidentiality clauses in your work contract in the case of official documents.)

More to the point, your IT department is very likely to frown on any attempts you might make to crack the access password to get into a PDF file.

That puts you in a dilemma of immeasurable proportions! The main focal points of this article are to reveal the tools that can safely remove a known Open password for accessing a document, as well as showcase tools to remove restrictions on printing, copying, or editing content, which is a much simpler task and technically doesn’t involve hacking the file.

If you’re not the owner of a particular PDF document but need viewing rights, we recommend that you contact the original creator or owner of the document.

If not, you can refer the problem to your IT department to resolve the issue for you.

They are sure to have some workaround methods to unlock the file without compromising the content inside, while at the same time ensuring that you are actually authorized to view that content.

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