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6 Tips For Choosing a Guest Posting Site – iRiverAmerica

Everybody has some goal to achieve when they go online.

Businesses or startups use it to showcase professionalism; besides that, the internet is a great marketing tool for almost all businesses. 

When it comes to marketing, again, you can use a variety of ways to market yourself.

One of the most effective methods that most web owners use is guest blogging.

The website owner looks for opportunities to post content and put links on another website.

However, guest posting for most people is not an easy thing. It requires hard work because identifying the right site for your needs is a problem.

The reason: there are many sites to choose from. 

So, if you are looking to guest posts, then here are some tips to help you find the right ones.

Ensure that your website is SEO optimized first

Guest posting is another marketing tactic. If you do it well, you are sure of seeing results because it is like looking for a new audience from another blog or website.

Therefore, these new bunch of visitors have to find a good site.

Therefore, before you even start looking for sites to guest post, you should work on the basics first.

By basics, I mean the site should have well-optimized pages. You should have products that offer solutions.

And if you provide content, it should be informative and high quality. 

You should also find out what pages have low indexing on the search engine results page.

Do not ignore the ones that rank high on the SERP. External links can help to push their rankings.

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Get to know sites that allow guest posts

First, not all sites allow publishers to guest post on their websites. That is why going the extra mile to identify these sites is essential.

Now, how do you identify these sites? You may ask.

You can join different forums and use different social media tools. These are the best places to find these sites.

Regularly, site owners and bloggers post their websites on the same platforms. Because, remember, guest posting does not just benefit you; it also helps them.

After knowing where you can find these sites, the next thing is to find the best blogs for your niche.

For instance, if you are selling an ebook on relationships, then a website that attracts these people who are searching for relationship solutions is suitable.

Choose websites that rank high

Going for websites that do not rank high is a waste of time and resources. Thus, it is integral to find sites that rank high on the search engine.

How do you find them? 

The trick here is finding sites that you can find some of its content on the first page of the search engine results page. Such sites receive a high amount of traffic per month.

You are also sure that there is a high probability that some of the visitors will read your post.

Another thing is to check the site’s domain authority. Sites with low domain authority do not have adequate traffic. It is also a sign that the site is still young.

The internet offers different tools to check on a site’s DA. Typically, these tools grade them from 1 to 100.

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Sites with a high score mean that they have a higher DA. Additionally, site owners should be honest with the site metrics. When they post, they should also indicate these analytics.

Combine a list of guest post opportunities

You cannot guest post on one site and think that you will be okay with that. Google tends to rank fresh content. Therefore, your job is to look for as many opportunities that you can find.

Remember, these sites should have high-quality blog posts as well.

If they do not post truth, then there is a high chance that people do not depend on the site as much, which can also hurt your brand.

In this case, you have to be careful when choosing. Create several sites that you think would be suitable for your marketing needs.

By the way, when choosing these sites, ensure that you understand their target audience.

They should, at least, match with the audience you want to reach.

Read each site’s guest posting guidelines

Every website has a tone and voice. They also have a targeted audience that they want to achieve. Hence, if they allow guest posts, then they want to ensure that the guest bloggers follow the set standards.

You can find these guidelines on the “about us” page or the “submit to us” landing page. 

Take some time to read what they require from you when submitting these articles. 

Guest bloggers may find this limiting, but it is not. They do this because they want you to meet their interests as they meet yours as well.

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Check their social media presence too

Successful websites use social media to engage users. These are some of the positive effects of social media. Bloggers will typically place links to fresh content on their blog. 

Nevertheless, ensure that you get to know whether this site has a strong social media presence. You can use different social media tools for this. 

If they do not, it is up to you to find how you will market yourself.

When you are looking for guest post opportunities, examine whether the webmaster will provide a link of your guest post on their social media profile.

Some sites offer this, while some do not. That is why you should read the submission guidelines to know what to expect.


Finding the right site to post is quite a task. Nevertheless, it can be beneficial to your website and your marketing strategy.

That is why most people tend to rely on guest posting for ranking high on the search engine.

Additionally, regular guest posts can increase your chances of ranking.

If you do not do it often, then the ranking process could be slow, and that can hurt your website eventually. Take your time as you choose, nonetheless. 

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