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6 Things to Know about a Perfect Essay or Thesis – iRiverAmerica

A majority of students consider writing the perfect thesis or essay an uphill task. The essay may be an application essay for a scholarship, a class essay, or a contest; to most students articulating ideas into the perfect thesis or essay is overwhelming.

Some choose services such as writemypaper123 to hand over the task to professionals who are paid for the service. Nonetheless, this is not necessary. When you write your essay, you have a grasp of the ideas you place on paper and can easily defend your ideas in class or before a panel.

Therefore, what you need are tips to write the perfect essay and thesis and attain that scholarship or a good grade in the class. Use the following tips to ensure your well researched essay earns you that grade or scholarship.

Pick a topic

If your course instructor has not assigned a topic to you, you have the chance to pick one that borders on your interests and passion. If you have a topic in mind, you first need to do extensive research to gain some overview.

Subsequently, ensure you narrow your focus or scope to an area of interest you wish to cover. Consider your options and various points on the topic that you wish to include in the essay or thesis.

Before you begin writing, ascertain if you are to write an argumentative essay aimed at persuading or an informative essay. This gives you some bearing on how to present your research ideas.

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Outline your ideas

An organization of your ideas is the second step to a perfect essay. By placing your thoughts on paper, you can view the connection between the various ideas and formulate an outline of how you want to structure your essay. The outline serves as the foundation of your paper.

You can also use a diagram to organize these ideas. When using a diagram, write the topic in the middle of the paper and use lines branching out of the topic to show various ideas. If you need to write down the ideas, use a list.

Write your thesis statement

The thesis statement comes after the topic and outline. It helps your reader know the direction you wish to take in your essay. Essentially, it helps the reader look forward to ideas that support this statement throughout your essay.

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Writing a thesis statement and discussing different ideas that oppose the statement will confuse your readers. Therefore, ensure your thesis is compact and covers all areas that are in the essay. The statement is made of two parts. Your topic is mentioned in the first part of your thesis statement.

The second part clarifies the point of writing the essay to your readers. A good example is the impact of technology on computer-mediated communication. The thesis would state that “technology has impacted the nature of communication and turned it to computer mediated communication.”

Write an introduction

Once you are through with your thesis, write a good introduction. The introduction gives some background information on the topic to give your reader an idea of what the topic is all about.

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It forecasts what the reader is to expect in the essay. Use a phrase that makes the reader yearn to read more on the paper. 

The body of your Essay

A perfect essay should have a body that clearly describes and explains your topic. You want to argue out or inform on the reason why you chose that topic. Therefore, you will elaborate on all the ideas that you outlined initially in this section.

Each paragraph in the body needs to have an introductory sentence or a topic sentence which gives the reader an idea of what the paragraph discusses. Use supporting ideas for the topic sentence. The detail is essential in this section of your essay. All ideas should be a reflection of your topic.

Write the conclusion

After a discussion of all outlined ideas, you can sum up the essay by recapping what you have discussed in brief. Use three to five sentences which give conviction to your findings. Essentially, review the main points of your essay or thesis.

Writing an essay should be an enjoyable process. By following the above six tips, you will come up with a perfect essay that will give you that good grade or get you that scholarship.

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