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Things You Should Do After Publishing Your App

So, you’ve spent lots of money on your app development, testing, and publication. You’ve spent so many days and nights polishing it to perfection. And now that you’ve rolled out your product on the market you might be thinking that your journey is finally over and you can enjoy the fruits of your hard work to its fullest.

Of course, you can congratulate yourself on the successful completion of an important phase of your app development quest. It undoubtedly is a praiseworthy achievement. Yet, there are some remaining steps you should take to ensure your app is a long-term success.

Below are some simple things you want to do after your app hits app stores and starts getting its first downloads.

Optimize Further

Undoubtedly, you and your developers have invested enough time, effort, and costs in optimizing your software for different platforms. Nevertheless, you want to continue your optimization endeavours even after publishing your app.

Once your product starts getting momentum, and more and more users start to download it onto their devices, hitherto unspotted problems may take the stage. Your customers might find themselves unable to view the content you failed to adjust to small screens properly or confront other problems when interacting with your app. To avoid such problems, take care to further optimize your content and new features for different platforms.

To make your new product more visible and thus competitive, don’t forget to include keyword phrases in the title of your append metadata. Also, optimize your app description by adding the relevant keywords. This will help you boost your app visibility and rankings in popular app stores.

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Run Live Tests

At this stage, you might already be tired of running different sorts of tests and debugging your app. Still, you would be well advised to try to walk in your users’ shoes and learn how it feels to use your app in real life. Go log in like a regular user would and download the app to your device.

Make sure everything’s working as intended, and your app looks and feels great. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll experience any last-minute problems after having run sufficient tests. But double-checking won’t hurt.

Tap into the Power of Social Media

It’s a rare modern entrepreneur who doesn’t avail themselves of the opportunities presented by social media platforms. Once you’re ready with your press release, consider reinforcing it with appealing social media announcements.

Make sure to inform your current subscribers of your app publication and reach prospective users via popular social media outlets like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others. Consider offering your early users some perks like discounts, premiums, etc. for their support.

Get Early Feedback

It’s never too early to learn what your users think about your product. Of course, you can monitor your app download and usage statistics, but figures are dry and incapable of explaining what value your app gives users. To this end, you want to contact your users and gather their feedback.

If you have a dedicated in-app used feedback section, blog, or Facebook group where your current users can share their reviews, suggestions, or complaints regarding your new app, make sure to check it regularly to know how popular your app is among users and what can be changed/improved to help your app hit the next level.

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Scale Your App

Just like any living thing, your app should have the possibility to develop and become better over time. Thus, it will be able to keep up with the constantly changing market demands and remain interesting to your users. And the onus is on you to ensure it has all the tools necessary for that.

To make sure your product can efficiently handle multiple requests per minute, employ new technological achievements, and much more, you should scale throughout its lifespan.

Today’s market is overflowing with the tools that you can use to identify bottlenecks in your system and improve your app performance. In most cases, optimized code, efficient SQL queries, proper DB indexing and some caching should be enough to get started.

Hope our simple recommendations will help you boost your app profitability and app store rankings.

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