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Top 40 Sims 4 Challenges in 2022, Best Fun Challenges in The Sims 4

Since it was first released in 2014, the developers of The Sims 4 have added various expansion packs and other additional content to add more fun to this game. Moreover, as the community for The Sims 4 is thriving even in 2022, you can be sure that you will find something new every day. It’s the same with the challenges. More and more challenges are being created for this game by the enthusiastic community of Sims 4 gamers today. So, we have created a list of the best Sims 4 challenges that all gamers love to play in 2022. Please go through the rules section of each challenge to understand it thoroughly and maximize the in-game fun.

It would help if you try at least some of them, as these challenges can give you something new to experience with this game, and it might give you some new inspirations as well. So, if you love playing The Sims 4, there are still plenty of challenges that you can try with this game. Some challenges will give you fresh experiences in the gameplay, and you can also try them with some expansion packs, cheats, or mods. While there are probably hundreds of challenges that you can try for this game, it might be difficult to choose the best ones you can try today. You can also find the Sims 3 challenges.

Best Sims 4 Challenges List | 2022 Additions

On a weekly and monthly basis, the organizers of the Sims 4 game keep adding new missions to the game to make it more interesting for those who play it regularly. So, we have added 40 best Sims 4 challenges to our list that are trending in 2022 and have gained many gamers’ attention. Let’s discuss the fun challenges and a brief guide about what’s in these challenges.

Whims and Sims – Sims 4 Challenges

The Sims 4 Challenges


Throughout this game, you can control your sims and follow along with their daily activities. There will often be bubbles that will appear in your sim’s head, which means that they have something they want to do. This is called a whim. The whims can change from time to time based on your sim’s emotions. This challenge aims to fulfill as many whims as possible for your sims. One of the most exciting challenges in the Sims 4 attracts almost everyone.

Rules in Whims and Sims:

  • You need to start a new game and create a young adult sim as the starting character.
  • Choose between a short, regular, and long lifespan, giving you different challenges and difficulties.
  • You must not use cheats, and you must not cancel any whims.
  • It is essential to follow every whim your sims have while keeping them from falling into negative emotions.
  • You will earn or lose points depending on your actions.

Hurry Up – Sims 4 Legacy Challenge

hurry up challenge


It is considered a great challenge for those who have just started playing the Sims 4. Most importantly, the part of your character is also excellent in this challenge. Hurry Up is the legacy challenge in The Sims 4 that requires you to build a legacy for your sim family as quickly as possible. In this challenge, you will need to deal with various difficulties in your life. It also requires you to have babies as soon as possible, as you need to build your legacy in a very short lifespan.

Hurry Up Rules:

  • This challenge requires you to give the sims a short lifespan.
  • In addition, you must not take any pregnancy test.
  • It would help if you make your sims get pregnant as quickly as possible.
  • You need to reach the life aspirations scored specifically for this challenge.
  • Your sims can’t move out of the house unless one of them is dead, so you have to wait for this moment if you want to move your sim out.

10K Starter Home – The Sims 4 Challenges

The Sims 4 Challenges

About this Challenge:

This is a fun challenge where you must build a cheap house for your sims with a minimal budget. You need to make the house with the 10K budget, which you will use as a starter home for your sims. The house needs to meet specific requirements, so you are required to spend the money wisely. The most exciting thing about this started home challenge is the budget and your requirements—furthermore, the Sims 4 players like completing this task in 2022.

Rules in Starter Home Challenge:

  • The lot that you buy needs to be below 10K in price.
  • You have to put certain objects into the house, such as dining table, toilet, sink, and so on.
  • The house must have at least 1 bedroom for your sims.
  • The challenge is compatible with any expansion pack.
  • You also need to build at least 1 bathroom in the house.

Not So Berry Challenge

Not So Berry


It is one of the most liked Sims 4 challenges on our list for various reasons. Firstly, Not So Berry is a legacy challenge in The Sims 4 that requires you to create different colored generations for your sims. Secondly, in this challenge, you will follow the rainbow berries, and each generation will follow its colors. However, the colors cannot be the same between ages. This challenge has maximum fun, and people like to work on it in 2022.

Not So Berry Rules:

  • You will create different rainbow berries generations with their color (hair, makeup, style) for each generation.
  • Each generation will show its bright colors, but they must have different colors overall.
  • You need to follow the life aspiration and careers of each generation.
  • The colors for the generations include mint, rose, yellow, and so on.
  • Each generation will have its traits and life aspirations.

More Information – Not So Berry

100 Baby – The Sims 4 Challenges

The Sims 4 Challenges

About Challenge:

This challenge is the Sims giving birth to 100 Babies. It is one of the most prevalent challenges in The Sims 4, where you need to give birth to babies in as few generations as possible. In this challenge, you will need to get your sims to get married and make them pregnant quickly. Once you’ve given birth to the 100th baby, you will be able to complete this challenge. Most importantly, this challenge isn’t as easy as it looks; therefore, you must work too hard to pass it. On the other hand, the difficulty makes this challenge more exciting.

Rules for 100 Baby Challenge:

  • Your first goal is to find a partner for your matriarch so that she can get pregnant.
  • You need to give birth to as many babies in as few generations as possible.
  • You will start with one young adult female sim for the challenge, which you will call the matriarch.
  • The matriarch can have any traits or personality that you want.
  • You need to take care of your babies, but you can hire house assistants (except nannies) to help you in your daily activities.

More Information – 100 Baby

Asylum – Fun Sims 4 Challenge


About this Challenge:

Asylum is a challenge in The Sims 4 that requires you to control a sim that lives in an asylum. In this mental health facility, you will need to strive for release from this place. To earn your release from the asylum, you need to follow the goals your psychiatrist tells you. To pass this challenge, you need to complete two Aspirations. You will come across many great things while working on this challenge.

Rules to Follow:

  • You need to complete the tasks set by the psychiatrist in the asylum.
  • You need to choose your life aspiration and strive to attain it.
  • To start this challenge, you will need to create one main character and seven other characters with insane traits.
  • It would help to keep your fellow asylum inmates as happy as possible while you are around.
  • You also need to be able to survive with a limited budget.
  • This is considered to be one of the best The Sims 4 Challenges.

Homeless – Best Sims 4 Challenges in 2022

The Sims 4 Challenges


It is an interesting Sims 4 challenge that people love to play in 2022. During this task, you need to stay alive by doing multiple things. Homelessness is a challenge that will put you into a homeless person’s life. In this challenge, the goal is simple. You need to earn 5000 Simoleons to complete the challenge. However, you need to make this money without having a house or a job. Once you’ve reached the money goal, you can continue your life by building a home for the character you play.

Homeless Challenge Rules:

  • First, you have to set the goal to earn 5000 Simoleons.
  • You must not build a house or have a job while trying to earn this money goal.
  • Make sure you don’t get married while in this condition.
  • You can create a young adult or an adult sim as a starter.
  • You need to stay alive in your homeless state.

Bachelor or Bachelorette

Bachelor or Bachelorette

What’s in this Challenge:

This challenge is a kind of test of your creativity. Bachelor or Bachelorette allows you to take care of a bachelor or bachelorette sim and lead them in their love life. In this challenge, you will need to create a male or female sim, and then he or she will go through a series of love relationships whereby you need to eliminate the potential love partners until you get the one that will become the true love partner. If you have chosen this task in Sims 4, you must be super creative and apply various things while creating your Sim.

Bachelor Challenge Rules:

  • You need to start with a male or a female sim with any characteristics you want.
  • There are some day-to-day activities that you need to follow in this challenge.
  • You must create seven potential love partners for your starter sim, and you can choose any characteristics for these characters.
  • Most importantly, you will need to go on dates individually with potential love partners.
  • You will need to eliminate them one by one to find a true love partner.

Living Off the Land – Sims 4 Farming Challenge

The Sims 4 Challenges

About Living Off the Land:

It is one of the best Sims 4 challenges on our list that assures maximum in-game fun. Living Off the Land is a challenge in The Sims 4 that you can play to feel how it is like to earn money for a living by cultivating the surrounding land. You will make money by growing crops and doing various things related to farming and woodworking. You will start with nothing and increase your wealth through the business you build by cultivating the land. We have realized that this challenge is best for young adults.

Challenge Rules:

  • You will need to create a founder sim that will love nature.
  • You will need to build a tiny house with a garden around it.
  • Nature should be your first aspiration, but you can add other aspirations once you’ve achieved the Nature aspiration.
  • You can decorate the garden with trees and flowers.
  • Then, you can buy a woodworking bench and start making money from the surrounding nature.

100 Heartbreak – Sims 4 Challenges for Men

100 Heartbreak


100 Heartbreak is a challenge that requires you to have at least 100 heartbroken relationships in one lifetime. This Sims 4 challenge assures maximum adventure in the game, and people love completing this task in 2022. So, your sim character needs to have at least 100 partners and then break their hearts on purpose to meet this challenge. For this challenge to work, you must set your lifespan to “Long.” Most importantly, this task has to be done in the Sim’s life you have chosen.

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100 Heartbreak Challenge Rules:

  • You need to build a relationship with one sim at a time.
  • Unless you complete this challenge, you can not get engaged or married.
  • You are restricted from traveling to other locations except for dating other sims.
  • Pick any aspirations and traits you want, but you can choose features and aspirations that might help you in this challenge.
  • You are allowed to use the Billionaire Mod for this challenge.

More Information – 100 Heartbreak

Ultimate Survival

Sims 4 challenges

About this Challenge:

Ultimate Survival is one challenge that is not to be confused with the other similar survival challenges for The Sims 4. This challenge gives you the aspect of an alien life-form into the challenge, making it quite fun yet challenging to play. Your goal is to survive in the wilderness and earn 50,000 Simoleons that you can use to build a house later. The adventure in this challenge appears when you have to collect money keeping in mind that you must survive till the challenge is completed. You get challenges within this Ultimate Survival challenge, such as managing money and following the rules we mentioned below.

Rules to Follow:

  • It is better for you to create an alien life-form for this challenge to experience it in the best way possible.
  • Cheats or mods are not allowed to be used.
  • You will build your basic tent to supply your necessities throughout your survival.
  • It is also allowed to collect things around you, but you can only do that by walking.
  • You need to do whatever is necessary to earn the income goal you need.

Big Brother Fun Challenge Sims 4

Best Sims 4 challenges

About this Challenge:

The Big Brother challenge is a fun challenge you can try if you want to experience the feel of the reality TV show called Big Brother. This reality TV show is about gathering people together in one place and then voting them out one by one as time passes. The last man standing will be the winner of this reality TV show. Moreover, it is up to you whether you punish others or give them rewards as a big brother. You can also decide this through their activities in the home. If their actions are suitable for you, give them tips accordingly.

Big Brother Challenge Rules:

  • You need to create at least eight sims to be the contestants in this reality TV show game.
  • The house can be a luxurious mansion or a run-down place.
  • You can choose the traits and characteristics of each contestant in any way you want.
  • There are tasks that the contestants need to complete each week, and one by one will be eliminated until the last man standing is announced.
  • You can create the house where these contestants will be living together.

More Information – Big Brother

Hired Help – Sims 4 Money Challenges

Hired Help Sims 4 Challenge

What’s in Hired Help Challenge:

It is one of the most liked Sims 4 challenges of all time because you have to complete multiple other tasks when completing Hired Help challenge. Most importantly, your painting, cooking, and fitness skills must be polished during this challenge. Hired Help is the challenge that allows you to play as a sim that has multiple skills.

They will become the Hired Help for various purposes, such as gardening, house assistance, babysitting, and many more. Your goal is to build your skills in different industries. This is how you can get hired by almost anyone that needs your services.


  • The sim character will be a young adult with any aspirations.
  • You will live in a starter house with particular objects you need to put in.
  • You are not allowed to get married while still being a hired help.
  • Every day, there will be tasks that you need to complete.
  • Different moods will be required to complete other tasks, and you will become the hired help for about 30 days.

Going Broke – Most Popular Sims 4 Challenge

the sims 4 challenges


It is another excellent Sims 4 generation challenge that attracts many people to the game. Going Broke gives you a different kind of feel when it comes to The Sims 4 challenges. While other challenges might allow you to go to the top, Going Broke is the challenge that will enable you to go down to the bottom. It’s a fun challenge to play.

The challenge starts when a Sim comes into your home, and you must keep the money safe. So the primary task you need to accomplish here is that you need to go broke into the next ten generations. Interesting, isn’t it?

Going Brake Challenge Rules:

  • You will start as a wealthy person who has 1,000,000 Simoleons in your possession.
  • There is a luxurious mansion at first for the player who chooses this challenge.
  • It is essential to spend all your money until you go broke, i.e., having zero money in the bank.
  • You will need to complete this challenge in as few generations as possible.
  • The faster you go broke, the higher the points that you get.

Astronaut Legend

This challenge in The Sims 4 requires you to realize your sim’s aspiration as an astronaut. You will start with just the aspiration to become a great astronaut and spend your life proving to others that you can do it. In the end, the goal of this challenge is for you to become an astronaut legend. The lifetime in this Sims 4 challenge is set short, ensuring the challengers get maximum fun in the game.

Rules to Follow:

  • You will need to start with a young adult sim with socially awkward and genius traits.
  • You will need to start from nothing, which means having no money.
  • Most importantly, you can play this challenge in Easy, Normal, and Hard mode.
  • Next, you need to get better in your rocket science skill and charisma.
  • It is important to complete specific objectives that will lead you to become an astronaut legend.

Living Off the Grid – Sims 4 Fishing Challenge

fun challenge sims 4

About this Challenge:

Living Off the Grid is a challenge that aims to build a community that is separated from the everyday society in the world. With this objective, you will be required to create your town and live with your fellow sims separated from the simple convenience of modern life. When you are up to complete this Sims 4 challenge, you can go to any fishing and swimming place. Going to such spots is essential because you must collect water for your use.

Rules to Follow:

  • You must live wholly separated from the other sims living in modern society.
  • You must create your tribe and town entirely away from the everyday conveniences.
  • It is imperative for you to survive and work for yourselves while living in your town.
  • Your fellow sims and you must not use modern technology in your daily activities.
  • You must fill in the requirements for each household in your town to complete the challenge.

Guardian Legacy – Sims 4 Official Challenges

legacy challenges

About Challenge:

If you love to complete legacy challenges in the Sims 4 game, you must be ready for this one too. With the Guardian Legacy challenge, you will need to live your life for the service of the community. You need to appoint at least one person to become the community’s guardian for each generation. This challenge will go through 10 ages, building your legacy as the guardian of society. Interestingly, you can create both males and females as your legacy’s founders. Also, the use of the characters in this challenge is exciting and significant.

Guardian Legacy Challenge Rules:

  • It will help if you create an alien male or female sim as the founder of the legacy.
  • You can give the character the traits or aspirations that you want, but two of the characteristics must be good traits.
  • Find a way for the founder sim to become the guardian of the community; you can do that by being helpful to the society around them.
  • You will disguise your alien sim as a regular human being to mingle with other sims in the community.
  • You will need to do this for each generation following the first generation, up to 10 generations.

Nomad – The Sims 4 Challenges

nomad challenge sims 4

About Nomad Challenge:

Nomad is a challenge that requires an outdoor retreat from the characters. Nomad is the challenge in The Sims 4 that requires you to live the life of a nomad, someone who wanders around and only lives off the land’s resources. You will live in the empty neighborhood to start your own life, gathering resources from the surrounding nature. The difficulties you face while living makes it one of the best Sims 4 challenges. You need to survive and build your legacy throughout generations.

Rules to Follow in Nomad Challenge:

  • You will need to start with two young adult sims of any relationship.
  • In addition, you need to start with zero money.
  • You need to build a garden where there are plenty of plants that you can use.
  • While completing this challenge, you must build a house with a set price in an empty neighborhood.
  • You must also build a museum and put all your collections in it.

Wolf Pack – Sims 4 Animals Challenge

wolf pack sims 4 challenge

About this Challenge:

We have added this Sims 4 challenge to our list for animal lovers. The Wolf Pack challenge is a unique challenge where you will play as a single sim that lives in a household with six dogs (called the wolf pack) to guard you. There will be one evil raccoon that will always try to ruin your life every single day. Your goal is to do your daily activities and achieve your objectives despite the existence of the evil raccoon. In addition, you must create a sim that helps you with the money. Remember that you must collect 50,000 Simoleons to make a house.

Wolf Pack Challenge Rules:

  • You will need to create one sim that needs to earn money by doing different things, such as gardening, fishing, and more.
  • The biggest challenge for you is to build a house worth 50,000 Simoleons if you want to win the challenge.
  • Your life will be disturbed by the existence of the evil raccoon all the time.
  • Another condition for you to win the challenge is when the raccoon dies.
  • You need to keep going and use your wolf pack to help you when you need them.

Disney Princess – Fun Sim 4 Challenges for YouTube

Disney princess challenge

About the Challenge:

You must be aware of the Disney Princess name because it is a famous movie as well as a franchise. So, this Sims 4 challenge is based on that franchise. Disney Princess is another legacy challenge in The Sims 4 that will allow you to play as different Disney Princesses throughout generations. If you are a fan of Disney, this will be worth a try. The Disney Princess will be your main sim character for the next ten generations or for as long as this challenge goes. There are some different character names that you can choose.

Disney Princess Rules:

  • This challenge runs for ten generations with different Disney Princesses as the main sim character.
  • You can play Snow White, Cinderella, Tiana, Aurora, and others.
  • Each Disney Princess sim will have its traits and aspirations.
  • Each sim character’s story will be similar to the level of each particular Disney Princess.
  • Your sim founder that will start this 10-generation challenge is Snow White.
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Black Widow Sims 4 Challenge

Black Widow Challenge

Challenge Description:

This challenge has been added to the list for those who love to complete complex tasks. Also, it is one of the best Sims 4 challenges on our list because it brings a lot of fun to the game. Black Widow is a “dark” challenge that you can do if you want to experience new gameplay in The Sims 4. You will play as a Black Widow and marry many men throughout your life. However, you are also the one who will kill your husbands, and you will collect their tombstones. Of course, you will have to choose a female character of your own choice.

Rules for Black Widow Challenge:

  • You need to create a female character that will become the black widow.
  • Then, you will marry your secret lover and kill your first husband, leaving the mark of Black Widow on his tombstone.
  • You will need to build a relationship and get married to your first husband.
  • After getting married, you need to have an affair with another man and get caught by your husband.
  • You must repeat this process until you kill at least 10 of your husbands.

Decades – Best Sims 4 Challenge 2022

Decades Sims 4


The Decades challenge will give you the experience of living throughout the decades, with changing life circumstances, both your personal and social lives. In this challenge, you will need to start with the family that lives in 1890; you will go through different generations as the decades change. The most important thing about the Decades is that each of the decades you live in will have different rules from the previous ones. Ultimately, you will have to change your character and abilities over time.

Decades Challenge Rules:

  • You will start in 1890, living a simple life as a family.
  • The change will happen every ten years, so you will live in different periods and circumstances.
  • Each decade will bring change to your sim family.
  • As you raise your children, your personal and social lives will also change.
  • Each decade will offer its events and attractions.

History Challenge Sims 4

History challenge sim 4

About History Challenge:

This challenge is fun as well as an informative task that you can complete in the Sims 4 game. While working on this challenge, you will come across almost all the eras of the history of the world. At first, this challenge is a bit complex because you would have a limited profession initially. However, the History challenge offers you gameplay that spans seven different significant time periods. In the seven distinct eras, you will be able to witness the changes in history as you keep on doing your daily activities in each period. In addition, there will be challenges, events, and various other things that you can discover in each time period.

History Challenge Rules:

  • You will live in 7 different eras, and the first era you need to live in is the prehistoric era.
  • You need to adhere to the rules in each era.
  • Each era will offer you different challenges, big events, and happenings.
  • Your sims must have different traits and aspirations that are decided randomly.
  • You will need to set up the lifespan to normal.

Melting Pot – Legacy Challenge Sims 4

About this Challenge:

Were the previous Sims 4 legacy challenges not according to your requirements, or were they not fun for you? Try out completing the Melting Pot challenge because it is a challenge about creating mixed families in The Sims 4 and see how it goes. First, you will put together sims from different races, countries, styles, personalities, origins, and many more. Then, you will need to create the families that will act as the melting pot of these different sims. Lastly, this challenge is among the most prevalent challenges for Sims 4 lovers.

Rules for Melting Pot:

  • You need to have a household and put different types of sims into your family together.
  • The differences can be races, origins, countries, styles, personalities, etc.
  • You will see how it goes.
  • You will see how these sims interact with each other within the families.
  • You will see the outcomes of this little social experiment.
  • People who love the Sims 4 challenges always cherish this one.

Build a City – Lift Restrictions

building challenge

About Challenge:

Build a City – Lift Restrictions is a challenge that requires you to build your city in The Sims 4. You will start with a random number of families as the starter characters, with an arbitrary number of family members in each family. In this challenge, you will begin by building some houses and destroying the other buildings around you. Then you can make them anew. Most importantly, nobody can use cheats while working on this challenge. Also, you are restricted when building a city.

Rules to Follow:

  • You will build the city by completing your aspirations and different maxing skills.
  • Once you’ve created the starter sims and the starter families, you can bulldoze all the surrounding buildings.
  • You are not allowed to use cheats, and there are restrictions that you need to follow.
  • As you go with your daily lives, your sims will also do something to expand their settlements.
  • You will need to unlock and build different buildings one by one.

Bunker Legacy – Best Sims Challenges

bunker legacy

Challenge Description:

This popular Sims 4 challenge is about manufacturing a bunker with limited recourses. Bunker Legacy is a challenge that will put you into the place of someone living inside the bunker. The idea is to keep striving while residing inside the bunker, and you have to keep it up until the 10th generation. Since the outside world is not safe now, your only choice is to keep your family safe inside the bunker. There are many exciting difficulties that you come across, making this challenge adventurous and complex at the same time.

Banker Legacy Rules:

  • First, you need to build a bunker in a large lot with only just the necessities for you to use.
  • You must build families and stay inside the bunker for at least ten generations.
  • It is foremost to create a starter sim to start living inside the bunker.
  • Your daily activities will continue inside the bunker, and you need to keep all your family members as happy and thriving as possible.
  • You need to experience certain bad events throughout your life.

Just the Way I Am – New Sims 4 Challenge

About this Challenge:

It is one of the latest challenges in the Sims 4 game but has some fun as others. So, the Just the Way I Am challenge gives you a task that requires you to take yourself to the next level by achieving various aspirations and developing yourself. The challenge will last for many generations, and you can choose between different difficulties for different gameplay experiences. It ultimately depends on your game experience. You can start with the access mode and then enhance your experience in the game for the most complex level.


  • The type of aspiration that you meet will determine your hair color.
  • You can choose between Novice, Normal, Hard, and Extra Hard difficulty.
  • You need to create a starter sim that has emotional traits.
  • A scoring system is available when you complete or achieves certain things.
  • You need to be able to complete various life aspirations depending on their type.

Royal Family – Sims 4 Generation Challenges

Royal Family

It’s time for you to play with the Royal Family for almost ten generations and create prestige. The prestige will be made through your activities in this challenge. Royal Family gives you the objective to keep your royal family bloodline throughout generations in The Sims 4. Following this challenge, you must create one regal family sim that will pass on the royal lineage to the subsequent generations. You can use the money cheat to give you sufficient funds at the start. When this challenge is in the initials, you can choose king, queen, or both to have more fun in the game.

Royal Family Challenge Rules:

  • It is your choice whether you want to create a king, a queen, or both king and queen at the start of the challenge.
  • You will need to use the money cheat to give yourself significant starter funds, up to 5 million Simoleons.
  • You need to build a castle for your starter sim.
  • New generations need to carry your royal bloodline.
  • You will need to build a family and choose an heir for every new generation.

Parentcy Challenge


About Parentcy Challenge:

This is one of the most liked Sims 4 challenges because of the role given to the player who will complete this. So, the Parentcy challenge in The Sims 4 is a task that gives you the part of the parent. You will focus on becoming a great parent to your children. It will span multiple generations, and you will become a different kind of parent for each generation. You must also achieve particular objectives in your parenting quest for each generation. In short, the goal of this challenge is that you prove yourself a great parent for your kids to pass this mission.

Parentcy Challenge Rules:

  • The focus of this challenge is to become the best parent in each generation.
  • You will start with a male or female sim, pursue your career, get married, and have a child.
  • In subsequent generations, you will appoint an heir for each generation, becoming a different kind of parent for their children.
  • You must complete various objectives for each generation and earn points every time you meet your goal.
  • This is the challenge that will span 13 generations.

I’m a Lover – Sims 4 Short Challenges

It is a romantic challenge on our list that almost every Sims game player loves to complete. So, you must start this challenge by choosing a male or female sim character. I’m a Lover is a challenge that will let you experience the various aspects of love. In each generation, you can explore love in different ways and from different angles. You will start as a young adult sim with a romantic trait, and then you will start finding your love partner and experience various kinds of love stories throughout generations.

Challenge Rules:

  • You will start by creating a male or female sim with romantic traits and soul mate aspirations.
  • Your goal is to find your soulmate or perfect love partner, get married, and carry your legacy as a lover to subsequent generations.
  • Each generation has its own love story that you need to pursue.
  • You will follow this challenge at least to the 10th
  • Each generation also has particular objectives you must complete before moving on to the next generation.

Animal Crossing – Sims 4 Official Challenge

About this Challenge:

This is another Sims 4 challenge for pet lovers and ensures maximum in-game fun. Animal Crossing challenge is about making friends with other sims around you. You will not need to gain popularity or earn a certain amount of money in this challenge. Once you set up this challenge, you can start making friends and collect specific objects that you will place in your museum. Moreover, you must work on the city where you live and ensure it becomes an attractive place to live. Lastly, it is inspired by the popular Animal Crossing game franchise released by Nintendo.

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  • You will start with a sim character and move your personality to a house you build using the cheat.
  • It would be great for you to make friends with your fellow sims.
  • You will decorate your house and start putting your first item in the museum, i.e., your armor.
  • Your goal is to complete the museum by placing all the collectibles that you need to obtain in this challenge.
  • Lastly, you will need to upgrade your town to make it a better place to live for you and your friends.


Entrepreneur Challenge Sims 4:

Are you interested in becoming a businessman in the Sims 4? If yes, you will have to complete The Entrepreneur Challenge. It is a task that will give you the role of an entrepreneur trying to establish your business in your town. The goal is to earn the profit of 1,000,000 Simoleons, and it can be done in many generations if you want. Most importantly, you won’t have much money when you are starting your business. In your town, you will need to choose your own business and have business transactions with various stores near you. You will expand your business together with other sims in the same town.

Rules in this Challenge:

  • You will set up the stores you need to have in your town, which is operated by different sims.
  • The challenge starts with 20,000 Simoleons in your pocket fund to build your business.
  • Interestingly, you can play as different sims, and each store will provide the necessary stuff for other sims.
  • You will build a house and a store for each sim and earn money from your business.
  • The challenge will be completed when you earn 1,000,000 in profit.

Drifter – The Sims 4 Challenges

drifter challenge

About Drifter Challenge:

This is comparatively a short yet exciting Sims 4 challenge in 2022. You are going to work on the creation of 24 brand-new homes in your town. Drifter is a challenge that gives you various mini-challenges that you need to complete. Each challenge revolves around building a new house for your sims. In Drifter, you will need to construct different homes, and each house you have created will give you points to go further in the challenge. As you rebuild the houses, you will be able to rebuild the whole town. Most importantly, this challenge itself has further challenges that you must complete.

Drifter Rules:

  • You will need to build a total of 24 houses in your town.
  • Each house that you build will have its objectives and goals that you need to complete.
  • As you build each house, you will contribute to the development and growth of your town.
  • Each house will give you its challenge with its own rules.
  • The challenge can go for multiple generations, or you can complete it in as few generations as possible.

Going Solo – Difficult Sims 4 Challenge

going solo challenge

Challenge Description:

Going Solo challenge is considered a difficult one in the Sims community. Secondly, it is about your life and the goals you want to achieve. So, it is a challenge with hard work, reaching your life goals, and fulfilling your most profound dreams. In this challenge, you must get your lifetime wishes and achieve the maximum level in your career or profession. You will focus on developing yourself and only have one child per generation while doing so. The limitations say you can not have more than one child in one generation.

Rules to Follow:

  • You will also need to achieve the maximum level in your career once you’ve chosen a job or a profession.
  • There are plenty of possibilities that you can reach with this challenge, as you can choose any LTW, career, or profession.
  • You will only be allowed to have one child per generation.
  • It is essential to fulfill your lifetime wishes and create your own story without repeating them.
  • You need to complete all aspirations and career goals once.

Roleplay Sims 4 Challenge

Roleplay Challenge Sims 4

About Roleplay Challenge:

We know many gamers love to play roleplaying games. Therefore, we have added this challenge to our list of best Sims 4 Challenges in 2022. The Roleplay is the task in The Sims 4 that will put you into a kind of reality TV roleplaying where eight sims are living together in one house. The activities and chores they will do each day will be determined by a die roll or random factor. But there will be lucky and unlucky sims that will be freed from the daily chores as well as obliged to do all the cleaning in the house.


  • The daily activities for the sims are determined by random factors or dice rolls, which will give them the chores to do each day.
  • There are plenty of daily activities to do on any single day, with each sim doing different activities.
  • The lucky sim will be free to do whatever they want on the given day.
  • Each sim will have its schedule that they need to follow each day.
  • The unlucky sim will be obliged to do many chores, and they will need to clean the house for that day.

Single Father Challenge in Sims 4

Single Father is a challenge you can follow in The Sims 4, which will give you the experience of becoming a single father for your child. While working to fulfill this challenge, you will have to create a new sim and make sure it becomes the single father. Most importantly, whether you get a girl or a boy does not matter. However, there are some goals that you need to achieve in this challenge. For example, ensuring your child and yourself are as successful as possible.

Single Father Challenge Rules:

  • You need to create a young adult sim that will become a single father.
  • Make sure you have family-oriented aspirations and relevant traits.
  • You need the skills and the career to earn enough money for your child.
  • Your child can be a son or a daughter, and they can be a baby or a little child.
  • You will need to be well off and raise your child to be a successful person.

Three Little Sims

three little sims

In this challenge, you will have to manage three little and different sims. It is a fun challenge in The Sims 4 that will allow you to observe the life of three sims living in the same place at first. Interestingly, you can handle one sim among the three in one day to have more fun. These three little sims will cohabitate as a roommate and live together for a set amount of time. As a player, you will control only one sim each day.


  • Each sim will have its own traits and aspirations.
  • The three sims will live in the same house but have their own activities.
  • You will only take control of one sim each day.
  • When you control one sim, the other two sims will do their own things automatically.
  • You will see how it turns out once a certain period has passed.

Ultimate University – Sims 4 Extreme Challenge

We are about to suggest you a challenge that will make you a university student. The Ultimate University challenge will put you into an experience as a university student with only the bare minimum skills and aspirations at first. However, this challenge aims to ensure that you get good grades in the university and achieve good scores when you graduate. In short, this challenge is about passing and failing the exam. If you pass the exam, you pass this Sims 4 challenge. If you get an F grade, you need to try again.


  • You will need to live a life of a university student that starts from nothing, and you need to strive to achieve high grades during your study.
  • It is essential for you to get an F grade or above if you want to pass this challenge.
  • You will create a teen sim that has minimum traits and aspirations.
  • Pick any major, and your goal is to do your best to achieve high grades.
  • You will need to create the dorm and other things related to the university.

Wonder Child

wonder child challenge

The Wonder Child challenge in the Sims 4 game is about giving birth to a child and make them a great human being before he/she reaches its teen age. So, it is a challenge that will test your parenting skills to the limit. This is because you will need to raise a child that will become the future wonder child if you do the parenting right. Your goal is to ensure that your child will achieve various things as much as possible before they reach the young adult stage. Also, you need to be careful with the selection of characters because it can also effect your upcoming child.


  • You will start by creating a family, producing a child for you to care for.
  • Once the child is born, you will need to teach them various things and encourage them to achieve their aspirations.
  • You will need to keep doing good parenting to your child and to keep the child happy and fulfilled.
  • Before reaching a young adult, your child should be able to have various achievements that you can be proud of.
  • The cheat system is forbidden in this challenge.

Well-Rounded Family

As the challenge name suggests, it is another family-related challenge you can fulfill in the Sims 4 game. The Well-Rounded Family challenge is the challenge that allows you to raise your kids in a good family environment. You will start by creating good parents with good traits and aspirations for your kids. You can also surround your kids with extended family members if this is what you prefer. The roles of the family members are simple a mom looking after the work in the house, a father going to the job, and kids studying. Read more rules of this challenge below.


  • You will need to set good examples for your kids so that they can follow your reasonable steps.
  • The kids should be adopted when they are still babies.
  • You will need to create two sims as the parents of the kids.
  • The mother should stay at home, the father should have a job, and the kids or teens must go to school.
  • You will need to give the parents the starter fund to do their daily activities.


There are numerous Sims 4 challenges that people love to complete while playing this game. However, not all of them are great and adventurous, and people demand those challenges that contain maximum fun till the completeness of the task. Therefore, we have followed the trend and short-listed the 40 best Sims 4 challenges you will love and never forget. These challenges are in different categories like money, sims, parents, adventure, legacy, etc. Also, there are some rules that you must follow if you choose any of the challenges that we have reviewed here. So, start achieving these goals and let us know which one of our suggestions brought more fun and adventure to your game.

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