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Temp Mail- Know All About the Benefits and Usage

Temp mail is a temporary email address that can be used to store messages.

The period of temp mail is only 8 days. After 8 days the account of temp mail automatically gets deactivated.

You can use this email account as your email account. In this, there are no rules to set a password.

You can easily use this email by downloading the app from the internet. As we know many sites and online shopping websites ask you to provide your email to make sure your identity is real.

But there is also a risk of getting spam and getting the email hacked. So to keep your original account safe and secure you can use temp mail.

You can provide this email account to get the emails and other documents online.

There are many benefits of Temp mail. Some of them are described below.

Benefits of Temp Mail   

  • You can easily avoid spam and keep your inbox spam free
  • Easily maintain your anonymity
  • They can easily download and set up
  • Temp mail can be used as a temporary email and they are so effective as using your mail
  • You can keep separating the received mails
  • This work for a sort time hence easily maintained
  • They do not require any extra software or hardware
  • They can be easily operable and do not intersect your old emails and can be used parallel
  • Temp mail provides plenty of capacity and scope.
  • Temp mail comes with a dashboard that helps you in controlling all of your user accounts.

How emails affect your business?

Some features of email are described below that affect your business.

Guerrilla Mail

With the help of guerrilla mail, you can easily create email accounts of nine domain names. There is no need for registration and the email address lasts up to an hour.

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These are publicly visible emails. You can create free web-based addresses and receive emails and messages. There is no registration process in this feature.


Airmail is an autogenerated email address. This gets change in every 10 seconds. You can check your inbox with the help of the internet using a unique URL.

10-minute mail

In this, you can copy past your mail but that mail lasts only for 10 minutes. You can also ask for an extra 10 minutes by clicking the provided link.

Your mail

In this, you can create your email that can last long up to 8 days. And use it as your temporary email account to store mails and documents for those 8 days.

Reasons to Use Temp Mail

temp mail logo

We always asked for our email in many different places. And if once we provide them our email they start forwarding many unnecessary emails and notifications that cause that our mail gets full of unwanted emails and spam messages.

The main reason to use temp mail is to solve this problem. So with the help of temp mail you can do registration on any website or page and you get all the important information on the temp mail without interrupting your mailbox.

A temp mail must be used in the confidential environment and not as the same one that is your regular one as it’s the impermanent and mail without human intervention is eradicated after a specific time.

A temp mail services facilitate the use of the disposable address that one can easily copy-paste when registering to a site that is not reliable.

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Other Abilities

You can make registration to many different resources. Sometimes it is necessary to register but the site is not confidential so it is dangerous to input your real information.

So in that place, you can use temp mail as your email account to get the information.

  • You can use this email in such a place where you do not need to visit again like to download any game or movie. There also we can use Temp mail.
  • This can be used in internet voting. You can create a much temporary email to make more votes to your favorite star or person.
  • This type of mails provides fast response to letters. So you can read them there and get all the information about the author.
  • You can create many accounts on any website with the help of temporary mail.
  • Can I delete the account easily? Yes, a user can easily do the account deletion without facing any troubles.
  • Is spam protection there? Yes, if one sends you the spam mail you won’t see that.
  • Do I need to perform captcha at the time of registration? No, there you need not have to perform captcha.

Features of Temp Mail

Some of the features that are there with the usage of the mail are as follows –

Effective system

These emails provide you a simple and reliable way to use temporary mails.

That can help you in getting information and emails from many different sources at the same time.

You can easily get access to different channels and websites at the same time.

There are many frond companies are also which may ask for your email and then hack it and use it for their purpose.

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So you can provide them your temporary emails that don’t let them hack your real account.

Free to use

Temp mail is free to use and you can download it as many times as you want to.

Some emails apply charges on using them. But to use temp mail you do not need to pay any amount.

There is no limitation on downloading and using the email. You download it tons of time according to your needs.

Numerous interface languages

The app is made for users all over the world. And there are many languages to make interfaces.

So there are several languages to choose from. And there are different languages are available like Spanish, Dutch, French, Italian and many others. You can choose the language accordingly.

Convenient and simple interface

No one wants to waste their time figuring out how does the application works. So our customers don’t face any trouble in knowing about the app.

There are some easy steps to follow and we also provide a guide on how to use the app.


Temp mail helps you in getting registered on many different sources without any risk.

With the help of these emails, you can keep your real mail account safe and secure.

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