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New Tech Allows You to Target Practice at Home with Your Firearm

If you haven’t seen the latest technology that allows you to shoot a real firearm in your house that fires nothing but a laser, you’re missing out. You simply load a special cartridge in the chamber as you would a round, and your gun will fire a laser rather than a projectile.

There are several laser-firing systems on the market that come with special targets. Some systems require you to turn off the lights to see when you’ve hit the target. However, at least one system comes with electronic targets that light up and change colours when hit.

The best part is that these laser target systems are compatible with most 9mm handguns, including most Glocks, Rugers, and Smith & Wesson models. If you own a handgun, you probably won’t need to buy a new gun to use a laser system.

Laser systems on the market

There are a handful of different laser dry fire systems on the market. Not all systems are the same. Some come with better targets, while others are easier to install. Some systems are built only for 9mm, and prices vary between $40 and $400.

  • Laserlyte. The Laserlyte 9mm cartridge costs around $90 and comes with a product replacement warranty.
  • Laser Ammo Premium. The Laser Ammo Premium Kit comes with adapters that allow you to fire the laser with a 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP. You’ll pay about $150 for this system.
  • SIRT Pistol. This is a Glock laser pistol designed just for dry firing a laser. The cost is around $250.
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While each laser system is different, you can buy additional target systems to use with just about any laser cartridge. Technically, the laser is just projecting a dot onto a target, so you could make your own targets if you want. However, it’s more fun to get targets that respond interactively to a laser beam.

Some systems use paper targets, like the G-Sight system, that connects to an app on your smartphone. These types of systems provide instant feedback on your accuracy.

Why use lasers? Shooting lasers at home is a cheap range alternative

Going to the range used to be easy and stress-free. You could pack up your gear and head out to your favourite local range on a whim. It wasn’t a big deal to blow through several boxes of ammo; even if you were shooting a .45 Colt and paying almost $1 per round, that was nothing compared to ammo prices today.

Now, ammo that used to cost ten cents per round has skyrocketed past $1 per round, and it’s no longer affordable to blow through a few boxes at the range. A box that used to cost $15 now costs around $30-$35, depending on the store.

Practice drills banned from the range

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a range that will allow you to draw your gun from a holster and then fire. That’s unfortunate when you need to practice that drill for the possibility of a real-life scenario. With a laser target, you can practice this and any other drill banned from the range.

Train your kids to shoot with a laser system

If you want to train your kids to shoot, but you can’t take them to a range or you don’t want them using real bullets, train them with a laser cartridge.

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Using a laser cartridge, you can teach your kids how to use your handgun safely so they can get familiar with it. Even though it’s only loaded with a laser, you can still teach them to treat it as if it’s loaded. However, you won’t have to worry about accidental firing if they make a mistake.

Don’t forget the dummy rounds

Dry firing can be hard on your firing pin. You can use a dummy round or snap cap to protect your firing pin.

Precautions for using laser dry fire systems

It should go without saying that you should never dry fire with a laser in public, just like you should never carry, brandish, or fire an airgun or BB gun in public.

If you live in the city, you probably shouldn’t target practice in your yard because neighbours might report you to the police. While you would be well within your rights to use your yard, the situation might not turn out in your favour.

People have gone to jail over toy guns and if the police show up while you’re aiming your gun at the fence, they will treat the situation as if you’re about to fire a real bullet.

Make the best of the ammo shortage

The ammo shortage and ammo inflation aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Although prices have come down a little, and the stock has made it to the shelves, make the most of the shortage with a dry fire laser system. You won’t have to leave your home and you’ll save a ton of money.

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