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Social Media Marketing: Some Common Mistakes! iRiverAmerica

Social media marketing is a highly effective tool in today’s globalized world.

Social media marketing has become so popular because of its reach to the mass audience, to whom no other marketing strategy can reach.

Thus it is extremely beneficial for businesses as it can expose them to a huge audience.

It is completely different from traditional making techniques that have limited reach to the target audience or customers.

It is a wide and powerful tool for businesses to be engaged with people. Therefore it is essential that businesses should make the best use of this platform as it will provide them immense opportunities to prosper.

Common Mistakes in Social Media Marketing

However, there are some businesses that still do not know how to use social media marketing techniques effectively.

Due to this, they cannot make the judicious use of this platform. The following are the common mistakes in social media marketing that businesses or companies make-

  • There is a lack of planning i.e. posting content without any proper strategy.

Planning is the key to success, hence it becomes important to do proper planning and research before posting content.

The marketing design should be a well-thought-out strategy. It should have a concrete planning of its goals, resources, target, and budget to hit the social media.

Having the content strategy will help in building up the audience.

  • Lack of time investment i.e. not being regular in posting content or not giving enough time to it.

In order to attain a goal or target, one needs to have time investment in it. Social media marketing works effectively only if one posts content on it on a regular basis.

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Regular posting keeps the audience attracted and bound to the content. Remember, constant promotion is the key.

  • Not Taking Criticism Constructively

Some businesses tend to delete the negative comments.

The audience does not like to be ignored rather it demands respect. Deleting their comments will only attract more negative reactions from them.

It is therefore important to address their complaints rather than removing them.

  • Ignoring the Feedback

People like to be responded well when they are seeking information.

Staying silent in the comment section or wherever not required will keep away the interest of the audience.

Rather than ignoring the negative feedback, the businesses should focus on discovering the solution to it.

It is better to act on the complaints and answer the questions which will keep businesses to stay relevant on social media.

  • Not Being Creative

In order to attract a huge audience, one needs to show some creativity in the content production to maintain the interest of the audience.

It should be entertaining and valuable rather than monotonous. Adding the gifs, pictures, animations, stickers, memes, blog posts, videos, infographics, etc. adds humor to the content that amuses the audience. Keep on experimenting!

Social Media Marketing

  • Not Giving Genuine Content

Today millennials are becoming popular due to the authentic and organic content they provide.

They have set an example for the businesses that seek social media marketing tools for them.

The businesses should focus on giving the most genuine information with organic content to it. Low-quality content should be avoided.

It is not about too much of posting but about giving the best authentic content. It is the best way to attract an audience in a positive way. Focus on quality rather than quantity.

  • Excess Promotions Of the Content
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Posting regularly and over posting or over-promoting has a difference. While regular posting is healthy; over promoting irks the audience.

Over promoting looks forceful. It should be such that it should not start bothering the customers.

Think about it from the audience perspective, rather than blasting them with the promos, make it a two-way conversation so that the audience is engaged.

  • Focusing on Just One Social Media Platform

Social media platform has diversified itself largely over the years i.e. there are many social media platforms. Why not make judicious use of all of them together?

This will offer a huge campaign to the businesses. Taking several social media platforms will diversify the reach of the audience and keep them updated.

  • Focusing on all sorts of the audiences rather than the target audience-

It is important to identify the target audience i.e. the audience that is interested in the content created or who needs the content information.

Businesses should focus on giving content to the audience that is relevant to that particular service pr information.

The audience is the base of any business. Hence, the focus should be on the audience and limiting those posts only to the relevant audience will have a better impact.

  • Being Self-Centered

Social media in marketing is all about the audience. It is for the audience so it should be made about them.

This is one of the most common mistakes that companies or businesses do i.e. only focusing on their own self; their news, their products, their projects, their events, all about themselves and always referring in the third person.

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This will not make the audience feel connected. Audiences should be talked of or given the content of what they want to hear and see.

Only this strategy will get the audience engaged to the social media marketing platform

Some benefits of social media marketing

  1. With proper techniques and strategy, it grows the sales of businesses and increases the audiences or customer base.
  2. It uses more customer-generated content for advertising to perform in a better way. Thus its customer reach is high.
  3. Businesses can promote themselves with low cost or free of cost via this platform. Thus it is cost-effective.


There is no doubt that social media marketing is one of the best marketing techniques that is helping businesses to grow across.

It is playing a vital role in the promotion of brands online. It has transformed the way to communicate in a better manner.

Now businesses can engage the audiences in their own creative ways via this. In fact, there are numerous tools available for social media marketers to help streamline their social media campaigns.

Thus be it big or small business, it is beneficial for them to utilize this platform with proper techniques and avoiding mistakes to stay relevant and attract new customers.

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