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Great Smart Home Security Gadgets You Need Right Now

Home security is something you would never compromise on. But paying a security guard to keep a watchful eye on the house is not something most of us can afford.

However, with the revolution in the smart home security technology, some of the home security gadgets come in a close second.

Affordably priced, efficient, and with a high quotient of ‘cool’, these gadgets can cover your home security like pros.

Smart home security is about surveillance cameras, but there is so much more to it with the advent of smart gadgets for almost everything!

With newer smart devices coming on the market, the common man has plenty of options to choose from when it comes to buying home security devices.

You just need to decide on the requirements and the budget.

Here are some great home security gadgets that you need right now! Advantages? More peace of mind and you sleep easy!

  1. Smart Doorbell

A smart doorbell is just the thing you need to replace the obsolete doorbells that just ring.

With a smart doorbell, you can see the live feed from outside your door when someone rings it. You can then decide whether you want to open the door for the person or not.

Also, along with the video feed, you can even talk to the person outside before you let them in.

Smart doorbells can have a video display for you mounted somewhere in the house.

You can also connect the doorbell with your smartphone through an app and see who is outside from any corner of the house.

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With features like HD videos and even a secure local storage to keep a track of the visitors, a smart doorbell is something you should definitely go for.

  1. Wireless Security Camera

Security cameras are the ultimate must-have when it comes to home security. But wireless security cameras are definitely the game-changers.

Easy to set up, they can be paired with other devices such as your smartphone or your home assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Wireless security cameras are best for people who are looking for round the clock surveillance.


Some wireless cameras also come with two-way communication. They also have an in-built siren system and can be paired with a smartphone app so that you get alerts no matter where you are.

They have a good internal lighting system so that the quality of the videos captured is always good.

They are made weather-proof to withstand outdoor conditions.

  1. Smart Door Lock

A smart door lock is such a great alternative to the regular lock, you will want to get one for the main door right away.

A smart lock can be operated manually as well as connected to a smartphone or home assistant.

You can custom automate the locking system and unlock and lock the door without physically touching the lock.

The best part, it’s impossible to pick this lock!

Some smart locks come with a unique feature where you can give an e-key to a friend or someone you would want to allow entry into the house at specific times.

The lock can be preprogrammed to allow entry to the person having the e-key only during the time window specified.

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These e-keys are temporary and useful for guests.

And, here’s the ultimate advantage. No more fear of losing keys! If you are worried about the safety of smart locks, you aren’t alone.

There are some concerns about hacking smart locks, but it’s unlikely that a common criminal would go to such lengths.

  1. Home Monitoring Kit

While we think of home security as something that looks for any signs of trouble outside the house, a home monitoring kit will have gadgets that are placed inside the house.

Essentially, these kits comprise motion sensors for doors and windows. This will pick up on even family members entering and leaving the house.

So on a late night at work, it can give you the peace of mind that the children have safely reached home.

At the same time, an alert when you don’t expect anyone to be home can help you track a break-in.

The entire setup can be controlled via a smartphone app and you can disable the alarm system when not needed.

These devices can be connected to the internet and activity inside your home is just an app away.

These kits come with everything you need for the installation and are easy to use.

A popular home monitoring kit is the SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit from Samsung.

Final Thoughts

Home security is undoubtedly the top priority for you. And while security systems are constantly evolving and becoming more robust and efficient, these gadgets will give you the required edge in home security.

Also, if you already have other smart home gadgets, these security devices will complete the set and make your home truly a smart home!

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If you are looking for some pointers for buying smart devices, here is a helpful guide.

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