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Paperless Fax: Use Google Mail and Help the Environment

Are you aware that switching to paperless fax through email fax can have a positive effect on the environment? Traditional faxing generates billions of paper waste each year. 

So, adopting paperless faxing will contribute to saving the environment. The change starts with embracing digital technology. Using cutting-edge technology, you can send and receive faxes online without printing them. 

Google Mail is the most popular email client. Now, you can use Google Gmail to send and receive paperless faxes. In this article, we show you how to send paperless faxes through Google Mail using an online fax service. 

CocoFax – The best Google mail fax service 

CocoFax is a popular online fax service capable of sending and receiving faxes through Gmail. You can enjoy the convenience of using digital technology to fax via CocoFax


CocoFax provides a platform that supports faxing from any device. With Google mail, you use the app to send fax from iPhone. Thanks to CocoFax online server, users don’t have to print received faxes. 

Besides, you get 30 days of free trial after you sign up for the service. What’s more, you get a free custom fax number that suits your needs. The service has gained the attention of media outlets such as the New York Times. 

Paperless fax services you get from CocoFax

CocoFax is the go-to online fax service for those looking for reliable service. Its features make sure you don’t have to print any fax sent or received. CocoFax has the most impressive features of any online fax service. 

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Lifetime storage

With CocoFax, you no longer have to worry about losing your faxes. The service automatically archives all the received, sent and draft faxes. So, as long as you use the service to fax, all your faxes will be available. 

All the faxes are backed up on its server. Other online fax services save only the last 200 faxes. Fortunately, with CocoFax, you don’t have to worry about such limitations since you have lifetime storage. 

Safe and secure

CocoFax automatically encrypts all the faxes to ensure they are safe online. It uses the best security protocols to keep your faxes safe. This guarantees you are the only one who can see your faxes. 

This online fax service is much more secure than using a traditional fax service. 


Besides the ability to fax paperless faxes from Gmail, CocoFax allows sending of paperless faxes in other ways. For instance, it lets you use smartphone apps for iOS and Android devices to send and receive paperless fax.

Also, CocoFax supports faxing from other devices like computers running on Windows and macOS. What’s more any device with a web browser can fax paperless faxes using CocoFax. 

Fast and reliable 

CocoFax provides an instant way of sending paperless fax. You no longer have to wait to send and receive fax services using this online fax service. Also, you get notifications for each sent and received fax. 

This way, you won’t have to worry if the fax you sent was received or not. CocoFax lets you know in a very short time if the fax was successfully delivered or not. 

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Also, for each paperless fax you receive, you get a CocoFax notification. 

1.2 Sending paperless fax through Gmail using CocoFax

The process of sending and receiving paperless fax is easy using CocoFax. Paperless fax from Gmail using CocoFax is one of the ways companies positively contribute to the environment. 

Provided your device is connected to the internet, follow the steps below: 

Step 1: Sign up for a CocoFax account using your Gmail account you want to use for faxing. You get a 30-day free trial period after successfully signing up. Also, you get to choose your custom fax number free of charge. 


Step 2: After setting up your CocoFax account, open your Gmail on your device. Then click the option for composing a new email. Use the new email window that opens to draft your fax. 

Step 3: Fill the necessary fields. In the ‘To’ field rather than providing an email address, enter the recipient fax number followed by ‘@cocofax.com’. 

For instance, if the fax number is 123456 then the fax recipient fax should be as follows  

[email protected]

In the ‘Subject’ field, provide what you want to appear as the note at the top of the fax. In the email body, compose what you would like to appear on the cover page. 

If you have an attachment, CocoFax lets you attach pdf, doc, xls, png, jpg files. Also, you can send multiple files, CocoFax will merge the files into one file. 

Step 4: After confirming that you’ve captured every information you wanted in the fax, click the ‘Send’ button. 

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CocoFax will receive your fax and forward it as if sent from your fax to your fax number. The process is lightning-fast. When the fax is successfully transmitted you will receive a delivery confirmation. 


The ability to send and receive paperless fax through Gmail has a positive effect on the environment. Online fax service like CocoFax makes this possible. To use CocoFax for paperless fax, consider the steps above. 

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