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Best Solutions Here for Samsung TV Red Light Blinking 4, 5, or 6 Times

You were watching your favorite Netflix show or listening to some relaxing music, and suddenly the Samsung TV’s Red Light Kept Blinking at least 5 times and got turned off quickly after making a beep. Sometimes, Samsung TV blinks 4 times, gets off, and turns on itself while repeating the same procedure repeatedly. Samsung TV Red Light Blinking 5 Times is a common problem these days.

These cases might seem simple but can hit you financially very hard. People search for the solution to this problem quite often these days, and we have put our hearts out to find and suggest some working solutions to make things normal for Samsung Tv users.

In this guide, we will first discuss some reasons behind this weird behavior of Samsung TVs. Then, some explanations will depict the solution themselves while we will discuss all other possible solutions to get your Tv back on track. Samsung is a reputed brand around the globe, and people buy its products because of the quality it provides.

However, as far as bugs are concerned, electronic devices can behave weirdly anytime for any possible reason. Therefore, if you want to avoid similar problems in the future, we recommend you troubleshoot them every weekend.

Blinking Light on Samsung TV – Let’s Find Out Why?

Fix Samsung TV Red Light Blinking 5 Times

If your TV shows a blinking red light every time you turn it on, there could be three root causes of manipulating the TV.

  1. The first possible reason behind Samsung smart tv blinking red light issue could be a faulty switch or a power board supplying power to the LED. 
  2. Samsung TV’s backlight LED is seen as an issue in such cases. 
  3. HDMI has gone defective.

There is another related issue you may face with your Samsung TV. It is called Samsung TV Black Screen of Death.

Troubleshooting the TV will lead us to the exact problem. If you want to find the same problem, here are some critical steps you need to follow;

  1. Reset your Samsung TV if the red light blinked six times before turning it off. 
  2. Before you restart the TV after a factory reset, we suggest you unplug the TV from the main switch for a minimum of 10 minutes. 
  3. After a while, plug back in the TV main switch. Now, press the main button of the remote to turn the TV on.
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Following these steps will help you identify whether there is an issue with the LED itself or the power cable is not bringing the necessary power from the Power Board. You will also detect issues if there is an issue with the HDMI cable.

Samsung TV Red Light Blinking 5 Time – Best Solutions

After proper diagnosis, pick one of the following solutions to fix your problem according to the detected reason.

How to Reset Samsung’s TV

Follow the given steps to reset your Samsung TV properly. We suggest you do it fortnightly to avoid issues like this in the future.

  1. Press the TV’s power off button or the remote to turn everything off. 
  2. Plug out the power cable from the wall or power board. 
  3. You need to leave the TV unplugged for at least 2 hours to make itself calm. 
  4. Once you turn it back on, press and hold the power button for as long as 2 minutes to see if the solution worked. In most cases, this solution worked.

The simplest solution for the (Samsung tv red light blinking 5 times) issue is to reset your TV. However, if this solution doesn’t help users, here are some other solutions that will definitely help you to watch your shows again on your favorite TV.

Troubleshoot Power Board

Troubleshoot Power Board

In most cases where electronic devices start showing technical flaws, the power board supplying the required electric power is faulty. The quickest way to check if the power board is not good is to unplug the Samsung TV from the board and plug in any other device, like a cell phone charger or a laptop charger. If you have a charger that blinks a light when connected to a power supply will help you a lot. You will not need to connect the charger to its device.

Read about all types of chargers.

If you find out that the power board has gone faulty, you need to replace it as soon as possible. If you keep using this faulty board, you will make everything defective, which is usually connected to this board. Alternatively, if the board is good, there is an issue with the remote or the HDMI.

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Samsung TV Red Light Blinking 5 Times – Buttons In Sequence Solution

This solution usually doesn’t guarantee that the TV will start working, but in some cases, we saw this solution working. Here are the steps you need to follow;

  1. Simultaneously, press the Volume Decrease button and Menu button given at the back of your TV. 
  2. When you do this for as long as a few seconds, the TV should go into reset mode. 
  3. Please turn off your TV now by pressing the main button we usually call the power button. 
  4. Turning the TV on again will replace the red light with blue if the trick is successful. Once the blue light is on, your TV is finally back to its normal status.

Faulty LEDs

If you have some technical background, here is the guide to testing LEDs inside the TV. Testing LEDs will lead you towards the exact problem. Once the problem is identified, it will be easier to resolve the issue;

  1. Unplug the TV, get it off the wall, and place it somewhere safe facing down. 
  2. Extract IR receiver and Antenna
  3. Use a t5 screwdriver to unscrew four screws from the back.
  4. Extract the main board with ease without disturbing anything else. 
  5. The main board will come along with some LEDs. These Eight LEDs need to be tested. If any of them is not working, you need to replace them as soon as possible. 
  6. You should have a multimeter to test each LED separately.

You must have the required testing material for troubleshooting the internal LEDs perfectly. If you do not have a technical background, we suggest you find an electrician for this purpose.

Samsung TV Red Light Blinking 6 Times – HDMI Issue

HDMI Cable check if Samsung TV Red Light Blinking

If none of the above solutions worked for you, the only issue, we believe is that your HDMI cable has gone defective. When you use a single HDMI cable for multiple devices over time, there is a high possibility that one of the connecting stems inside the HDMI has broken.

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Every one of us knows how difficult it is to plug an HDMI cable into its respective port. During the connection, HDMI connecting stems get loose, and according to the placement of the TV, there is a high possibility that one or more stems of HDMI are broken.

Get the HDMI cable out and find if there are some broken stems. If this is the case, you need to buy an HDMI cable as soon as possible. Lastly, you can also reach out Samsung TV support centre for further information about Samsung TV Red Light Blinking 5 Times.

Why is my Samsung TV red light blinking?

There can be multiple reasons why your Samsung TV red light is blinking. For example, one of the LEDs inside the power board of the Samsung TV might have become faulty, or there is an issue with your HDMI cable. In addition, the main power board can be faulty sometimes, which is easier to test and sort out.


Due to the usage of LED for months without troubleshooting or resetting it regularly, the Samsung TV’s red light starts blinking 5 times before turning the TV off. In this guide, we stated some root reasons behind the problem and suggested the most effective solutions to get your TV back on the working track.

There are some technical solutions involved which require a technician. Samsung Blink codes become handy when there is no other option left. If none of the above solutions worked for you, we recommend you contact customer service. They will replace the TV if your TV still has a warranty.

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