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Reasons Behind Samsung TV Black Screen of Death & 12 Best Proven Fixes

Almost everyone is opting for Samsung TVs due to their decent designs, affordability, and the authentication of the Samsung brand itself. However, despite every positive feature, a TV is an electronic device that can become faulty at any time, i.e., the Samsung Tv Black Screen of Death. Though Samsung provides excellent customer care services, we provide the most straightforward solutions on how to reset the Samsung tv with a black screen.

Most people search for “Samsung tv died suddenly.” At first, you might find it impossible to fix, but it is way easier to fix Samsung tv black screen. Before you find an electrician or any fixer, we provide you with the most accurate solutions you can try yourself. Even after trying the enlisted solutions, if the TV doesn’t get reset, you can approach Samsung customer support for further details.

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Possible Reasons Behind Samsung Tv Black Screen of Death

Before we dive into the solutions to the black screen of Samsung Tv, it is necessary to know the probable reasons behind the issue. Once we detect the problem, it will become easier to fix rather than trying out all solutions one by one, which can worsen the situation. Here are the possible reasons behind the black screen;

  1. The most common issue behind dark screens is the damaged cable connected to the TV as a power source. If you have a CD or a DVD player connected to the TV with the help of a connector, that connector can also be faulty, making the screen black. To check if these cables are faulty, you can detach and then re-attach again to see if they work well or not. 
  2. After reconnecting the cables, press the Menu button on the TV. If the menu appears, your power cable is fine, and the problem is coming because of the source. TV cannot detect and display the data from the attached source, i.e., a DVD player or any other portable USB. 
  3. “Input Settings” inside the TV menu need to be checked. Sometimes, when you connect the TV with a power source, the TV waits for a signal from one Input while the source is connected to another port. 
  4. Old-time firmware can also cause black screen death in Samsung tv. Due to the modernized structure of TV, there are multiple functionalities available in a Smart TV and these functions can only be effective under an OS. These TVs require constant updates to keep things working perfectly.
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Simplest Solutions for Samsung TV Black Screen of Death

There are two direct fixes to the mentioned problem, but the detection of the issue becomes difficult. Hence, we suggest you follow the following steps to get the Samsung Tv back on track quickly.

Reset/Restart if Samsung Smart TV Shows Black Screen

Get the main switch of your TV out for a minute or two and then plug it in again. We have been providing this solution to fix other problems as well because of the simplicity of the trick. The trick is simple but the most effective at the same time.

Rebooting Samsung Smart TV:

Suppose the previous fix didn’t work for you. Power off the TV again by unplugging its main switch. After unplugging, click and hold power/red button on the Remote of your Samsung Tv for as long as half a minute. Now plug the main cable again, and boom! Your Tv shouldn’t show a black screen now.

Diagnose Cables:

If the previous two steps didn’t work well, there must be a problem with any cables attached to your TV. To test the cables properly, you need to get all the cables attached to the TV out first. Give the TV ports a minute, and then replug the extracted wires into their respective ports. 

Using the best quality HDMI cables to get the best results out of the TV display. Before you plug in the cables, cleaning the dirty portable sides of the cables is better. Sometimes the excess dust doesn’t allow the TV to catch signals from the input wire. You can use clean water and a cloth to clean up the dusty cables. 

Choose Correct Input Source:

You will find a “Source” button if you analyze your remote. As you are already familiar with the source providing signals to the TV, you should find and select the same source when the TV displays all sources. After selecting the right option, restart the TV once, and your TV will not show a black screen now. If this solution doesn’t fix the problem, move toward the next solution.

Use Port 2 For HDMI:

Samsung TV Black Screen of Death

Due to the continuous use of a single HDMI port, the port becomes faulty. Most Samsung TVs usually come with multiple HDMI ports. Unplug the HDMI cable from the current port and plug the cable into the unused one. This should fix Samsung tv black screen issues if the port went faulty.

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Power and Sleep Settings:

Samsung TV Black Screen
  1. Use remote to go to the menu
  2. Find System, get into it, and Click General Settings
  3. Then Click System Manager
  4. Find Time Settings and Click it
  5. Turn Off Sleep Timer

These steps will prevent the TV from sleeping whenever the TV is not in use for a more extended time.

Toggle Energy Saving Mode:

Samsung TV Black Screen Fix

You can easily find Energy Saving Mode inside Settings -> General -> Eco Solution -> Click Auto Power Off. This method will prevent the TV from switching off itself when there is no input from the user for a more extended period. You can also set a timer to keep Saving mode on for that period. 

Replace Remote Cells:

This easiest fix has worked for many visitors because people usually forget to update their remotes’ batteries or cells. Due to this, the remote doesn’t give input signals to the TV, and the TV stays in dark mode. Check the existing batteries or cells of the remote and order newer ones to allow the TV to catch input signals from the remote.

Upgrade to Newest Firmware:

Sometimes the software inside your TV is not upgraded to the latest update, which can be the possible reason behind dark/black sight. If you want to update the latest version of Smart TV’s firmware, go to Menu, Inside Settings, and you will find software.

Samsung Update

Click Update and Update Now to get everything updated to the latest version. Make sure your smart TV is connected to a stable internet connection.

Factory Reset Samsung Tv With Black Screen:

If you have tried all the methods stated above, and none of them worked well for you, we suggest a more definite solution to remove the black screen from your smart TV. Follow these steps;

  1. Use the Remote control to go to the menu
  2. Inside Settings, Go to Support
  3. Here you will see Self Diagnosis. Click It
  4. Find and click Reset
  5. TV will ask you to enter a PIN
  6. Once a correct PIN is entered, the TV will reset itself and will reboot once the reset process ends.

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Get a New TV:

From the comments of our visitors, none of them reached this solution of buying a new TV because at least one of the above solutions worked well for several people. If your TV is still showing the same screen, it is better to put some amount on a newer TV for a better visual experience.

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Contact Customer Support:

If you are not in a state of buying another TV at the moment, you can contact the customer support of Samsung Tv operators. They will listen to your queries and offer you a newer one if your TV has not crossed its warranty period. If the warranty has passed, you can ask them to repair this set of TV for some charges you can afford.


How to fix my Samsung TV black screen?

Samsung TV’s black screen of death is not a technical issue. The best way to deal with it is to let your TV rest for a few minutes. To do that, you need to unplug the TV for 1 minute or above. After one minute, you can plug it back into the switch, and it will resolve the issue. Also, you can try restarting the TV.

How to reset a Samsung TV without a picture?

You need to apply a few simple steps to reset the Samsung TV. Firstly, you need to make sure that your TV is switched off. Secondly, you need to press the info, menu, mute, and power buttons one after another. In the next step, press the mute, 1, 8, 2, and power buttons.

When these steps have been applied, your Samsung TV will go into service mode for the boot-up. In the end, by using the remote, go to options and choose factory reset. This is how you reset your Samsung TV without the picture.

Conclusion for Samsung TV Black Screen of Death

Digital TVs are electronic devices, and any electronic device on this planet can stop working for misuse or other reasons. We have suggested some possible solutions to the Samsung TV black screen of death.

One of the given solutions works for 90% of the visitors, and if none of them works for you, you should consider contacting Samsung’s Customer Care. They will either replace the TV or ask you to purchase a newer one. Replacement of the current TV depends on the warranty you have.

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