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What Is the Role of a Startup CTO? AndroidCompare

A vibrant startup or successful business is usually associated with its founder or CTO services. But many professionals go along the thorny path to wealth and fame, and one of them is a technical director.

The role of a technical director is multifaceted and combines several important aspects. In this position, the development of technology and management of the company closely intersect with the work with people.

As a result, a good service station should understand everything. As the curator of the technical direction of the company, he is responsible for the development of products and services, ensuring the rational use of resources and predictable results.

As one of the top project managers, oversees global processes, linking technology strategy with business goals.

And as a rule, an effective combination of these roles is more of a professional challenge for the workshop than a pleasant walk.

What Is CTO Responsible for?

People often think of it as a kind of intermediate link between business requirements and their implementation.

But different businesses have different requirements, and the tasks of a CTO as a service for startups can vary significantly depending on the size and type of company.

So, in a startup, the primary role of a CTO is to lay the foundation for high-quality code and quickly organize the process of writing an MVP (prototype. – Ed.).

The main competence at this stage is technological. You need to make the most of what has already been written, and not invent a bike.

Often the service station is responsible for the development and implementation of the product, but the non-publicity of this position in small companies rather assumes for him the role of a brilliant “gray eminence” than a well-known guru of the entire project.

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Often, the workshop is responsible for the development and implementation of the product, but the non-publicity of this position in small companies rather suggests for him the role of a brilliant “gray cardinal” than a well-known guru of the entire project.

The CTO Responsibilities in a Tech Startup (Technical Leadership Type)

However, as the project develops, the moment comes when it’s time to turn a startup into a business. This is especially true for startups, where the service station is often a co-founder of the project, taking an active part in the development of the company’s strategy.

Over time, the systemic risks of CTO services associated with people require more attention: the business must work regardless of who takes an operational part in it.

Teamwork needs to be automated and documented so that processes and assets become the core value of the project, not just the founding team.

And this is one of the tasks of the workshop at the stage of business growth, which is gradually taking it to the other extreme: the opportunity to devote time to solving interesting engineering problems and writing code is replaced by the need to integrate as much as possible into the business and team management process.

Required Skill Set of a CTO

For a workshop, the management of a company’s technological strategy is impossible without effective coordination of the actions of the team behind the implementation of this strategy.

Most of the talented developers under the direction of the workshop are interested in the development and study of technology, hence the constant striving for code excellence.

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They can lose track of time and fail to meet business requirements by focusing on the perfect software.

Four Main Things a CTO Should Focus on

A competent service station, in turn, understands that the company’s profitability is influenced not only by quality but also by the speed of development.

The business needs a product with clear deadlines and doesn’t really care about how the product looks from the inside – the appearance and the result come to the fore.

The task of the workshop is to help these two groups meet in the middle, satisfying the desire of the business to achieve results and the desire of developers to work with pleasure.

Any misalignment in this fragile balance will drive the project either too far into business or too deep into technology. Just contact us to get all the answers.

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