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PS4 Controller Keeps Disconnecting Randomly or Turning Off, Best Fixes

We understand how annoying it is when the PS4 controller keeps disconnecting without showing any popup or an error message. When people see an error in front of them, they can try to search for a possible solution or implement a solution according to their observation. But in this case, games are clueless.

In this guide, we will first explain all the possible reasons why the ps4 controller randomly disconnects. Once the problems are stated, it will become easier for PS4 users to find the bug and implement a relative solution to get things back to normal.

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Global Solution if PS4 Controller Disconnects

Based on the most common reason behind ps4 controller disconnecting frequently, we suggest a global solution first to save your crucial time. You need to turn off the Bluetooth of any other external device nearby the controller. The infrared signals of an unrelated Bluetooth device force controllers to disconnect from PS4 or PC frequently.

Resetting and syncing the controller again with the PC can also resolve frequent disconnecting problems. Finding a new controller or contacting Sony customer support is going to be the last possible solution.

Why does my ps4 controller keep disconnecting?

PS4 Controller Keeps Disconnecting

Controllers’ connectivity depends on various terms and technologies, and a flaw in any of them can undo a connection between the controller and PS4/PC. Sometimes, the PS4 controller has itself gone faulty, while most of the time, there is an interruption from any other Bluetooth device. Here are all the possible reasons why the ps4 controller keeps disconnecting even when plugged in.

  1. As discussed earlier, most people face disconnectivity issues because of Bluetooth. Either there is interference from any other Bluetooth-based device, or the Bluetooth antenna is not working correctly. Sometimes, the antenna is not entirely outdated, but even a small technological flaw can put you in a loop of connecting and disconnecting forever. 
  2. Taking the controller out of the range of PS4 Bluetooth will definitely disconnect the devices. 
  3. If you are using a wired controller, you must verify that the wire connecting PS4 and the controller is technically acceptable. If you think the wire/USB is good enough to make a connection, then click the USB to the port firmly. The reason behind regular disconnectivity can be a loose USB connector as well. 
  4. Are you using an external company controller with PS4? Using a third-party controller with a PS4 can cause frequent connection problems. While PS4 is most comfortable with its controller, you should try to use a controller with a branded company.
  5. Sometimes, the driver that helps in connecting controllers with the PC is outdated. You need to upgrade the driver to the newest version. 
  6. Bluetooth signals sometimes interfere with similar signals in your home. 
  7. When gamers reset PS4 or update windows on PC, the configuration gets changed. Controllers’ configuration should match the statistics of PC’s drivers. 
  8. Last but not least, you need to ensure that your PC has the latest version of DS4Windows.

PS4 Controller Keeps Disconnecting – 8 Optimal Solutions 2022

If you are still unsure about the possible reason behind ps4 controller’s random disconnectivity, we suggest you follow the given solutions one by one. These solutions will either remove the problem or at least you will be able to find where the actual bug is.

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PS4 Controllers Disconnecting – Find & Install Latest DS4 Application

PS4 Controller Randomly Disconnects

DS4Windows is a free-to-use tool responsible for mapping the input coming from a controller and assigning relative tasks to the gameplay. You can also call it a virtual emulator which takes the input in format and translates it according to the language of the game. Here are the steps you need to perform to install DS4 windows properly;

  1. Firstly, you go to the official site and download the latest version of the recommended app. 
  2. The downloaded file will actually be a zipped folder. Extract it to your desired location inside the PC. 
  3. Double-click DS4Windows.exe to run the installation process. 
  4. During the installation, the setup might ask you to download. NET. Download it if necessary. 
  5. After installation, click the installed app and connect your controller to the PC. 
  6. Make sure your PC’s Bluetooth is on before you start pairing.

PS4 Controller Keeps Turning Off? Reset it Now

If installing DS4Windows didn’t help you and the controller gets disconnected, again and again, you need to reset your controller before doing anything else. Resetting the controller manually will require some hard work. You need to have some technical knowledge or a YouTube video in front of you to reset the PS4 controller properly. Follow these steps for complete information.

  1. Turn the controller upside down. You will see four screws. 
  2. At the top right screw, you will see a small hole. This hole has a reset button. 
  3. Use a paperclip to press the reset button. You don’t only need to press but to hold that button for some seconds. 
  4. If you did the previous step correctly, your controller is completely reset. 
  5. Pair it again with your PC or PS4 with the help of Bluetooth or a USB cable.

PS4 Controller Lost Connection? – Remove Controller and Re-Add

After properly installing DS4Windows, you need to uninstall the controller from the control panel if the app doesn’t find a controller nearby. Once removed from the control panel, the installed application will detect your controller. Here is how you remove it from the control panel;

  1. Search Control Panel on your PC and go to Hardware & Sound
  2. Click Devices and Printers connected to your PC. 
  3. If DS4windows didn’t detect the controller, it should be displayed here in Devices and Printers. 
  4. Go to the Properties of the connected controller
  5. You will see two tabs, General & Hardware; go to the Hardware tab and click Game Controller
  6. You will be able to change settings here and uninstall the connected controller. 
  7. Click Uninstall Device and confirm to uninstall it. 
  8. Once the controller is removed from here, open DS4 software again. 
  9. This time, DS4 will detect your controller within a second.

Keep Other Electronic Devices Away:

If your controller is correctly detected by the DS4Windows application and the connection was also established between the PC and the controller, did the PS4 Controller disconnect even when it was plugged in? This is because of the interference of any other external device sitting nearby the controller or the PC.

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Sometimes Wifi signals interrupt, while most of the time, the interruption comes from Bluetooth activity of a laptop, tablet, or smartphone nearby you. When you plan to play games on a PC or PS4 with the help of a controller, you should keep other electronic devices away from the controller.

PS4 Controller Turns Off After A Few Seconds – Check Battery Status

As you know, the controllers run on a charged battery. If your controller is getting off again and again after turning it on, its battery status is low. If you are somehow able to connect it to the DS4Windows after turning it on, the app will also show the current battery percentage of the controller.

Do not force your controller to work with a low battery. Instead, charge it completely and play the game later. If you use the controller with a low battery for many days, the controller’s response will get slower day by day. In the end, you might need to replace it with a newer one.

PS4 Controller Still Disconnects? – Restart Console

If none of the above solutions worked for you and you are trying to connect the PS4 controller with PS4 itself, the only option you can try now is to restart the console. When a complete console restart is ongoing, it may take more time than rebooting or restarting the controller itself. Here is how you restart the console;

  1. Turn off your Play Station 4 first. 
  2. Now you need to press and hold the power button. Leave it when you hear two consecutive beeps coming out from the PS4. 
  3. There will be a difference of at least 10 seconds between each beep. The first beep responds to the first pressing of the button and the second beep allows you to take the console’s plug out from the main power. 
  4. Leave the console for at least three minutes unplugged. 
  5. This small break will let the PS4 cool itself down. 
  6. Reconnect the console and establish the connection between the controller and the PS4 again.

Update Bluetooth Drivers:

Using Bluetooth to connect a controller with a PC is the simplest method, but sometimes the connection fades away because of outdated drivers. Here is how you can update Bluetooth drivers;

  1. Go to Device Manager
  2. Click Bluetooth inside Device Manager
  3. Right-click the Bluetooth option and click Update Driver. 
  4. Select Search Automatically For Drivers option
  5. Windows will itself provide a manual to update Bluetooth drivers successfully. 
  6. After you finish updating, reconnect the controller.

When No Solution Works:

If none of the suggested solutions fix the stated problems, there is clearly an issue with either your controller, the console, or the PC itself. Borrow a PS4 controller from one of your close friends to check if that one gets connected.

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If your friend’s controller gets connected quickly, you need to buy a newer one. If your friend’s controller is also not working or getting disconnected like the previous controller, your system has a problem.

If you find out that the bug is in the console, then it’s time to contact Customer Support, provided by Sony. If your system has some warranty, then Customer Support will quickly fix any problem with the console. In case your console warranty has ended, they might ask you to buy a whole new PS4, or they may charge you a bit more to fix the current one. It totally depends on your budget.

If you are good with a budget, you should go for PS5 instead of PS4. If your budget is only suitable for a new PS4, then PS5 is unnecessary. If you are short of a budget, then request customer support to repair the current console so you can enjoy playing your favorite games with the help of your favorite controller.


How to Disconnect a PS4 Controller?

At the right of the controller’s touchpad, you will see Options Button on the controller. Press it. A new menu will appear on the console. Click Forget Device to disconnect a ps4 controller.

How to Turn Off a PS4 Controller?

In the center of the right and left analog buttons, press and hold the PlayStation Button on your controller. It has a PlayStation logo if you can’t figure out the switch. As soon as the screen turns off, release the PlayStation button. Your PS4 controller is turned off.

How to Unsync a PS4 Controller?

Unsync is actually disconnecting the PS4 controller. You simply need to press the Options Button available on the controller on the touchpad’s right. Pressing this button will force the console to show a menu with the option of forgetting a device. Click forget device, and unsyncing is done.

How to Connect a Second PS4 Controller?

Bring your second controller in pairing mode first. You must simultaneously press the Share and PS buttons, forcing the controller to emit light. Next, use your previously connected controller to Settings -> Devices -> Bluetooth Devices. The screen will show an option of Select The New Controller while you have to press the X button. Pressing the X button will establish a connection.


The PlayStation series has gone viral in the last decade, and people are getting fond of it due to its unlimited enjoyable facilities. However, when people play games on a PS4 using a controller, they face multiple issues, and the most common one is that the ps4 controller keeps disconnecting. In this brief guide, we explained all the possible reasons to disconnect a controller frequently. Then, we suggested the most accurate solutions to resolve the problem after logical reasoning. The given solutions are optimal and will work in any case.

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