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Effective Expense Tracking Software for You! iRiverAmerica

You have been looking around for a good finance management app, and the results are not too satisfactory.

Allow us to present My EasyFi, an advanced financial solutions application that will give you access to an extensive financial tracking system.

You can track your financing across the board and get a clear idea of the big picture with this application.

The application is highly secure, and the information is continuously upgraded in the system so that the application is always fully aware of the bank that you are using and the financial obligations that you have.

Here we will walk you through this app so that you will understand how we came to like this application and will agree with us in its quality.

Let’s begin this discussion with the introduction to My EasyFi. The app is your way of not wasting money on a financial advisor.

The main job of a financial advisor is to give you the best financial advice possible.

We all know that is rarely the case as individuals tend to make speculations or guesses that are not too accurate.

The range of victims to these cases go from scam victims to the Wall Street Meltdown itself. But the app will take the human unreliability factor out of your financial situation and will make it all about the numbers.

The app focuses on self-updating regarding all the significant banks and financial institution policies.

It will give you a highly accurate and thorough picture of economic factors that are playing a crucial role in the economic outcomes you can anticipate.

The calculations and predictions that the website makes are highly accurate and completely reliable.

My EasyFi expense tracker will notify you if you are overspending on any of the additional products as it is keeping your financial history.

The overall projections system that the app has will let you see how the coming months should pan out, considering all the economic factors in play.

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Let’s dive into the workings of the application.

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Sign up:

Sign up process is simple; the website has an excellent Signup option available that allows you to use both free and paid versions of the app.

The signup option is also available at all the social media pages as well.

Dashboard- The Motherboard:

The panel is the motherboard of the application, so let us review it extensively so that it is easy for you to understand.

The panel has four significant options, your income, your expenses, your spending, and the financial targets that you have set up.

The dashboard also informs the reader of all the debts and spending outcomes at all times so that the financial decisions you make are well informed.


The place to set you up with the app is right here. The toolkit will let you set up your bank account in the app, and now you are set.

The app will update the changing balance on its own, but the transaction option is not available in the app.

This is a simple safety precaution so that people will not have to worry about financial security whenever they pass around their phones.

The app includes a full number of banks, but if your bank is not listed, then you can add it yourself.

Now you can sync your details and keep your app updated. You can also add your transactions and add categories to place your transactions in the right category.

You can also categories your incomes as primary and secondary sources of revenue.

The secondary incomes can include side hustles, interests, and commissions, among many other odd paying jobs.

You can track your paychecks using the app, and you will not be notified about any of the transactions in the bank account.

Your monthly goals will be synced, and you will that you can easily track all of your several paychecks.

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The auto-payment option allows for listing the expenses in categories as well. Now the system will keep a record of the costs as well.

Budget Builder:

This is a mega-budget app so that the budget section will give you a wide array of options.

The budget builder will present your income and a six-month history and a forecast for you to evaluate.

This section will keep you updated on savings, debt, income, and all of your future goals.

The main focus of this section is to allow you to take control of your budget.

The app will review all of the data you have submitted, and after its analysis, it will inform you about how much realistic saving you can do.

The app will give you an auto-generated fiscal plan that will help you develop long term panning for financial saving.

Affiliate Program:

The affiliate program is fast gaining ground is an effective way to ensure that more and more individuals try the app.

Expense tracking software does not usually have a system that focuses on affiliate marketing.

But the changing times have shown that it is highly significant whether you are financially aware of the options that are in front of you.

In that spirit, My EasyFi has opened its doors for an affiliate program. The app user who recruits a new user for the app will having 50% of the commission on the sale itself.

There’s hardly any budget app that offers you a chance to earn. While My EasyFi fastens your financial seat belts and puts a leash around all the destructive spending habits, it also allows you to receive effortlessly.

No matter where you are in the world, the app offers you to join its basic and paid affiliate program.

Money Tracker:

The app also has a money tracking option that explains to you how the money flows. It will share insights that will push you into smart money management styles.

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The app presents the gathered data in the form of futuristic, 3D charts.

The money is separated into three categories; Critical Needs (50%), Personal Priorities & Discretionary spending (30%), and financial fitness (20%).

The primary purpose of these categories is to define how vital a type of spending is so that you do not waste your money on luxuries while your necessities are in jeopardy.

Debt Elimination:

The app allows you to see your financial habits in a new light and allows you to save as much as the change in economic structure can allow.

You can place your debts in the debt eliminator so that you will be able to see how to reduce them commonly and consistently. You will add various discretionary functions as well.

The app will give you real time strategies that focus on practical solutions to expense control problems.

These solutions will not be just general advice but well-calculated projections of how you can reign in your spending and curb your financial issues.

My EasyFi web app is highly regarded in the financial circles for its fresh perspective.

It is also considered a formidable addition to the financial expense tracking software lane by the tech experts. Please share your experiences with us in the comment section.

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