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10 Ways to Effectively Monetize Your Mobile App – iRiverAmerica

Everyone has a hobby and if your was about app creation, there will be one day when you publish it.

To be a success your program will need bug correction, new releases and upgrades.

So, next step you can consider is monetizing your app, and we are going to tell how to do it.

Make it paid

Let’s be honest, such an idea is quite challenging. On the one hand, you will receive your money immediately for each loading.

On the other, people are not ready to buy a pig in a poke. Besides, they will certainly look for free applications of this type and poor you are if they have succeeded.

So, here some other ways to make money.

Offer free and paid versions

People will give you money when they see what they exactly pay for.

The only problem is about keeping a healthy balance: if you offer too much free options, there is no need to pay as rest functions may be not even needed.

Make it possible to use for free, but tell how comfortable life your clients can rely on after having an upgrade.

Offer trial periods

Let people “taste” your program. 2-3 weeks is enough to see who is who. Further, some developers make using the apps impossible without payment.

Others leave just some basic functions.

Second option is more preferable as you behave friendlier and more loyal to your audience.

Join advertising networks

There are traditional and RTB networks. In both of them you can behave like a publisher and sell your space for brands owners show their products to people.

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Best Monitoring Apps

The method is absolutely not new. You should think about formats you would like to be implemented and theme.

Little secret: ads, related to the niche of your app will be mutually beneficial for your and advertiser.

Become an affiliate

The idea is about advertising, too. However, now you have just several partners and promote some of their products.

For example, if your app about healthy lifestyle, you can offer some gym equipment like dumbells of a particular brand and get commission for each sale made with your help.

Offer subscription

Some apps are necessary just for some period, like VPN. Paying for the app will, first of all, make people use your app.

The other point is that you may ask for little sums, for those who need the app just for a week or a month.

Sell your code

There are some parts of your code that can be successfully used in other games.

Users may not recognize the same basement, while 2-3 hours of your work can be sold as many times as you like.

Make it free, but…

Your app may be perfectly cool, so that you wish users could enjoy it in full.

However, advertising that we have discussed before can become quite frustrating thing. Offer to pay a bit and enjoy clean version of your program.

One more option is about gaming ecosystem.

We are talking about in-app purchases when gamers have full access to the game, but extra skills, weapons and other things should be obtained for payment only.

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Ask for donations

People are not greedy creatures at all. Developers may feel confused to ask money for the product and offer to make some investments if you wish.

Level of comfort and experience will be equal for everybody, no matter who paid or not.

The only thing here is to make payments convenient (in a popular system like PayPal) and offer stable sums like $1 and option to donate more, i.e. for a person to choose himself how much he wishes to send.

Guys, what methods of app monetization have you tried?

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