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Best Marketing Advice to Boost Online Sales – iRiverAmerica

Starting an online business could be very exciting. You have to pick a name for your brand, choose your products, create a website, decide what your target audience will be.

And do many other things that you may not have encountered earlier in life. It’s an interesting journey and a challenging experience. 

But even though you have a beautiful website and all of the needed steps dealt with, that is not enough to bring your business success.

You need to plan how you will represent yourself, how will you communicate, and what your marketing strategy is going to be.

There is not one singular marketing strategy for all businesses. Just like the businesses are different, marketing strategies need to be different as well.

Sometimes it might be a little frustrating to decide what works best for you, but to help you sort this out, we are going to share some great marketing advice that will help you boost online sales.

Make Sure You Are Using Google Ads

If you still do not have a Google Ads account, make sure you create one.

It is crucial for an online business to have a Google Ads account in order to get noticed.

Otherwise, how will your potential customers discover your business if you are not on Google?

Statistics show that Google gets over 63,000 searches per second on any given day.

So if you are not on Google, you are basically invisible.

You have probably heard that it is not recommended to build a Google Ads and Google Analytics strategy by yourself, and it is completely normal to have doubts.

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But you could always hire a specialist who could perform google ads account optimization for you.

This way, you could still be working on Google Ads yourself but regularly consulting with a professional who can help you reach the best results.

If you still do not have a Google Ads account, you should definitely start one today.

To do so, you will not need to use any difficult tools or pay money. You just need to have a Gmail account which can be created in minutes.

The only thing you need to pay for in Google Ads is the ads that you create yourself.

Buy smart devices

Integrate Social Media in Your Marketing Campaign

Because of the reason that we live in a very visual world, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are crucial for online businesses.

Social media can improve the eCommerce conversion rate significantly.

Of course, it highly depends on the sphere of business that you are in; therefore, such social media channels like Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Snapchat might work for you as well. 

More to it, many businesses are noticing the popularity of TikTok that everybody is obsessed about these days.

Surely, you would have to come up with very original content for such a specific social media platform like that, but it is always worth the try.

With 800 million active users worldwide, this social media platform surely has a perspective.

And if you choose to work with the two main ones that most businesses are working with as well – Facebook and Instagram, you should never be too frugal and plan a part of your marketing budget to go to Facebook Ads.

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This way, you will be able to reach a larger amount of your target audience, gain more traffic to your website, and as a result – gain more online sales.

Optimize Your Online Store for Multiple Platforms

A thing that every online business owner should do is test the website for multiple devices just to be sure.

If you have not performed this action, you definitely should.

You have to understand that even though you tested your website on two or three most popular devices, you need to know that people will be viewing your website for very different devices, and that is why you should test your website for all of them.

It is very important that viewing your website through every different device gives your potential customer the same excellent experience.

If it does not, you might start receiving negative comments and reviews about the functionality of your website. And as you know, reviews are very important in today’s digital world. 

Even if a user visits your website through a device that displays everything perfectly, how might you decide to read the review section first and leave without even trying to buy anything or trying the experience of your website by himself?

So to avoid these issues, it is best to be safe than sorry and test your website for devices such as tablets, Android, iPhone, PC, and Mac.

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