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How to Properly Manage Your Instagram Private Messaging?

Do you want to manage your private messages (DM) properly without spending hours? We’ve got you covered.

As your account gains followers or alternatively get from here, you will see a steady increase in the number of direct messages in your private conversation box, which is a very good thing!

It is a sign that your audience is engaging more and is looking to converse with your brand.

So, to stay in control of your Instagram private messaging, we will give you simple and solid advice throughout this article to limit stress and show your audience that you are paying attention to it.

Set a tone & style for your private responses 

Knowing how to say something is often as important as knowing what to say. And when it comes to your Instagram private messages, you’ll need to make sure that the way you express yourself reflects the overall aesthetics and style of your account.

So, whether it is a formal or fun tone that you have chosen to adopt, it is important to keep it over time.

And if you have a whole team in charge of your account, rest assured that all employees are well aware of the tone chosen.

Once this is defined, you can decide whether to leverage the potential of the fun features offered by Instagram, such as Gifs & emojis.

2) Save time each day to respond to private messages

It goes without saying that everything goes very quickly on Instagram and that the management of your private messages must follow. It is very important not to let your Instagram followers wait when they contact you in DM, so be sure to devote part of your day to process these.

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Once you have a certain routine in place, it will become a reflex for you to check regularly if someone is not trying to ask you a question in private.

Don’t worry if the person asks you a question that you can’t answer immediately. Let them know that you are looking for the requested information or that another member of your team will come into contact with it.

The person asking you will appreciate your quick response and will be more likely to be patient.

3) Use filters to better organize your private messaging

Once you’ve set aside some time for managing your private messaging, using the filter feature will go a long way in helping you better manage the display of messages and save time in managing your Instagram account.

The filter button, located at the top right of your mailbox, allows you to display:

  • all messages
  • unread messages
  • marked messages

Once you’ve selected the filter that’s right for you, Instagram will only show you unread or tagged messages, saving you valuable time.

It can be a good idea to start your day by filtering your private messages into “unread” to quickly access the messages to be processed.

4) Create quick responses

Your followers/customers can regularly ask you the same questions as, “What are the store opening hours?” “Or” What are your conditions for returning a product?

“In this context, it is in your interest to define rapid responses valid for your private messages but also your public comments.

Access to the functionality for creating a quick response, you will then be offered to create a quick response by filling in the shortcut, i.e., the keyword.

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They will generate the appearance of your complete message, then your complete message, creating a quick response.

5) Mark private messages to which you cannot reply immediately

Sometimes it is not possible to immediately answer the question of users in your Instagram private messaging.

It is, therefore, essential, after reading these messages and sending a first waiting response, not to forget them in the future.

For this, functionality has been provided, i.e., the marking of conversations.

It is possible to do this by going to the conversation in question, then clicking on the flag icon in the upper right, and mark Instagram conversation.

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